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6 Best PrestaShop Hosting (Secure & Reliable) in 2024

Suzanne Stewart Suzanne StewartWeb Hosting Expert June 21, 2024
June 21, 2024
Owning a PrestaShop online store can be a rewarding and profitable experience. However, finding the best host for your shop can be challenging, as the open-source software has some rather specific requirements. And while many hosting providers claim they can accommodate PrestaShop users, not all can live up to their promises.

Without the right hosting, you may experience lost sales from slow loading speeds or slow growth due to limited resources. You’ll also want to avoid issues like poor support and hard-to-use interfaces. That’s why I tested dozens of hosting providers, prioritizing resource scalability, reliable uptime, fast page loading speeds, and eriendly elements that make running your PrestaShop site easier.

We ultimately uncovered 6 standout hosts, but Hostinger emerged as the best option. Its beginner-friendly hPanel is great for managing modules and its impressive uptime and page load speeds ensure your customers will have a smooth experience. Keep reading to learn more about Hostinger and my other top picks.

Short on Time? These Are the Best PrestaShop Hosting Providers in 2024

  1. Hostinger1 – Inexpensive host that supports unlimited PrestaShop module integrations and easy scalability for growing stores.
  2. IONOS1 – Budget-friendly with one-click PrestaShop installs and 24/7 support to keep sites running smoothly.
  3. InterServer1 – PrestaShop-optimized scalability, fully managed VPS hosting, and free migration services.

See 3 More Great Options | Comparison Table

What We Looked For in the Best PrestaShop Hosting Providers

During my tests to find the best PrestaShop hosting providers, I focused on the following features:
  • Performance optimization. Optimal server configurations and caching mechanisms help deliver lightning-fast page load times, enhancing your store’s user experience, conversion rates, and search engine rankings.
  • Scalability and resource flexibility. I prioritized hosts that can seamlessly handle traffic surges and scale resources as your business grows. This way, you can avoid downtime and ensure your customers have a smooth shopping experience.
  • Reliability and uptime assurance. To ensure your online store remains accessible to customers around the clock, I looked for hosting providers with robust infrastructure, redundancy measures, and a proven track record with minimal downtime.
  • Technical support and expertise. Access to knowledgeable and responsive support teams familiar with PrestaShop is a must. Each host on my list has support staff capable of resolving issues promptly and providing guidance on optimizing your store’s performance and security.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Your chosen host should offer affordable pricing plans that deliver value for money, allowing you to allocate resources efficiently without compromising on essential features or performance.

Hostinger PrestaShop hosting page
Hostinger’s PrestaShop hosting provides your store with top-notch performance, speed, and flexibility
Hostinger allows you to integrate unlimited PrestaShop modules into your online store. It provides access to thousands of free and premium modules, enabling you to enhance your store’s functionality. I appreciate that Hostinger lets you browse and install modules directly from its control panel. Other hosts either force you to make do with the 100 or so that come preinstalled with PrestaShop or hunt through the Marketplace to find what you need.

Hostinger’s easy-to-use hPanel dashboard simplifies module management, allowing you to activate, deactivate, or update modules with a few clicks. It also ensures compatibility between modules and your PrestaShop version, preventing software conflicts and possible site errors arising as a result. This feature lets you continually enhance your online store without limitations.

If you’re like me, there’s always that one premium module you absolutely must have and then have to come up with the cash to buy. Fortunately, Hostinger’s cloud hosting plans are quite affordable and packed with resources, so you can give your budget a break and still create your perfect PrestaShop site. And while Hostinger’s support can be a bit slow, it’s well worth the wait for the expert help you get.


  • 1-click installation. With Hostinger’s Auto Installer app, PrestaShop is automatically installed at checkout, giving you instant access to the platform so you can start building your store.
  • LiteSpeed web servers for most plans. These servers save and serve static copies of dynamic web pages, significantly reducing page load times for your online store.
  • Top-notch performance. In my tests, Hostinger delivered an impressive average page loading speed of 0.78 seconds and an exceptional 100% uptime.
  • Free domain and SSL certificates. When you sign up for a long-term plan, you’ll receive a free domain for the first year and unlimited Let’s Encrypt SSLs, ensuring a secure online presence from day one.
Read our expert Hostinger review for more on performance.

