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InboxAlly Review: Can It Get Your Emails Out of Spam in 2024?

Alexandros Melidoniotis Alexandros Melidoniotis Email Marketing Expert

InboxAlly is a niche service that reliably boosts your deliverability rate by having real email addresses interact with your emails in various ways. Although expensive, it’s worth a try if you’re struggling to get out of your subscribers’ spam folders1. It’s also a great way to give a crucial upcoming campaign the boost it needs to deliver outstanding results.


InboxAlly at a Glance

💯Free planNo
💲Starting price$169.00
💬Live chat supportYes
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Should You Use InboxAlly?

InboxAlly can increase the chances of your emails reaching your recipients’ inboxes

If you’re dealing with frustratingly low click rates, chances are your carefully crafted emails are getting lost in spam folders. This isn’t just a problem for cold outreach –  it’s also a hurdle for value-filled emails sent to willing subscribers. More often than not, your email service provider’s (ESP) filtering algorithms, not your content, are to blame.

InboxAlly provides a solution to this problem. It warms up your sender address by simulating manual interactions, such as moving your emails out of spam folders and clicking on links. It does this by using so-called “seed” emails. These seed emails receive your messages as regular recipients and perform said manual interactions, indicating to ESPs like Gmail and Outlook that you’re not a spammer.

While the effects are long-lasting, the service has a hefty price tag. That said, InboxAlly works with most popular email platforms, including AWeber and Brevo. Stick around to discover if – and how – InboxAlly can solve your email deliverability challenges.

Features & Ease of Use

A Reliable Way To Boost Your Open Rates

InboxAlly is a no-nonsense tool with a simple interface and a clear purpose. Once you add its seed emails to your list, your click-through rate and overall engagement will improve with time. Actions a seed email can perform include:

  • Removing your emails from spam and sending them to the primary inbox
  • Moving emails from the Promotions tab to the primary inbox
  • Marking your emails as important
  • Opening your emails and engaging with them by scrolling through the content
  • Clicking links and even replying to you

All these actions tell your ESP that users find your emails valuable, improving your reputation and increasing the chances that future emails will reach their destination.

Live Demo and Free Consultation

InboxAlly service planner calculator
The service planner calculator can help you pick a plan ahead of your free consultation

The best way to find out whether InboxAlly is the right tool for you is to sign up for the free 10-day trial1 and book your live demo. The team will show you exactly how the platform works and how to set up your sender profile based on your preferences.

There’s even a calculator to help you determine how many seed emails you’ll need based on your send volume, inboxing rate, spam rate, and other parameters.

Scalable Plans

InboxAlly’s plans are pretty flexible. Depending on your needs and how quickly you want to see results, you might want to add more (or fewer) seed emails to your campaigns. If you’re paying for 500 daily seed emails and see a significant improvement within the first month, you can easily scale down to keep your budget in check.

Inboxing Stats

InboxAlly has its own analytics suite to help you track your inboxing rate (i.e., the number of emails that land directly in your recipients’ primary inbox). That said, sticking to the analytics suite of your chosen email marketing service (EMS) makes more sense. If your EMS doesn’t feature an advanced analytics suite, this might be the perfect time to migrate to a top email marketing platform.

Cold Email Templates

InboxAlly cold image templates
InboxAlly features hundreds of free, ready-to-use cold email templates

If you’re into cold outreach, you’ll appreciate InboxAlly’s massive collection of email templates. There are currently hundreds of ready-to-go emails in over 20 industries and categories, including e-commerce, hospitality, media, education, SMBs, and many more. Copy the text, add the appropriate personalization tags, and you’re ready to go.

Pricing & Support

Better Deliverability and Great Support – for a Price

InboxAlly isn’t cheap, but its pricing is transparent. The Starter plan includes one sender profile and 100 daily seed emails for $169.00. If you only send a few thousand emails per week, this plan will suit you best.

The Plus plan increases the number of sender profiles and seed emails to 5 and 500, respectively. It also unlocks live chat support. Phone support is reserved for Premium users, but you’d have to be sending at least 100,000 emails weekly to justify its high cost.

Although expensive, InboxAlly is a worthy investment for any business or professional looking to improve their sender reputation and escape the dreaded spam folder. I like that none of its plans force you into long-term commitments. You can test the service for free for 10 days1. If you see results, you can just upgrade to a monthly plan. Once you feel confident that your sender reputation has significantly improved, you can scale down or even cancel.

