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8 Best Registered Agent Services: Trusted & Affordable [2024]

Suzanne Stewart Suzanne StewartFinance Specialist December 02, 2023
December 02, 2023
Hiring a Registered Agent is supposed to give you peace of mind – but if you pick a bad service, you could face costly delays and even legal issues due to mismanaged files. The last thing you want is an official government notice getting “lost in the mail.”

Only the most reliable Registered Agent services can eliminate the risk of something going wrong. This isn’t a choice to make lightly!

Some services don’t include features you might want (like 24/7 support) – or they hide them behind pricey upsells. We researched loads of LLC business formation platforms to find which ones had the best Registered Agent services at the fairest prices. We also took into consideration companies that offer the service as a standalone to accommodate existing LLC owners.

After thorough evaluation, we narrowed it down to a list of the best 8 performers. Our top provider is BusinessAnywhere for its great value and robust list of services, but keep reading to see which Registered Agent service you should choose for your specific needs.

Short on Time? These Are the Best Registered Agent Services in 2024

  1. BusinessAnywhere – Free Registered Agent services for your first year with LLC formation, or a low-cost standalone Registered Agent option
  2. Northwest Registered Agent – Offers features no one else does, as it specializes in Registered Agent services
  3. Bizee (d) – The best choice for the small budget business owner

See 5 More Great Options | Comparison Table

What We Look For in the Best Registered Agent Services

When hiring a Registered Agent service, there are certain elements of the service to prioritize:
  • Free Registered Agent service included in LLC formation packages. Every LLC is required to have a Registered Agent. Offering it for free for at least the first year takes the burden and hassle of finding a separate Registered Agent off your hands, or taking on this responsibility yourself.
  • Reasonably priced standalone Registered Agent services. Not everyone who needs a Registered Agent is a new business owner, and some Registered Agent services carry high renewal fees when that free first year ends. You may be forced to find a different service provider that better meets your budget or business needs.
  • Additional features and services. We considered ease of use, privacy and security offerings, the support team’s availability and quality, and each company’s ability to serve you regardless of your location or that of your business.
If you haven’t yet registered your business, refer to our rundown of the best LLC formation services to see how good these services are for getting your LLC off the ground.

Business Anywhere Registered Agent service page
A Registered Agent from BusinessAnywhere gives you the freedom to work remotely
BusinessAnywhere is the best Registered Agent service we found because it meets all of our criteria. It has the most comprehensive LLC formation package available for new business owners. And it offers an affordable standalone Registered Agent service for existing business owners looking for a change.

For new LLC owners, your Registered Agent service comes free with the first year of a complete LLC formation package. BusinessAnywhere is one of the easiest-to-use and most beginner-friendly services we reviewed. While its client dashboard might look a bit clunky and old-fashioned, it’s extremely intuitive and a dream to work with. And the email support team is ready and able to answer all your questions.

If you’re an existing business owner seeking a new Registered Agent service, BusinessAnywhere offers an affordable yearly subscription, no matter which US state you are located in. You also get use of the client dashboard and an automatic compliance package to take those worries off your shoulders and put them in BusinessAnywhere’s hands.

Additional Features

  • Virtual office. Manage all your services from one dashboard, including a Registered Agent, online notary, and your virtual mailbox. BusinessAnywhere will scan and upload your business mail, so you can access it remotely.
  • Privacy and security. BusinessAnywhere uses its own addresses and payment information when registering your business, so your personal data remains hidden from third parties as much as possible.
  • Business alerts. You’ll receive alerts for compliance due dates and other time-sensitive matters via your client dashboard. And unlike some other services, you’ll receive them in plenty of time to attend to them without a rush.
Registered Agent Free with LLC formation?
Registered Agent service standalone?
Valuable special features? Virtual office
Starting price for standalone service? $149/year

List of services on Northwest Registered Agent's homepage
Northwest Registered Agent…kinda says it all, doesn’t it?
Northwest Registered Agent started out as a dedicated Registered Agent service, so you can be confident it has the expertise you’re looking for. It also offers privacy and renewal fee policies that are somewhat unique in the Registered Agent and LLC formation world.

New business owners will find that while Northwest Registered Agent includes a Registered Agent service in its LLC formation packages, it’s not free. Even though you’re charged for the service, you can’t opt out of it, as it’s Northwest Registered Agent’s signature service. However, in this case, the Registered Agent service is superior to what most others offer.

Northwest Registered Agent has over 900 Corporate Guides located in every US state and the District of Columbia. Every Corporate Guide is a Registered Agent, and one will be assigned to you. This means your business will have a representative who knows your state’s specific requirements, and will reside at a “local” address within the state you have chosen for your business, even if it is not the one in which you reside.

This affordable local Registered Agent service costs the same year after year, with no costly renewal fees tacked on. You’ll receive access to and support from your personal Registered Agent for the life of your plan.

