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Mark Holden Mark Holden Website Development Expert

OverBlog makes setting up a blog incredibly easy. Its straightforward approach to blogging is good for beginners and blogging purists who don’t need a long list of features or customization options. But if you’re looking for something a bit more… substantial, you might want to look into some other options.


OverBlog is an easy-to-use blog builder that offers everything you need to start a personal blog. You won’t get lots of customization or complicated features, but it’s a solid tool if you’re new to blogging or just want to focus on writing.

OverBlog also boasts a revenue-sharing model, so you can earn money when visitors click on ads displayed on your blog. The site supports English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Features and Ease of Use

It’s easy to create your blog, pick a theme, and get started writing and adding media to your posts. You can build your site and write posts in your browser or on OverBlog’s official mobile app.

The post editor begins with well-defined sections for a title and text. It’s easy to add more sections, including:

  • images
  • HTML
  • links
  • quotes
  • video
  • audio
  • maps
  • files (paid members only)

OverBlog also supports lots of other standard blog functions. For example, you can schedule when to publish posts, add tags, or enable automatic sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Selecting and editing your site’s theme is easy, but the customization options are rather basic. As I said, if your focus is more on actually blogging rather than creating a specific look, it might not be a problem.

On the free plan, you can pick from 20 themes (32 on a paid plan). You’ll change basic things like headers, fonts, colors, etc. by clicking Options and selecting from dropdown menus. As far as site elements go, you mainly just choose what you want to appear on the page and in what order – you don’t have a lot of control over positioning.

The lack of a drag-and-drop editor and the themes themselves are perhaps OverBlog’s biggest weaknesses. While all of the themes are mobile-friendly, many look dated.

Your blog will have ads on it by default, but you can turn them off if you upgrade to a paid plan. You can also monetize your blog with OverBlog’s Earnings program. This means that if a visitor on your site clicks on an ad, you get a share of that revenue. It’s an enticing feature, but it’s only available to paid users.

Other blogging essentials include a stats page, which shows your visitor count and pageviews. OverBlog also supports Google Analytics if you need something more in-depth.

Pricing and Support

OverBlog has a free plan in addition to three paid ones. On the free plan, your blog will display ads and be hosted on a subdomain at yourblog.over-blog.com.

The next step up is the Comfort plan. This lets you remove ads and password-protect your blog, from $5.96/month.

Full features become available on the Individual plan, which only costs about $1/month more than Comfort, so it’s sort of a no-brainer. This unlocks:

  • custom domains (ex. yourblog.com) and email
  • premium themes
  • multiple blog authors
  • shared revenue from OverBlog’s Earnings program

But then the price jumps up to over $20/month for the Business plan, which mainly just lets you run your own ads.

OverBlog offers support via email for all paid plans. No chat options appear to exist at this time. Free users only have access to a knowledge base.


How does OverBlog match up to the competition?


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Pedro Bujo
January 25, 2020
Too many pop-ups

It used to be very good but now it's very hard to read the articles posted in this blog. There are so many pop-ups (the same one coming back every few seconds) that you don't even bother finishing the article you are reading. The other blogs show publicity next to the articles not instead of the articles. I find that for me it is more efficient. When an add appears when you are in the middle of reading an article, it is very frustrating and it doesn't make you feel like buying or even want to know about the product pe service that is advertised.

Teresa Whelan
Great Britain
July 10, 2018
My Over Blog,Com

I have lots of poems published on the blog, now I cannot reach the site and I am concerned as I would like to print them off and keep them, I don't know how this has happened how do I get them back?


So, Who Should Use OverBlog?

OverBlog is a good choice if you’re a beginner or want to focus on blogging without the distraction of too many features. You won’t be able to customize your theme too much, but you can get up and running fast.

Pros Cons
Easy to start a blog 

Editor is very straightforward

Full-featured mobile app available

Ability to earn money from ads

Limited customization options

Paid plans can be pricey


Which is better, WordPress or OverBlog? It depends on what you are looking for, but in most cases WordPress will be a better choice. You have literally endless third-party apps and themes at your fingertips, and you can get as technical as you want to create something truly unique. However, if you are just looking for something quick and easy, OverBlog could be a good choiceWhich is better, OverBlog or Blogger? Blogger is a free publishing platform – so if you want bare bones, that’s what you’ll get (read more in our expert Blogger review). You should go with OverBlog if you want more control over the customization of your site, or want to earn money through OverBlog’s Earnings program. However, neither of these options made our list of the top website builders in 2021.Can I make a blog for free? Short answer: yes! There is no reason that you have to spend an arm and/or a leg to get your ideas or business online. For lots of great options, check out our comparison of the best free website builders in 2021. And if you fall in love with some paid feature or function, make sure you take advantage of our current discounts and coupons.

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