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Hendrik Human
Hendrik Human
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Magic Online is a French hosting service that provides a range of options for almost any type of hosting. They also offer premium dedicated and virtual server options that are highly configurable and scalable for business clients.


Magic Online has an exceptionally long track record of providing premium server and web hosting solutions that stretches back over 25 years from Paris, France. They currently host over 10,000 servers, have over 20,000 businesses as clients, and have a total of 60,000 customers. Their high-end data servers are located in two facilities in the Greater Paris area as well as in another facility in Lyon. They are a French hosting company serving a mainly French customer base.


Features and Ease of Use

Magic Online has an array of plans that will suit a variety of customers, whether an individual looking to launch a simple website or a large corporation looking for a high-powered dedicated server solution. They also have a website builder, SEO coaching tools, and even a unified workstation cloud backup service to make things ultra-convenient for any company.

Magic Online provides an exceptionally complete hosting offering with all the basics you need for web hosting even on high-end servers:

  • Unlimited SSL certificates
  • One-click app installer with 150+ available scripts
  • Free domain registration with huge range of extensions available
  • One-click backup and restoration service

They also provide a number of unique and outstanding features that befit their status as a premium hosting provider:

  • Instant and Automated Provisioning: You can provision a new dedicated, VPS, or cloud server automatically within minutes without needing to wait for consultation or approval.
  • Professional Services: Magic Online provides a whole list of professional services that range from WordPress hosting and management to solution architecture to advanced troubleshooting so customers can get more out of their solution.
  • Web Hosting Variety: You can choose from a number of web hosting types, such as standard shared hosting, e-commerce website hosting, or website builder hosting with add-on SEO tools.

Here’s where Magic Online has really taken extra care to provide the highest-quality services for their clients: all of your websites will be hosted in Tier IV data centers with fully-redundant and high-availability infrastructure. During the checkout process, you can also further customize any package you choose by adding private MySQL cores for added performance. Those on VPS or more private hosting options won’t really see much difference, but clients on shared servers will appreciate this feature.

Strangely enough, Magic Online doesn’t seem to readily advertise an uptime guarantee or any sort of SLA on their website. However, given their Tier IV data center status (essentially the most advanced type of data center available), I wasn’t too concerned about this oversight.

Unfortunately, the Magic Online website and signup process can be quite complex with almost too many options, configurations, and upgrades that can make it difficult to wrap your head around things. However, they do make use of great software platforms that make it easy to manage your hosting product as well as a website, if you choose to host one. If there is anything you don’t know how to do, you could probably arrange for it to be delivered via professional IT services.

Pricing and Support

The pricing schemes can get a bit complex at Magic Online. Not only do they offer a wide range of hosting types that each contain multiple plans, but there are also a huge number of customization and upgradable options for most. Their prices are definitely competitive in the European market, but it can be hard to keep track of what gets billed in which timeframe and how much you will end up paying. Therefore, you should carefully review the terms for each type of hosting before you sign up.

There aren’t any free versions or trials, but they do have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, during which you’ll be refunded the full amount if you’re not totally convinced that they’re a good fit for you.

As their main focus is on premium server solutions for large enterprises, it’s no surprise that Magic Online offers 24/7 support with all their plans via live chat, a French telephone support line, tickets, and email. Most of your technical support channels can only be accessed after you log in to the client area. There is also a whole selection of professional IT services that cover everything from server management to security. Their support is round-the-clock unless you’re a new customer inquiring about purchasing a commercial hosting plan – in which case they’ll get back to you during regular working hours. However, their users can suffer from long waiting times, mostly because of Magic Online’s huge customer base. On the other hand, they do provide extensive help documentation.



Bottom line on MAGIC ONLINE

Anyone can find a hosting solution that fits them at Magic Online, whether it be basic shared hosting or top-of-the-line virtualized dedicated servers, as long as you’re willing to spend a bit of time looking for it. Business clients with highly specific needs will also appreciate their custom configuration options.


  • Three European data center facilities
  • A variety of professional hosting services
  • Redundant, high-availability Tier IV data centers
  • 24/7 support


  • Very confusing pricing
  • A minimum of a one-year contract
Hendrik Human
Hendrik Human
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