Data center locations US, Brazil, France, Lithuania, Netherlands, UK, India, Indonesia, Singapore
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Support 24/7 live chat and email
Starting price $2.99

IONOS PrestaShop hosting page
IONOS offers step-by-step guidance through the installation of your PrestaShop store
Even experienced users can run into site set-up and management issues. To help with this, IONOS assigns you a personal consultant for comprehensive technical support. This expert guides you through optimizing your website, offering tailored advice to boost your online success. These one-on-one consultations give you personalized solutions tailored to your unique PrestaShop store.

In addition to personalized tech support, IONOS provides extensive resources to elevate your PrestaShop experience. You can access a wealth of tutorials, guides, and community forums. I found these materials helpful in figuring out how to best leverage PrestaShop’s features to run a functional and attractive storefront.

If you sign up for one of IONOS’ low-tier plans and experience unexpected traffic surges, you can pay a small fee per day to up your RAM and PHP memory limit. Alternatively, you can opt for the performance-enhanced Ultimate plan, which can handle up to 500 visitors per minute. As a new customer, you’ll be eligible for a deep introductory discount if you sign up for a long-term plan.


  • Click-and-Build installer. With just a few clicks, you can set up your database and install PrestaShop on your server. You’ll also receive recommendations for plugins and themes to enhance your PrestaShop store.
  • Superb performance. Our in-depth testing revealed an average page loading speed of 0.78 seconds and an impressive 100% uptime.
  • Daily data backups. With IONOS, you can restore your data from the past 6 days at any time, safeguarding your website against potential data loss or corruption.
  • Unlimited resources. IONOS offers unlimited website creation, databases, and storage on some of its shared hosting plans, which gives you room to grow your store without having to upgrade your plan.
For more information, check out our in-depth IONOS review.

Data center locations Germany, France, UK, Spain, US
Uptime guarantee 99.99%
Support Live chat, 24/7 phone and email
Starting price $1.00

InterServer PrestaShop hosting features
InterServer’s highly affordable PrestaShop plans include security and performance optimizations
InterServer’s auto-scaling infrastructure ensures your online store remains responsive and available, even during traffic spikes. Because it never loads its servers past 50% capacity, it can adjust computing resources based on real-time demand to allocate more power when needed. In other words, as your customer base grows, your site’s infrastructure can expand to match demand.

InterServer’s preconfigured server environment with several caching solutions at the software and hardware level is ideal for PHP-based applications like PrestaShop. By employing LS Cache to reduce server requests, you can expect faster page loads and a better user experience. What’s more, with a one-click installation you can deploy a high-performance PrestaShop instance in minutes.

InterServer’s shared hosting plan, with its unlimited resources and auto-scaling infrastructure, is perfect for a growing PrestaShop store. There’s a bit of a trade-off, though, as InterServer doesn’t quite offer the same worldwide performance scores as Hostinger or IONOS. That said, for a US-based e-commerce store, you can’t go wrong with an unlimited plan starting at $2.50/month.


  • Multiple payment methods. With InterServer, your PrestaShop can accept payments from PayPal, Stripe, Worldpay, SecurePay, Braintree, and all major credit and debit cards, making it convenient for customers.
  • Inter-Shield Security. This proprietary solution protects your site by blocking web attacks and scanning for viruses using an in-house malware database and machine learning firewall.
  • Quality performance. Our expert testing shows that InterServer delivers average page loading speeds of 1.1 seconds and 100% uptime.
  • SEO optimization. The admin panel includes a dedicated SEO section, allowing you to optimize your products and pages descriptions for better search engine rankings.
Read our in-depth InterServer review for more on performance.

Data center locations US
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Support 24/7 live chat, email, ticket, phone
Starting price $2.50

FastComet PrestaShop hosting page
FastComet offers managed PrestaShop hosting so you can concentrate on growing your store
FastComet offers PrestaShop-specific optimizations right from the start. These include a PrestaShop web application firewall that shields your store from cyber threats and OpCode caching to speed up PHP code execution. In my opinion, these optimizations help FastComet stand out from other hosts, which often leave you turning to tech support for ways to improve your website’s performance.

