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How To Cancel Your SiteGround Account + Get a Refund in 2024

Mike Pawlik Mike PawlikWeb Hosting Expert
SiteGround may not be perfect, but it was true to its word and gave me a full refund when I cancelled my account. The process was completely hassle-free, even though I had signed up for the cheapest plan1.
SiteGround has been one of the go-to names in the web hosting industry for quite some time now. It’s known for its ease-of-use (especially for WordPress sites), and beginner-oriented features like free backups, access to a content delivery network (CDN), and free email accounts.

However, SiteGround may not be perfect for everyone, as it’s a bit more expensive than some other budget web hosts, and it might not have all the features you’re looking for. In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to cancel your hosting account and get a refund.

If you’re canceling your SiteGround account because of the slightly higher price for shared hosting, Hostinger is a less expensive alternative1 that offers free website migrations from any other hosting provider. Or, check out some other options below.

Quick Guide: How To Cancel SiteGround and Get a Full Refund

  1. Log in to your SiteGround account dashboard1.
  2. Click Services. In the top menu bar, you should see a link to Services. Click on that to be brought to a page with all of your active services.
  3. Click the three little dots to the right of your hosting plan. This should bring up a context menu.
  4. Click Cancel. Once you’ve clicked the three dots to pull up the context menu, click the Cancel option.
  5. Choose when to cancel your service. Before you can continue, you’ll be asked when you want your cancellation to take effect: immediately, or at the time of your plan’s expiration.
  6. Confirm that your websites will be deleted. If you have any websites up and running, you’ll need to confirm that you understand they’ll be deleted. Click the checkbox, then click Continue.
  7. Provide a reason. You’re almost at the finish line, but you need to provide a cancellation reason. Choose a reason and then click the Continue button.
  8. Click Confirm. You’ll be shown a quick screen confirming your cancellation along with the refund you can expect. If you approve, click Confirm.

My Experience: Here’s How I Cancelled My SiteGround Account

Canceling my SiteGround account was honestly even quicker than when I signed up initially. I managed to complete the entire process in about five minutes, and now I want to share the steps with you.

The first step is to log in to your SiteGround user dashboard1.

SiteGround, services1 Then, click on Services.

SiteGround, manage services1 After clicking Services, click the Manage button beside your hosting product.

SiteGround, context menu1 Then, click the three little dots all the way to the right of your hosting plan details, beside the Upgrade button, to bring up a context menu.

SiteGround, cancel services1 In the context menu, click Cancel to bring up the next screen.

SiteGround, continue1 At this point, I was about half way through. Choose when you want to cancel your services, then click Continue yet again. In this case, I chose to cancel immediately in order to receive a refund.

SiteGround, continue cancellation1 You’ll be asked to confirm that you understand the risk of cancelling your services and account, as your website will be deleted. Accept the risk by clicking the checkbox, then click Continue.

SiteGround, provide reason for cancellation1 Before you can finalize your cancellation request, you must select a reason, or choose “Other” to specify one of your own (or to opt out). Provide a reason, then click Continue again.

SiteGround, total refund amount1 Finally, double-check your refund amount, then click Confirm. And you’re done!

SiteGround, cancellation complete1 If your cancellation request was submitted successfully, this is the final screen.

3 Best SiteGround Alternatives for Shared Hosting


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Can I cancel my SiteGround hosting?

Yes, of course! You’re free to cancel your SiteGround hosting account at any time. However, you’ll only get a refund if you cancel your services within 30 days of purchasing them. If you’re looking for a new web host, you could check out our list of the current top hosting providers.

How do I cancel my SiteGround subscription?

It’s really easy to cancel your SiteGround services and account. All you need to do is log in to your account dashboard, find the service you want to cancel, then proceed with your cancellation request.

How do I delete a SiteGround website?

To delete your SiteGround website, you’ll need to head over to your account dashboard. From there, you’ll have to find your website, then delete it from the menu. If you’re looking to build another website from scratch (and aren’t sure where to start), you may want to check out our comprehensive step-by-step website-building guide.

How do I contact SiteGround?

You can contact SiteGround 24/7 via phone, chat, and support tickets if you ever need customer support.

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Your information regarding cancellation was helpful - thanks a lot for it. However, guys, beware of SiteGround - they did not refund the money if you are not in the initial 30 day-refund period - all they do just immediately cancelling all the subscriptions and a plan you had with them. I call it 'theft' when they did nothing to provide me with an actual help related to their own lack of proper plugins and software configurations what eventually created lots of obstacles for necessary plugins installations/configurations on the site. And I had the highest GoGeek plan with them.. Beware of this Hosting provider!
Mihail - WSP Team
Hi! I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with SiteGround. I double-checked their GoGeek plan and it has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy. If you canceled within the first 30 days, you should have got a refund. If possible, I recommend contacting their customer support to see if you can get compensation. Good luck!
This was super helpful. I walked through it step by step and had no issues. I was still in the refund window as a new user. Thank you so much!
Website Planet Team
Hi, thanks for the comment! You're welcome! :) 
Charlene Sipsey
1 Reply
Siteground has redone their site and this blog no longer applies. They have taken away the ability to get a refund for a domain renewal and have the toggle hidden to shut off the automatic renewals in a different area instead of the listing of our services. Very sneaky way for them to make things un-refundable.
1 Reply
how do you get a refund? i'm trying to do that but i can't figure out how. i am an existing customer, and i have a domain, but i don't like the site configuration and want to cancel my account and get a refund.
Cancelled my subscription but Site ground refuses to refund me stating it is against their policy. They overcharge and then refuse to cooperate.
Hi, I just cancelled my hosting service, but it didn't have the Compensation Method page? Can I assume it'll compensate back to my paying method? I didn't get an email from them confirming the cancellation. Is there a way where I can find out?
Website Planet Team
Hi Tammy, We'd recommend contacting the SiteGround1 support section and explain what is the matter in question. 
3 Reply
Great article! It helped me out with cancelling my hosting after it auto-renewed (and I didnt need it). Any idea if it's possible to cancel (and get a refund) on domains registered with SG too?
3 Reply
WebsitePlanet Team
Glad to hear that! Unfortunately, the company does not refund domain fees.
1 Reply
Hi! I just created a SIteground account but it's not logging in on my account. I can't even contact their customer support since I couldn't access my own account. I'm considering to refund but I don't know how to contact them. Please help. Thank you.
1 Reply
WebsitePlanet Team
Hi Rose, sorry to hear you're having trouble with SiteGround. We'd recommend contacting them through their sales assistance live chat here: https://www.siteground.co.uk/contact_us.htm as they should be able to put you through to the technical team and point you in the right direction. We hope you get your problem sorted!
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