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9 Best Pinterest Marketing Managers for Hire in 2024 from $5

Shaneika Jeffrey Shaneika JeffreyFreelance Jobs Expert
Finding a professional Pinterest marketing manager that’s right for your project can be a stressful task. Not every “marketing expert” lives up to their claims that they can create on-trend, high-quality pins while developing and implementing a successful marketing campaign.

To save you time, energy, and money figuring out who’ll actually help you meet your marketing objectives, I’ve put together a list of the nine top Pinterest marketing managers for hire, based on their customer reviews, experience, and affordability.

I used my favorite, low-cost freelance hiring solution to find each freelancer, so some of the pros on this list can be hired for as little as $5!

9 Best Pinterest Marketing Managers for Hire

1. Rifat321 – Best for A Week Long Channel Evaluation and Action Plan

Fiverr screenshot - rifat321 pinterest marketing manager gig
Hire Rifat321 for a customized and detailed action plan
Rifat321 is a Level Two Seller, meaning they have consistently delivered and received good feedback. With several years of digital marketing experience, they’ve managed to achieve a 4.8 out of 5 stars from previous customers. Their basic “Starter Plan” offers a full profile evaluation along with a customized action plan, and comes with seven days of marketing management, in which Rifat321 will design five pins per day, interact with related group boards, and optimize your account for maximum engagement.

2. Ch_shahabaz – Best for Pinterest Board Optimization for Only $5

Fiverr screenshot - ch_shahabaz pinterest marketing manager gig
Ch_shahabaz provides quick and low-cost marketing management
Ch_shahabaz is a digital marketing specialist with a 4.9 star rating, so I was very impressed by the glowing reviews detailing Ch_shahabaz’s outstanding results – they currently have over 170 positive reviews. This seller uses keywords to target your niche, creates new boards, upgrades existing boards, and links each published pin to your website. On their basic package, you’ll get one day of marketing management, which includes two boards and 40 high-quality pins.

3. Muhammadumar10 – Full Marketing Management for Only $25

Fiverr screenshot - muhammadumar10 pinterest marketing manager gig
Hire Muhammadumar10 for increased engagement on your Pinterest boards
Freelancer Muhammadumar10 is a 4.9 star-rated digital marketing and graphic design expert with more than five years of experience. Their basic package includes profile optimization, five pins per day, five group boards, and a tailored action plan. I was drawn to Muhammadumar10’s gig because of how satisfied each buyer was with their results. Their review section is filled with praise for their eagerness to provide a great service and their ability to raise engagement all at an affordable price

4. Pinterestdoctor – Best for Helping You Increase Engagement with Your Pinterest Followers

Hire Pinterestdoctor to help you increase your follower engagement
Freelancer Pinterestdoctor is, as their name suggests, a Pinterest expert whose  seven-day basic package starts at a mid-range price and includes pinning up to 20 pins per day to existing boards, creating new niche-specific boards, and engaging with potential followers or fellow creators. This gig is perfect if you want to increase your audience and improve your pin impressions in order to direct more traffic to your website.

5. Azeemsarfraz – Best for Carrying Out Optimization and Competitor Analysis

Fiverr screenshot - azeemsarfraz pinterest marketing manager gig
Hire Azeemsarfraz for gig extras like competitor account analysis or topic research for your blog
Azeemsarfraz offers 5 star-rated search engine optimization (SEO), low-competition hashtags, and video pins within their gig. If your needs are simple, their basic package includes seven days’ management and seven high-quality pins. If you’re looking for someone to get a little more involved, Azeemsarfraz’s premium package includes 30 pins and management of both Pinterest and one other platform. You can also add gig extras, like competitor account analysis, to any package for an additional fee.

6. Photocutout24 – Best for Pinterest Account Set Up

Fiverr screenshot - photocutout24 pinterest marketing manager gig
Hire Photocutout24 to set up your Pinterest analytics
Photocutout24 offers low-cost packages, starting with their $5 basic package. They’ll set up your business profile from scratch or update an existing profile, and they’ll even convert your personal profile into a business one. They’ll also create three pin boards and eight pins for each board. My favorite package service is the Premium package, which includes setting up Pinterest analytics so that you can see detailed reports on your marketing.

7. Arditaardi – Great for Both Short and Long-term Pinterest Management

Fiverr screenshot - arditaardi pinterest marketing manager gig
Hire Arditaardi for short-term account management and profile optimization
Arditaardi is a social media expert with a master’s degree in marketing and several years’ experience as a Pinterest specialist. I like that Arditaardi offers packages that are ideal for companies with modest growth goals – perfect if you’re in need of short-term management solutions. In their “One Star” package you’ll get two boards with two pins each, delivered over three days and built around researched, high-performing keywords. The higher-tier packages offer longer-term management and more marketing content. Arditaardi is rated 4.9 stars and has over 200 highly rated customer reviews, many of which are from repeat customers.

8. Malihashathin – Best for Strategic Pinterest Management to Help You Grow

Fiverr screenshot - malihashathin pinterest marketing manager gig
Malihashathin will develop a bespoke action plan to optimize your account’s growth
Malihashathin is a Level Two seller and has completed 150+ projects on Fiverr, earning themselves a 4.9 star rating. Their Basic gig offers you seven days of marketing management, along with an account evaluation and the creation of pins and boards. Malihashathin’s reviews indicate that past buyers have received above and beyond the results they expected, and multiple buyers applaud the seller’s communication skills.

