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Jackie Goldstein
Jackie Goldstein
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Slovakian company WebSupport provides local and international customers with customizable, high-performance, affordable web hosting packages with superior support response times.



WebSupport is a privately owned Slovakian company that offers web hosting services to a global audience. With almost 150,000 customers, more than 175,000 registered domains, and 769 servers, it strives to be one of the best Slovakian web hosting vendors.

WebSupport was founded in 2002 and has recently become a member of the Loopia Group. Unsurprisingly, this Slovakian vendor’s website is in Slovak.

Features and Ease of Use

WebSupport offers a wide range of services in shared hosting, domains, servers, website development, and marketing. Its hosting packages are presented as three types: Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Business Hosting.

With the shared hosting packages, you get:

  • Domain registration
  • SSL certificates as a separate service
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited emails accounts
  • Regular backups
  • And easy-to-remember email addresses

This vendor’s hosting runs on SSD storage that is much faster and more reliable than traditional HDD storage. Not only is your website hosted on SSD, but also your databases and emails.

WebSupport has employed advanced threat protection with custom-built tools to check for website hacking instances. Although there are no free SSL certificates, WebSupport does offer SSL certificates as a service. As well as securing the flow of information between your visitors and your website, SSL also helps improve your search engine ranking.

Pricing and Support

WebSupport’s customizable hosting plans are somewhat expensive. The one-page hosting plan lets you select the amount of storage (from 0.3 GB to 50 GB) but you only really get a good  price if you go for the lowest storage that is barely sufficient for a single site. The multi-page hosting plan comes with a fixed 100 GB of storage space but lets you choose the number of domains/redirects. The business hosting plan provides no additional resources but includes some extra features such as an SSL certificate.

You can purchase plans on one-month, three-month, six-month, and twelve-month terms, with decent discounts for longer-term commitments. WebSupport assures you that “If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money,” but the conditions of this money-back guarantee are a little unclear.

WebSupport’s “Support Center” is a good place to start for self-support resources, but, unless you speak Slovak, you’ll have to let your browser translate the content into English:


WebSupport advertises 24/7 support and invites you to contact the company by email, live chat, or telephone. I was pleased to receive a rapid response to my email as a pre-sales prospect customer.



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Bottom line on WebSupport

WebSupport provides high-performing, customizable shared hosting packages that feature super-fast SSD storage.


  • Regular backups with a 14-day retention period
  • Hosting on super-fast SSDs
  • Customizable web hosting packages
  • Rapid response times to technical support questions


  • No details about the money-back guarantee
  • Only South African servers

Customize your web hosting package at WebSupport.

Jackie Goldstein
Jackie Goldstein
Jackie is the Site Manager for Website Planet. He is responsible for the overall development and operation of the website, that serves the website development community. His experience includes both software development and online marketing.

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