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6 Best Colorado LLC Formation Services: Easy & Cheap [2024]

Ivana Shteriova Ivana ShteriovaFinance Specialist July 04, 2024
July 04, 2024
Colorado consistently ranks among the best US states to start a business, especially for creative and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) startups. Still, forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Colorado can feel daunting, especially if you’re a first-time business owner. Finding a reliable Colorado LLC formation service can save you from the hassle and help you get your business formed in minutes.

The good news is that with so many free (state filing fees excluded) and affordable LLC formation services, you don’t have to bother with the DIY route, whether you need basic LLC assistance or additional services.

After thorough research, I’ve identified what matters most for Colorado LLC business formation: cost-efficiency, ease of use, and comprehensive service offerings for those needing extra support.

Of all the options I evaluated, ZenBusiness stood out as the best Colorado LLC formation service. It offers a free LLC formation package that includes a year of compliance alerts. Check out ZenBusiness’ offerings or keep reading about other top services that can assist you with Colorado LLC formation and beyond.

Short on Time? These Are the Best LLC Formation Services in Colorado in 2024

  1. Expert’s Choice
    1 1zenbusiness-logo_ff-removebg-preview ZenBusiness
    ZenBusiness is a popular choice with our readers
    Free LLC formation and compliance alerts paired with adaptable business plans.
  2. 1 1Tailor_Brands_logo_transparent Tailor Brands Best for forming an LLC and building brand awareness in Colorado for free or on a budget.
  3. 1 1legalzoom-icon LegalZoom Customizable plans, including a free LLC service, and low-cost annual legal support.

What We Look For in the Best LLC Formation Services in Colorado

When evaluating the best LLC formation services in Colorado, I considered specific features that make the filing process affordable, fast, and compliant.
  • Cost. Colorado has one of the lowest formation and annual maintenance fees in the US. With my top recommendations that offer competitive cost structures, you keep costs low during the LLC formation process. Additionally, most of my recommendations offer a free LLC formation service (plus state fees).
  • Ease of use. Colorado has embraced an entirely digital LLC application process, which, while convenient, means you’re left to figure things out on your own. Thankfully, each service I picked will guide you smoothly through every step, minimizing confusion and time spent on paperwork.
  • Customer support. I tested all available support channels for each service and read extensive customer feedback to recommend companies known for their responsiveness and expert assistance.
  • Additional services. In addition to LLC formation services, my top choices can act as your Registered Agent, which is a reliable point of contact for receiving legal documents and official government communications while keeping your business address private. These reliable Colorado business formation companies also offer year-round compliance help, tax consultations, and even creative services. For example, while Colorado’s flat income tax rate of 4.40% is applied uniformly, getting a free tax consultation can significantly impact how much money you keep at the end of the year.

ZenBusiness LLC formation form
I was amazed by ZenBusiness’ feature-packed free plan
ZenBusiness offers a free LLC formation service1, including a 30-minute tax consultation and a Worry-Free Compliance service that covers all your annual filing reminders for the first year at no extra cost. This combination is ideal if you’re a new entrepreneur as it ensures you comply with all legal requirements without upfront costs.

ZenBusiness’ plans are packed with features that support the setup and ongoing management of your business at any stage. For example, you can upgrade to ZenBusiness Money Pro for accounting, tax tracking, and comprehensive finance management. All ZenBusiness’ paid plans are subscription-based, meaning you should expect yearly renewals unless you cancel.

While the Registered Agent service isn’t free for the first year like some competitors offer, it still provides a competitive price. In a nutshell, ZenBusiness strikes a balance between affordability and premium-level ongoing support, making it the most versatile and overall best choice for Colorado LLC formation.