Additional Features

  • Privacy by Default program. Northwest Registered Agent’s privacy and security policy goes beyond simply using its address and payment information. It promises to never sell your data to third parties. It also goes out of its way to avoid using third parties, keeping its IT, customer support, HR, and other teams in-house.
  • Instant online access. You’ll receive your client dashboard on sign-up without having to wait. From there, you can access your documents, your Registered Agent, and all your compliance reminders.
  • Free mail forwarding. Having those offices in every state means that your real mail, not just digital scans of mail, can be forwarded to you from Northwest’s “local” addresses.
Registered Agent Free with LLC formation?
Registered Agent service standalone?
Valuable other/special features? Privacy by Default program
Starting price for standalone service? $125/year

3. Bizee (Incfile): Best Option for Cash-Strapped Beginners

Screenshot of Bizee's LLC formation services
Let Bizee take some of the stress off your shoulders with one of its Registered Agents
When you need to start your LLC on a shoestring, or are a small business owner that doesn’t have a lot of cash to throw around, Bizee (formerly Incfile) may just be the right choice for a Registered Agent service. Bizee has a lot of value to offer at very reasonable prices.

Bizee offers a “free” LLC formation plan that includes your Articles of Organization, free Registered Agent service for the first year, next-day filing, and unlimited customer support. Its middle and top-tier plans add even more value, with features like Employer Identification Number (EIN) registration and a free business email.

If all you need is a Registered Agent for your established business, Bizee has a standalone service as well. For less than 50 cents a day, you can have your legal and tax documents handled by Bizee’s team of Registered Agents. There’s no increase in renewal fees, either. The signup process is simple and easy, taking just a few minutes.

Additional Features

  • No hidden fees. All of Bizee’s fees are right on its website, with no extras or preselected options in the ordering process. What you see is what you’ll be charged.
  • Extensive free resources. Whether new to the business world or a veteran looking for advice on how to grow your business to a new level, Bizee’s online resources and tools can help. There’s a library of downloads with guides, checklists, and infographics. There’s even an email course for startups. You can also find a name generator, name search tool, and more.
  • Business management services. Bizee can provide services to help you run your business, in addition to Registered Agent services. It offers tax filing, compliance alerts, submission of annual reports, free tax consultations, and quite a few other services, including assistance with dissolution of your company when you decide to retire.
Registered Agent Free with LLC formation?
Registered Agent service standalone?
Valuable other/special features? No hidden costs
Starting price for standalone service? $119/year

Inc Authority LLC services homepage
Inc Authority can receive your legal or tax notices on behalf of your LLC
Many LLC formation services advertise a “free” plan to start your business. And many of those plans merely consist of filing your Articles of Organization with your state. Inc Authority’s free plan, like Bizee’s, includes a free year of Registered Agent service, as well.

One year of Registered Agent service isn’t all it includes in its free plan. You’d pay hefty fees to other providers for the same valuable features included in Inc Authority’s free plan. Some of what Inc Authority offers, like its commitment to customer service and satisfaction, make it one of the best Registered Agent services we’ve reviewed.

Please realize that no company can truly offer a “free” plan. There are always state, and sometimes local, fees involved. What the “free” plan offers don’t do is charge you any service fees, labor costs, or other overhead.

Additional Features

  • Free finance and tax planning consultations. Inc Authority’s experts will evaluate your business’s tax requirements and credit and financing capabilities to help you know how to save money come tax time and find funding solutions to help you grow.
  • INC CARE support. Your free LLC formation package includes VIP treatment from Inc Authority’s support team via email or phone.
  • Easy-to-use, user-friendly account dashboard. Inc Authority’s online client portal not only allows you to manage your account, but also serves as a digital depository for all your business’s legal documents.
Registered Agent Free with LLC formation?
Registered Agent service standalone?
Valuable other/special features? INC CARE support program
Starting price for standalone service? N/A

MyCompanyWorks homepage
A MyCompanyWorks Registered Agent can take some of the worries out of managing your company
MyCompanyWorks has a great deal to offer you new business owners. It seems more dedicated to business formation than business management, unlike BusinessAnywhere or Bizee. And unlike Inc Authority, its prices can strain the cash-strapped beginner.

You only receive a Registered Agent service if you purchase one of its higher-priced plans. The entry-level plan doesn’t include a Registered Agent. You’ll have to add it as a standalone yearly subscription.

That doesn’t mean that MyCompanyWorks is a bad deal, however, because your startup gets a good bit of value for the money in the higher-priced plans. You’ll receive a free logo creation tool, your EIN registration, and next-day filing along with your Registered Agent service for one year. In addition, you get a very unique and cool-in-a-nerdy-way feature, detailed first below.