You can also receive daily reports detailing your site’s statistics, accompanied by actionable optimization tips. The reports cover various aspects, including performance metrics, security vulnerabilities, and potential areas for improvement. These insights can help you continually enhance your store’s functionality.

These out-of-the-box optimization features can greatly streamline your online business operations. However, FastComet’s biggest drawback is resource limits – the high-tier Extra plan has its NVMe SSD storage capped at 40 GB. Despite this, FastComet is a good option for simplifying PrestaShop management if you want to focus on your e-commerce venture. Just keep an eye on your resource usage.


  • Guaranteed resources. FastComet’s cloud-based plans guarantee CPU and RAM allocations, even for its shared hosting. You can choose from 1-4 cores and 1-4 GB RAM depending on your PrestaShop store’s demand.
  • Generous traffic limits. With plans accommodating 10,000 to 100,000 visitors monthly, FastComet provides ample bandwidth to handle substantial web traffic without compromising performance. Your store stays online and responsive during peak visitor loads.
  • First-rate performance. FastComet’s optimized infrastructure – coupled with advanced caching and load-balancing technologies – delivers exceptional speed and reliability. In our tests, FastComet’s average page loading time was 1.1 seconds and it scored a 100% uptime.
  • Free managed PrestaShop migrations. FastComet’s specialists offer complimentary site migration services across all hosting plans. You’ll benefit from a hassle-free transition as experts relocate your PrestaShop website to FastComet.
For more on FastComet’s cloud hosting plans, check out our full review.

Data center locations US, Brazil, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Japan, India, Australia
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Support 24/7 live chat, ticket support, email, and phone support
Starting price $1.79

5. InMotion Hosting: Reliable Speed and Performance for PrestaShop Sites1

InMotion Hosting PrestaShop hosting features
InMotion Hosting offers a number of perks for PrestaShop owners
InMotion Hosting’s infrastructure includes NVMe SSD storage, which ensures your PrestaShop site loads rapidly thanks to quicker data read/write speeds. These servers use cutting-edge hardware, optimizing performance through faster storage and parallel processing.

Additionally, InMotion Hosting offers dedicated caching solutions like OPcache, Memcached, and Redis. These technologies cache frequently accessed data, reducing server load and accelerating content delivery. InMotion Hosting refers to this as its “UltraStack” technology, but it’s really just a fancy name for enhancing site responsiveness with server caching.

While InMotion Hosting offers a range of “all-inclusive” features, it’s frustrating that it locks essential tools like automatic backups and certain types of support behind higher-tier plans. Still, it makes up for this by providing scalable resources to handle traffic surges. You can instantly provision more CPU, RAM, and storage as needed. This flexibility ensures optimal performance, even during peak demand periods.


  • Scalable plans. You get unlimited websites, email addresses, NVMe SSD storage, and bandwidth on most plans, allowing your business to grow without constraints. This means no more worrying about hitting limits or paying for overages.
  • Free marketing tools. Promote your new store with InMotion Hosting’s free marketing credits with Microsoft Advertising, helping you attract customers and drive sales from day one. Other free tools allow you to run effective campaigns and track their performance.
  • Great performance. Our tests show that the average page loading speed for a small e-commerce site is 1.2 seconds with 100% uptime.
  • E-commerce features. With an InMotion Hosting plan, you can easily add a feature to automatically calculate shipping and tax for international buyers.
Find out if InMotion Hosting is right for you in our comprehensive review.

Data center locations US, Netherlands
Uptime guarantee 99.999% (Business Pro only)
Support 24/7 live chat, email, ticket, Skype,
and phone (limited hours)
Starting price $2.99

6. HostArmada: Managed PrestaShop Hosting With Great Security1

HostArmada PrestaShop hosting page
HostArmada is ready to take the stress and worry out of managing your PrestaShop site
HostArmada provides fully managed hosting, ensuring your PrestaShop store operates smoothly. Its services include up to 21 daily backups to protect your data, update checks to maintain software security, and storage health monitoring for optimal performance. You can offload technical responsibilities so you can focus on growing your business.

For enhanced security, HostArmada implements two firewalls. The first firewall safeguards your server, blocking unauthorized access attempts. The second firewall secures your PrestaShop store, shielding it from potential threats. This dual protection system ensures your online store remains secure and available to customers.

