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James Guill
James Guill
Web Hosting Expert has an incredible reach that stretches from Asia all the way to Europe and North America, though they’re headquartered in Japan. You can host up to 30 WordPress websites at once on plans with robust storage, bandwidth, and lots of database support. However, your initial startup costs will be higher than most standard hosting.


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If you are in a hurry, and just want the bottom line: for the same price as you can get much better servers with 24/7 support with Hostinger, so why even bother?! is part of the GMO Internet Group, a multinational corporation that’s been offering online services since 1991. They have an incredible reach that stretches from Asia all the way to Europe and North America, though they’re headquartered in Japan. They host over 750,000 websites and can accommodate anything from a small personal website to a high-traffic and resource-intensive e-commerce website. However, their WordPress hosting will be of particular interest to many users as these plans boast excellent features at a decent price point.

Features and Ease of Use

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Given’s size, it’s no wonder that they can easily accommodate any kind of website, both small and large. They also have localized versions of their web hosting service in different countries around the world, with slight variations in features and resources provided.

That said, with their primary Japan-based service, their WordPress hosting is particularly attractive and offers excellent plans with the following basic features:

  • Automatic WordPress installation
  • Robust SSD storage
  • Robust bandwidth
  • Host five to 30 WordPress websites
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Supports large databases

If you want to host multiple WordPress websites, this is an excellent option. It also supports databases from 512MB to 2GB, which is perfect for e-commerce websites. Also, you get the following advanced features:

  • 5GB email storage
  • Daily backups
  • Affordable SSL certificates
  • Separate cache system to speed up your website
  • Advanced WordPress security features has an optional proprietary cache system that you can use to increase your website’s load speeds. Also, they offer advanced security features such as IP address restriction, suspicious login blocking, and more. also provides a separate staging environment for WordPress websites, along with one-click website copy tools. You can copy your WordPress website from another provider to in just three steps. If you don’t want to use WordPress, there’s a paid website builder option available.

Pricing and Support’s portfolio of services includes shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and hosting packaged with a website builder. They offer three plans for those looking to build WordPress websites. Here’s a quick rundown of plan features:

SSD storage10GB30GB100GB
Number of MySQL databases51030
Database size512MB1GB2GB
Daily bandwidth15GB50GB200GB

These plans all offer excellent storage and bandwidth but be very careful on how many databases you use. Each WordPress website will use a separate MySQL database. If you max out your domains on these plans, you won’t have any databases to spare.

On the surface, it appears these plans are reasonably priced. However, there’s an initial setup in addition to the monthly fee. Also, they don’t offer free SSL certificates. However, the added fee is minimal, so you’ll pay less for your certificates over other providers. They also don’t provide a free domain, so factor that into your costs. First-time users of get a 14-day free trial.

Support for this product is somewhat limited. They offer phone support and ticketing support only. There is a reasonably robust knowledge base available, but it’s only available in Japanese.

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Overpriced for normal features

This company discreetly skyrockets the price every year. I renewed my subscription one year and noticed the price had increased but that it was a one-time thing; however, they did it again during the second renewal and I decided to cancel. They increased the price 30-50% EVERY YEAR without notifying you! And they say some BS about providing XYZ additional services that you would never need anyways... They claim their costs increase by that amount due to those additional services you dont need nor want and that justifies their price increase -- as someone who has IT knowledge I can assure you it's all BS. Everything they provide, you could get cheaper from somewhere else.In addition, they have TERRIBLE customer support. It's only good during sign-up, but will quickly change after you pay. I used this host in Thailand for my site due to claims that there would always be an english-speaking staff member to speak to in case I needed any support, but it turned out to be a complete lie. Every time, they would call and email me in Thai and when I responded in English they would say they'd get back to me and never did. Even when I had Thai-support staff talk to them, they weren't very nice either.I highly recommend not using this company unless they have more sensible, competitive pricing -- their UI, support and everything else is as bad or worse than others, so dont pay for more.

Bottom line on is an excellent choice for those looking for reliable WordPress hosting. While your initial startup costs will be higher than other providers, it’s worth paying a bit more to work with a solid hosting company.

Before you make a decision, we highly recommend you check out some alternative hosting companies, which we highly recommend.


  • Good amount of SSD storage and bandwidth
  • Host five to 30 WordPress websites
  • Supports large databases
  • Affordable SSL certificates


  • All plans charge a setup fee
  • Support is limited
James Guill
James Guill
James Guill is a veteran writer with a background in IT support. He’s worked for some of the world’s largest companies including Ericsson, Compaq, GE, Bank of America and Dell. Alternatives

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