  • Expedited filing speed. ZenBusiness promises to file your documents with the State of Colorado in one to two business days if you opt for a premium plan.
  • Seamless application process. ZenBusiness’ chatbot-style application process streamlines your setup experience. It guides you through each step with an autosave feature, so you don’t lose any progress if you need to pause and return later.
  • Mobile app. ZenBusiness offers a mobile app (Android and iOS) that lets you track your LLC formation progress and manage ongoing compliance tasks.
  • Support for establishing an online presence. ZenBusiness offers tools for creating a business website, obtaining a business domain name, and setting up a professional email address, available as add-ons or as part of its most expensive plan.
Read our expert ZenBusiness review for more details.

Expedited option?
Fastest available LLC
filing time
1 – 5 days
Customer support channels Phone, live chat, email
Starting at (+ state fees) $0

2. Tailor Brands: Best for Building Brand Awareness in Colorado1

Tailor Brands LLC service list
Tailor Brands puts all the tools you may need in one place
Tailor Brands excels as a comprehensive service if you want to establish brand awareness from the start. Colorado allows you to reserve an LLC name for up to 120 days for a small fee, giving you time to work on your branding without worrying about losing your preferred name. This paired with Tailor Brands’ free LLC formation1 and a suite of creative services, such as graphic design and marketing, helps you create a smooth and on-brand launch.

Additionally, Tailor Brands’ Elite plan is beneficial if you’re aiming to jump-start your company’s online presence while your paperwork is in process. This plan integrates a logo and website builder, a free domain for one year, a social media post maker, and a business card maker.

If you don’t need creative services, you might want to consider another service. This is particularly relevant if you’re on a tight budget and don’t find the free plan sufficient, as the Elite plan, although packed with value, comes at a premium cost.


  • Interactive signup process. Tailor Brands simplifies your experience with an interactive signup process that guides you in selecting the necessary features for your business.
  • AI-powered branding tools. Tailor Brands leverages AI to offer tools that help create a distinctive brand identity for a fraction of the cost of an agency.
  • Variety of add-ons. You can appoint Tailor Brands to act as your Colorado Registered Agent and obtain your Employer Identification Number (EIN). It can also help you with trademarking and permit applications.
  • Finance manager. Similar to ZenBusiness Money, this software includes invoicing, budget tracking, and reporting tools to help you manage your business finances effectively.
See our in-depth Tailor Brands review for more details.

Expedited option?
Fastest available LLC
filing time
2 days
Customer support channels Chatbot, email, phone, online
Starting at (+ state fees) $0

LegalZoom attorney subscription service page
I find LegalZoom’s low-cost attorney subscription-based service unbeatable in the industry
LegalZoom is ideal if you want to customize your LLC plan. You can pick from its premade plans or craft your own to fit your specific needs. You can add or modify services like EIN registration or obtain a custom Operating Agreement, without the burden of annual subscriptions that some companies require.

If you need consistent legal support that doesn’t break the bank, LegalZoom offers the Business Advisory Plan1. This subscription service is invaluable for ongoing legal assistance, including tax return filing, legal advice from an attorney, and legal document drafting.

LegalZoom offers a free LLC formation package, although it’s a bit slower unless you opt for expedited processing at a higher fee. Despite this minor drawback, LegalZoom is user-friendly, ensuring you’ll never pay for features you don’t need. The option to pay in installments makes LegalZoom accessible to every business.


  • Attorney consultations. With the Premium LLC formation package from LegalZoom, you get unlimited 30-minute attorney consultations on new legal matters (free for the first 30 days), ensuring a solid foundation for your business.
  • Wix website. All LegalZoom plans include a free Wix website, giving your LLC a professional online presence essential for attracting clients in Colorado’s competitive market.
  • Compliance Calendar. For an affordable yearly fee, LegalZoom’s Compliance Calendar helps you meet deadlines and maintain your LLC’s good standing with the state.
  • Free access to legal forms. While some companies charge extra for their document library, LegalZoom provides free access to 150+ attorney-drafted legal forms like hiring agreements and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).
Read our expert LegalZoom review for more info.