When I contacted InboxAlly, they got back to me almost immediately. The agent was knowledgeable, helpful, and willing to answer even the most basic questions.

InboxAlly interaction with support agent
InboxAlly’s agent promptly answered all my questions

InboxAlly’s support is good, but it’s disappointing that some channels are locked behind more expensive plans. I don’t mind phone support, but I’m annoyed that live chat is only available to Plus users. Live chat is a far more immediate and effective means of resolving issues. Luckily, the knowledge base is extensive, so I’m giving InboxAlly a few more points for its decent self-help resources.

How To Boost Your Deliverability Rate With InboxAlly

Before you start, ensure you’re using a top email marketing service with excellent deliverability rates. If that’s not the case, consider migrating and setting up your lists there first. Remember that the best email marketing platforms won’t let you send cold outreach emails.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started with InboxAlly:

  1. Sign up for your free 10-day trial1 and book your live demo.
  2. Log in to your account and follow InboxAlly’s Start Setup from the main dashboard.
InboxAlly Setup interface
InboxAlly’s setup guide is pretty straightforward
  1. Set up your main sender address and profile.
  2. Allocate a specific amount of seed emails to your sender profile. If you’re on the trial, type in 100.
  3. Download your seed emails.
  4. Import the seed emails CSV file to your EMS. Tag these contacts appropriately (e.g., “InboxAlly Seeds”) or create a new separate list for them.
  5. You’re good to go. Next time you set up a campaign, add these contacts to your send list, and InboxAlly will do the rest for you. Don’t send more than one email to each seed contact daily to avoid complications.

The Best Email Marketing Platforms to Use With InboxAlly

Do you already have a list of subscribers who have agreed to receive your emails? If so, you can maximize InboxAlly’s potential by combining it with the power of a top EMS. You see, reputable email marketing platforms take extra care to ensure value-driven emails and offers reach their recipients’ primary inboxes.

My top pick is AWeber. AWeber achieves a near-perfect deliverability score1 as it’s one of the few services that doesn’t outsource email delivery to third parties. If you have a critical campaign coming up and want to maximize its reach, pairing AWeber with InboxAlly can help you achieve the best possible deliverability rate.

If you just want to send a few thousand monthly emails as cheaply and effectively as possible, I recommend you check out Brevo1. It’s fast, easy to use, and lets you send up to 300 emails daily for free.

Experienced marketers often opt for ActiveCampaign. ActiveCampaign is a feature-packed EMS1 with all the tools you need to manage and track your email campaigns. Its automation tools are some of the best in the industry.


How does InboxAlly match up to the competition?

1ActiveCampaignCompareOur Score4.8Compare
1Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)CompareOur Score4.7Compare
1InboxAllyCompareOur Score4.3Compare
1Squarespace Email CampaignsCompareOur Score3.0Compare


InboxAlly is a niche tool that can help you escape spam jail. It’s expensive but offers a free trial and transparent pricing. InboxAlly is a worthy investment if your budget allows it, but you’ll see results even if you can only afford to use it for a month or two. If you’re not engaged in cold outreach campaigns, InboxAlly is considerably more effective when combined with a reputable email marketing service.

Here are some of its strongest points:
  • Near-instant boost of email deliverability
  • Easy setup
  • Works with all ESPs and dedicated email platforms
  • Free trial and transparent pricing
  • Good customer support

And a few weaknesses:
  • Expensive, especially if you’re on a tight budget
  • It can’t replace a dedicated email platform


What is InboxAlly?

InboxAlly is a tool that helps businesses and professionals boost their sender reputation by offering seed emails that actively engage with your messages. The result is a considerably higher deliverability rate.

How much does InboxAlly cost?

The Starter plan is set at $169.00 per month to send 100 seed emails. Although expensive, InboxAlly is worth it if you can afford it. That said, its plans are transparent, and you can test the service risk-free with the 10-day trial.

Does InboxAlly work with Gmail?

InboxAlly works with all ESPs, including Gmail, Outlook, and AOL Mail. That said, to make the most of InboxAlly, I highly recommend you combine it with a dedicated EMS, such as AWeber or Brevo.

What’s the best email service to use with InboxAlly?

AWeber is the best email service to use with InboxAlly. It enjoys one of the highest deliverability rates in the industry and offers additional marketing tools to help your emails reach their destination. With its 300 daily free emails, Brevo is an excellent alternative if you’re on a budget.
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