HostArmada’s hosting solutions cater to businesses of various sizes. The entry-level plan accommodates up to 30,000 monthly visits, while the highest-tier plan supports up to 120,000 visits per month. The one downside is that other resource limitations can still hinder your store’s growth. But as long as you don’t outgrow these limitations, HostArmada’s PrestaShop enhancements are a good long-term solution for your store.


  • cPanel control panel. HostArmada offers an easy-to-use, popular interface for managing your PrestaShop hosting. With cPanel, you have full control over your preferences for file management, databases, PHP versions, and more.
  • Exceptional loading speeds. Speed and reliability are hallmarks of HostArmada’s services. Our independent tests revealed an average page loading speed of 0.94 seconds and an impressive 99.98% uptime.
  • 24/7 support. HostArmada’s knowledgeable and responsive team provides quality support. You can quickly get assistance through various channels like live chat, ensuring prompt resolution to your hosting issues.
  • Low number of sites per server. Like InterServer, HostArmada limits the number of websites hosted on its shared cloud hosting plans to accommodate bursts in performance. This also guarantees that if a site on your server experiences heavy loads, it won’t affect your website’s performance.
To see if it’s right for your PrestaShop site, read our in-depth HostArmada review.

Data center locations Canada, US, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain,
France, Netherlands, Sweden, India,
Singapore, Australia, Japan, Indonesia
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Support 24/7 live chat, ticket, and phone
Starting price $2.99

The Best PrestaShop Hosting Will Enhance Your Store’s Success

Your PrestaShop hosting provider choice significantly impacts your store’s performance and scalability so it’s important to evaluate all the top options.

Hostinger is the best overall option1, offering top-notch performance, unlimited PrestaShop module capability, and affordability that aligns with modest budgets.

However, IONOS distinguishes itself1 through its comprehensive technical support, tailored to your unique requirements.

Finally, InterServer remains a viable choice1 for your PrestaShop business because its auto-scaled unlimited resources plan offers massive growth potential.

As you evaluate these hosting providers, consider your store’s current and future demands. Prioritize factors such as resource allocation, security measures, and customer support to ensure a seamless experience for your customers. With the right hosting partner, you unlock your store’s full potential, paving the way for growth and success.

The table below gives you a quick comparison guide to help you decide.
Standout feature Money-back
Free domain
and SSL
Starting price
Hostinger Unlimited
PrestaShop module capability
30 days $2.99
IONOS Personalized technical support 30 days $1.00
InterServer Auto-scaling infrastructure 30 days Free SSL
FastComet PrestaShop optimization
45 days $1.79
Reliable speed
and performance
90 days $2.99
HostArmada Managed PrestaShop
45 days Free SSL only $2.99


What PrestaShop modules are essential to a successful online store?

The essential PrestaShop modules include menu, featured products, product customization, card payment, PayPal payment, EU cookie law, marketing, and page improvement. You should also consider modules that address your store’s specific needs. When choosing a hosting provider for your PrestaShop site, consider Hostinger’s affordable plans that have enough resources for a profitable small- to medium-sized store.

Can PrestaShop hosting accommodate traffic spikes during sales events or promotions?

Yes, PrestaShop hosting can accommodate traffic spikes during sales events or promotions if you choose a host with unlimited resources or auto-scaling infrastructure. InterServer’s hosting plans with auto-scaling capabilities can handle sudden traffic surges seamlessly.

What optimization features should I look for in a PrestaShop host?

When choosing a PrestaShop host, look for optimization features like 1-click installation or pre-installed PrestaShop to make setup quick and easy. Daily backups and rigorous security measures are also a must to keep your site safe. Look for caching tools and a CDN to deliver fast page loading speeds to your visitors. FastComet’s optimized servers offer these features for PrestaShop hosting plans.

What level of technical support can I expect from PrestaShop hosting providers?

From PrestaShop hosting providers, you can expect support for basic hosting and site management issues. However, IONOS specializes in PrestaShop hosting and is one of the few web hosts that offers comprehensive technical support tailored to PrestaShop. To learn more about IONOS and how it compares to our top web host, check out our Hostinger vs IONOS breakdown.

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