Additional Features

  • Startup Wizard. MyCompanyWorks has added something to its client dashboard we didn’t find anywhere else in our research. It’s called the Startup Wizard, an interactive checklist of all the tasks, paperwork, and other “stuff” you need to complete to launch your business. The tool keeps track of what has been done and what still needs attention. MyCompanyWorks customizes your Wizard just for your business, too.
  • Accuracy auditing. MyCompanyWorks guarantees that someone will audit your paperwork for accuracy and compliance, and won’t file it for you until everything is correct and complete.
  • Top-notch support. A lot of companies promise “award-winning” or “customer-first” support teams. MyCompanyWorks actually follows through on those promises. We found the support team to be knowledgeable, professional, and more importantly, readily available.
Registered Agent Free with LLC formation?
Registered Agent service standalone?
Valuable other/special features? Startup Wizard
Starting price for standalone service? N/A

6. BetterLegal: Expats and Non-US Citizens, This One’s For You

Screenshot of BetterLegal's 10-minute setup offer on its website
BetterLegal’s “one-stop shop” for LLCs includes Registered Agent services
There’s a big, wide world of business owners out there beyond the borders of the US, and unfortunately, many LLC formation and Registered Agent services overlook it. BetterLegal recognizes business owners who need to do business in the US and have designed services to assist them in doing so.

When you’re not a US citizen and don’t have that all-important US mailing address, BetterLegal’s Registered Agent service provides a physical address for you. That’s just one thing that makes it so perfect for non-citizens. It also offers a business bank account setup, a free website package, EIN application, and tax consultation.

BetterLegal only offers one LLC formation plan, and with the added extras. It’s pretty much a one-stop startup shop. With one exception, that is: you have to pay an extra subscription fee for its Registered Agent service. However, BetterLegal offers the least expensive standalone Registered Agent service offered on this list.

Additional Features

  • Payment options. Unlike most LLC formation and Registered Agent services, BetterLegal offers you the opportunity to pay for its Registered Agent service monthly instead of yearly. The monthly option adds a few dollars to your yearly expenses, but saves you from having to have it all upfront at one time.
  • Extremely user-friendly website. Regardless of what service or feature you sign up for, BetterLegal’s site is one of the easiest to use that we’ve found. To sign up for anything, simply click on the buttons on the site and follow the step-by-step directions to complete the process.
  • Free business documents and templates. BetterLegal clients receive a host of free business documents and templates to create your own. These include meeting minutes, an Operating Agreement, banking resolution forms, and ownership amendments, among others.
Registered Agent Free with LLC formation?
Registered Agent service standalone?
Valuable other/special features? Monthly payment options
Starting price for standalone service? $10/month OR $90/year

7. ZenBusiness: User-Friendly, but Not So Budget-Friendly

ZenBusiness Formation Services page
ZenBusiness has everything your LLC needs, including Registered Agents
If you’re someone who prefers pen to paper, who carries a flip phone, and avoids AI like the plague, ZenBusiness just might be for you. Its website, signup and ordering processes are made for rookies and techno-phobes. It doesn’t get much easier to get a Registered Agent than it does with ZenBusiness.

That said, be aware that there’s no included Registered Agent service with ZenBusiness’ LLC formation package. You can only receive a Registered Agent via a separate paid subscription. And for that price, you can get your entire formation package including a Registered Agent from other services on this list.

So why is it here? Because ZenBusiness has a reputation for providing top-quality services. It comes recommended by Mark Cuban, NerdWallet, Forbes, and more. When you want a cream-of-the-crop company to work with, look no further.

Additional Features

  • Free LLC formation package. The free LLC formation plan may not include a Registered Agent, but all you’ll pay is your state’s required filing fees. That may make paying the Registered Agent subscription fee a little easier.
  • Get your business online. ZenBusiness offers a package to get your business online, including a website, domain name, email, and a proprietary website builder that’s simple and easy to use.
  • Worry-free Compliance. You receive ZenBusiness’ compliance alert program with all of its plans, including the free Starter plan. It offers you peace of mind when it comes to annual state and federal paperwork requirements.
Registered Agent Free with LLC formation?
Registered Agent service standalone?
Valuable other/special features? Worry-Free Compliance program
Starting price for standalone service? $199/year

8. LegalZoom: An Attorney and a Registered Agent for One Price

LegalZoom registered agent services
Put a LegalZoom Registered Agent to work for your business
LegalZoom may not be known for its Registered Agent service, but that doesn’t mean you should necessarily shy away from it. LegalZoom’s biggest advantage over its competitors is the legal advisors it’s known for. You get access to experienced attorneys whether you form your LLC or simply hire LegalZoom to be your Registered Agent.

Unfortunately for new business owners, LegalZoom is another company that doesn’t include a Registered Agent with its LLC formation plans. You must pay a separate subscription. The good news is that with the free legal assistance, any business which requires a lot of contracts, agreements, or other legal documents doesn’t need a separate law firm.