Expedited option?
Fastest available LLC
filing time
1 – 5 days
Customer support channels Phone, live chat
Starting at (+ state fees) $0

Northwest Registered Agent Privacy by Default policy
Northwest Registered Agent has my email for years and not once sent me an unsolicited offer
If you prioritize privacy for your LLC, Northwest Registered Agent stands out with its “Privacy by Default” policy. Unlike most services, it promises never to sell your data – your personal and business information remains confidential.

While Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t offer a free plan, you can still get your LLC formed for free, provided you follow the steps in its DIY program, which supplies all necessary forms and resources to compensate for the lack of a free tier. Alternatively, you can opt for Northwest Registered Agent’s discounted LLC formation plan for only $39.00. This fee covers a year of Registered Agent service and same-day processing, benefits that typically cost extra elsewhere.

The discounted offer also includes free use of its business address, mail forwarding, and expert support from its Corporate Guides, who operate from real offices in every state, including Colorado.


  • State-specific application process. Northwest Registered Agent tailors its LLC application process to Colorado’s specific requirements, automatically suggesting helpful add-ons to ensure compliance.
  • Business Identity package. You can enjoy a 90-day free trial of this package, which includes a professional address, business phone number, website with SSL security, and a free domain for the first year.
  • More than a Registered Agent. You’ll receive same-day scans of every document you receive, instant notifications, and personalized support from experienced Corporate Guides to keep your LLC in good standing with the state of Colorado.
  • Extensive Colorado LLC resources. You can access a rich library of resources specifically designed for Colorado LLCs, helping you stay informed about state-specific regulations and opportunities.
Read our detailed Northwest Registered Agent review to learn more.

Expedited option?
Fastest available LLC
filing time
Same day
Customer support channels Phone, live chat, email
Starting at (+ state fees) $39.00

Bizee LLC application form
Bizee has pleasantly surprised me with the many freebies and fast processing time
Bizee offers a free LLC formation and a Registered Agent service for the first year. It’s a highly accessible option that can fit your budget. Additionally, it ensures quick setup with next-day filing on all plans, including the free one.

Bizee supports emerging entrepreneurs through grant programs, offering financial aid if you’re just starting your business journey. In addition to financial help, as a grantee, you receive an EIN application, first-year annual reporting, and Bizee’s tax accounting bundle. Whether Bizee funds your startup formation or you pay for it yourself, the company provides great value.

However, Bizee’s spotty customer support reputation could be a drawback. While I stumbled upon some helpful reps, its support may not consistently meet the high standards set among competitors. This could be a challenge if you need ongoing support.


  • Business essentials. Bizee offers business essentials like a business banking account, contract templates, and business email and domain for free or as an add-on, depending on your plan.
  • An array of other filings. Bizee goes beyond basic LLC formation, assisting with necessary filings such as licenses, permits, annual reports, and Doing Business As (DBA) name registrations.
  • Financial and accounting services. Bizee provides tailored financial and accounting services, promising to save you up to 50 hours and over $2,500 a year.
  • Spanish support. You can access full support in Spanish, making Bizee’s Colorado LLC formation process inclusive and accessible.
Check out our expert Bizee review to learn more.

Expedited option?
Fastest available LLC
filing time
Next business day
Customer support channels Phone, live chat, email
Starting at (+ state fees) $0

Swyft Filings LLC application process
Swyft Filings really stands by its name with a fast and easy LLC application process
Swyft Filings stands out with its straightforward, quick, and free LLC formation process (plus state filing fees), which is especially beneficial for your new small business. You can complete the application in under 10 minutes, though processing may take up to three weeks on the free plan.

The service supports you beyond the initial setup by providing a free tax consultation and a Statement of the Organizer. Customers also praise Swyft Filings’ support, and I can second that from my experience with its phone representatives.