You’ll receive two other valuable features with your Registered Agent subscription. The first is LegalZoom’s Compliance Calendar program, which is usually a separate add-on. The program keeps you up to date with alerts for state and federal paperwork due dates.

The other added feature is unlimited cloud storage for all your business documentation. You can keep everything all in one place, and access it anytime, from anywhere.

Additional Features

  • Digital Welcome Packet. For new business owners, LegalZoom supplies a step-by-step guide to walk you through the LLC formation process. It’s not MyCompanyWorks’s Startup Wizard, but it’s a handy resource.
  • Tax and legal advisors. We already mentioned you receive access to the LegalZoom legal team when you sign up for either LLC formation or Registered Agent services. You can also access tax advisors when you form your LLC or sign up for the LZ Tax program.
  • Highly customizable service packages. LegalZoom does so much more for business owners, that many services typically bundled into packages by other companies are offered as standalones. That means that if you need more than just a Registered Agent or LLC formation service, you can create your own customized bundle of whatever your business requires.
Registered Agent Free with LLC formation?
Registered Agent service standalone?
Valuable other/special features? Highly customizable packages
Starting price for standalone service? $299/year

What Is Required to Be a Registered Agent?

To be your own Registered Agent, you and/or your business need a physical address in the state your business is registered in. A P.O. box CANNOT be a substitute. This is because the law requires you to be present to receive mail or other notifications on behalf of your business.

So, for foreign business registration or anyone operating in multiple states, you must appoint an individual or business with a physical address in the state you’re applying for LLC formation in. The easiest and most affordable way to do this is through a company that offers Registered Agent services.

If you feel you can be your own Registered Agent, here’s what you absolutely need to know:
  • You must meet your state’s requirements. Every state is different, so head to your state’s government website to learn what your requirements are. For example, Connecticut requires a Registered Agent to be at least 18 years of age.
  • The Registered Agent’s physical address will be made publicly available to receive mail. If you own a home business, be aware this opens the door to solicitors and spammers.
  • As a Registered Agent, you must be available during normal working hours to receive important mail and legal notices for your business. You must also always be there to sign on important documents.
As you can see, there’s quite a few rules to being your own Registered Agent! Make sure you’re willing to deal with the workload and lack of privacy before making the commitment.

On the other hand, if choosing a Registered Agent service instead sounds like a good idea right about now, I recommend BusinessAnywhere, or pretty much any other company on this list that suits your purposes.

Get the Best Registered Agent for Your Business

You can legally run your business in all 50 states with any of the eight Registered Agent providers listed here. However, your choice will greatly depend on the specific needs of your business and your budget.

For best all-around Registered Agent services, quality additional features, and price, we highly recommend BusinessAnywhere. It has the most to offer the new and existing business owners alike.

When you and your business need more than just a simple Registered Agent service, Northwest Registered Agent’s feature-filled options and add-ons might just fit the bill. Its privacy and security program is a stand-out feature in the industry.

When your business dreams are big and your budget is small, Bizee (Incfile) is the service for you. The feature-packed free plan is hard to beat.

If you still can’t decide, perhaps the comparison table below can help you make up your mind.
Registered Agent free with LLC formation Registered Agent standalone option Best Additional Feature Best for
Business Anywhere   Virtual office Everyone
Northwest Registered Agent   Privacy by Default program Security-conscious business owners
Bizee (Incfile)     Free resources and business forms Business owners on a budget
Inc Authority   Free finance and tax consultations New LLC owners who need affordable services
MyCompanyWorks   Startup Wizard Well-financed beginners
BetterLegal   Monthly payment options Expats and non-US citizens
ZenBusiness   “Get Your Business Online” package Non-techy beginners
LegalZoom   Customization opportunities Those in need of lots of legal help


Should I hire a Registered Agent service?

If you own an LLC that’s active in multiple states or a foreign state, your business is based out of your home and you want to protect your privacy, or you don’t want to face the workload and legal repercussions of being your own Registered Agent, you would greatly benefit from hiring a Registered Agent service like Bizee that fits these qualifications.

Do I need a Registered Agent?

Yes. You must designate a Registered Agent to operate an LLC legally in all 50 US states. LLC formation services like Northwest Registered Agent offer Registered Agent services separately, if this happens to be all you need.

What is the best Registered Agent service?

Any of the Registered Agent services on this list are excellent candidates, but the exact service that’s best for you depends on your personal needs. My personal pick is BusinessAnywhere for its arsenal of high-quality services.

How much does a Registered Agent service cost?

That depends. It’s free to be your own Registered Agent, and some of the best formation services such as MyCompanyWorks include a Registered Agent free for the first year. If you opt to hire a service, there will be an annual or monthly cost depending on how many states your business is registered in, as well as how many LLCs you own.

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