If you choose some of its premium plans, you can expect benefits like assistance with obtaining Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI), an Employer Identification Number (EIN), and an Operating Agreement, among other extras. However, be mindful of potential auto-renewals of its subscription services.


  • ComplianceGuard. As part of every plan, Swyft Filings includes a free trial of ComplianceGuard, helping you keep your new Colorado LLC in good standing with timely compliance alerts.
  • 250+ legal and business document templates. You can maintain peace of mind with Swyft Filings’ extensive document library. With the Standard plan (one month) and the Premium plan (six months), you get free access to over 250 customizable legal and business documents to e-sign and download.
  • Custom organizational minutes. Swyft Filings provides custom organizational minutes with all paid plans to formalize your LLC’s operational structure and initial agreements. You can also add this feature for a small fee to the free plan.
  • Helpful extras. Despite catering to beginners, Swyft Filings is not a bare-bones LLC service. It can help you obtain trademarks, seller’s permits, business licenses, amendments, and other documents.
Read our in-depth Swyft Filings review for more info.

Expedited option?
Fastest available LLC
filing time
Same day
Customer support channels Chatbot, email, phone, online resources
Starting at (+ state fees) $0

Choose the Best Colorado LLC Formation Service for Your Business

Finding a Colorado LLC service that meets your specific needs is crucial. Each of my recommended providers offers benefits tailored to different business needs.

If you’re focusing on cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and ongoing support, ZenBusiness is my top choice1. It offers free LLC formation with one year of free compliance alerts. You can also select from its affordable subscription packages for more features like an EIN application, Operating Agreement, and expedited filing.

If you prioritize brand building alongside your legal setup, I recommend Tailor Brands1 for its free LLC service and range of creative tools. It also offers integrated branding services such as logo creation, graphic design, marketing, social media, and website building. This makes it perfect for businesses looking to establish a market presence from the start.

LegalZoom’s cheap ongoing legal support1 beyond free LLC formation makes it ideal if your business deals with complex legal needs. For a monthly fee that is less than the cost of an hour with a traditional attorney, you’ll get unlimited 30-minute consultations with experienced attorneys on new small business legal topics.

Here’s a summary of the best Colorado LLC formation services.
Free LLC
Starting price
ZenBusiness Free tax consultation,
alerts for one
year, and
Tailor Brands A suite of
creative and
LegalZoom Unlimited
attorneys for
a small
monthly fee
Northwest Registered Agent Guarantees
data privacy
for your
(for the first
Bizee Next-day
on all plans
(for the first
Swyft Filings Easy
process that
takes only 10
minutes to


How much does it cost to form an LLC in Colorado?

Forming an LLC in Colorado typically costs around $50, which is the fee for filing your Articles of Organization with the Colorado Secretary of State. Some companies like ZenBusiness offer free LLC formation, excluding the $50 state fees.

Is Colorado a good place to form an LLC?

Colorado ranks among the top states to start an LLC due to its business-friendly environment. It offers a straightforward filing process and low filing fees. Additionally, Colorado LLCs are taxed as pass-through entities and don’t pay corporate tax. If you’re considering starting a business in Colorado, LegalZoom can assist you with free LLC formation (state fees excluded) and low-cost ongoing legal support.

How long does it take to get an LLC in Colorado?

Getting an LLC in Colorado can be quite fast despite the lack of expedited filing options. The Secretary of State typically approves your LLC within one to two business days after receiving your application. If you’re in a rush and using an LLC formation service, Bizee guarantees next-day processing of all LLC applications.

What are the steps involved in forming an LLC in Colorado?

Start by choosing a unique name. Next, you’ll need to appoint a Registered Agent – this could be yourself, someone you trust, or a professional Registered Agent service. After assembling the necessary documents, file your Articles of Organization through the state website or use an LLC formation service. If you’re a first-time business owner, Swyft Filings’ beginner-friendly LLC formation process can help you complete your application in less than 10 minutes, free of charge.

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