9. Iris_cule – Best for Fast and Affordable Account Set Up

Fiverr screenshot - iris_cule pinterest marketing manager gig
Hire Iris_cule to set up your account and provide expert consultation on your marketing strategy
As part of their Basic package, freelancer Iris_cule will help you set up your Pinterest profile and create a strategy for your account’s growth. This package is ideal if you’re new to Pinterest or interested in understanding how your needs can be translated into a targeted strategy. Iris_cule’s Standard package is a considerable price jump, but they offer a discount for repeat customers.

How to Hire a Pinterest Marketing Manager on Fiverr

Whenever I need to hire a talented freelance professional, I head straight to Fiverr. It’s one of our top freelance platforms for many reasons. When we tested it out for our Fiverr review, it scored an impressive 4.8* out of 5 based on it’s range of features, how easy it is to use and it’s affordability for both sellers and employers.

To get started, head to the Fiverr homepage and type “Pinterest marketing manager” into the search bar. This will bring up gigs from freelancers who either specialize in Pinterest marketing, or who offer it in addition to other social media management services. Scroll through the results until you find a gig you’re interested in.

Fiverr screenshot - pinterest marketing manager
Fiverr has over 10,000 Pinterest experts to choose from
Click on a gig you’re interested in to view the details. The overview page includes the About This Gig and About The Seller sections, along with the pricing of the Basic, Standard, and Premium packages and the freelancer’s portfolio. Explore each section to find more information on what you can expect from the gig.

Fiverr screenshot - package overview
Explore the gig page for pricing and service information
Use the tabs at the top of the box on the right to switch between package pricing and services. You can also click Compare Packages to see the same information in a table form.

Fiverr screenshot - package tabs and compare packages button
Use the tabs on the right to see the pricing of different packages and what they include
Most freelancers prefer to be contacted before you hire them to ensure their availability and to go over your project details. You can do this by clicking the Get a Quote button found underneath the pricing information box – if you can’t see this on the gig, look out for a Contact Seller button which will allow you to do the same thing.

Fiverr screenshot - get a quote button
Click Get a Quote to request a bespoke quotation for your project
Once you’ve gone through your questions with the freelancer, click the Continue button to move forward.

Fiverr screenshot - continue button
When you’re ready to hire, click the Continue button
The payment preview page gives you your final cost and displays the services included in your selected package. When offered, you can use this page to add package extras, like pin design templates or extra fast delivery. Once you’ve entered your payment details, you can fill in a quick questionnaire to specify your requirements.

Fiverr screenshot - continue to checkout button
Get the final cost and add package extras on the payment preview page
*Our Score reflects our own in-depth review of this product or service

What to Look For in a Freelance Pinterest Marketing Manager

So, your next question is likely: what qualities should I look for in a Pinterest marketing manager? If you’ve never hired in this area before, here are the key things to look for when hiring a Pinterest marketing manager:
  • Experience working on the Pinterest platform. Of course, you’ll want to find someone with a background using Pinterest. They should understand the platform’s uses from how to craft a successful board that reflects your brand to how to successfully manage a business profile.
  • Exceptional skills in communication, problem-solving, and customer service. Check for a seller’s communication rating under the FAQ section on the page, and read through their customer reviews for comments regarding both their ability to resolve issues quickly and the quality of their customer service.
  • Basic graphic design skills. Check the “About This Gig” or “About This Seller” sections for information on which design software the seller uses. Common ones are Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Affinity Designer.
  • Understanding of standard SEO practices. Using SEO-friendly text is essential to the success of your project. Keep an eye out for mentions of experience in SEO and keyword usage.
  • Knowledge of marketing trends, analytics, and market research. Marketing is about strategy, so your seller should be adept at analyzing trends, interpreting data, and compiling useful information about your target audience.
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Are You a Pinterest Marketing Manager Looking to Sell Your Services on Fiverr?

One of the best things about Fiverr is that the platform is designed for both buyers and sellers. If you’re a freelancer, you can sign up for a seller profile and start offering gigs of your own. What might be a side hustle now, you could easily turn into a full-time gig with the right advice.

Fiverr gives you the ability to generate a steady stream of income, which can be difficult for freelancers to do. A gig is bought every four seconds on Fiverr – that’s 15 gigs a minute, or 900 hires every hour. Since thousands of buyers flood to Fiverr each day, all you need to do is create a gig and wait for interested buyers to come to you.

To get started, head to the Fiverr homepage and click Join at the top right of the page. Alternatively, if you’d like more information on how to sell on Fiverr, click Become a Seller to read up on the benefits.

Fiverr screenshot - homepage join button
The Join button at the top right of the page can be used to sign up as a Fiverr seller
Once you’ve signed up using Google, Apple, Facebook, or your email, it’s time to personalize your profile. To do this, click the circle icon in the top right and select Profile. On the profile edit page, you can upload a photo, link your social media accounts, add your academic qualifications, and even list the language(s) you speak.

Fiverr screenshot - seller main page
Click the circle icon on the right to head to your profile
Now that you’ve edited your profile, it’s time to create your first gig. Click the Create a New Gig button to begin filling out your gig details.

Fiverr screenshot - profile edit
Click Create a New Gig to fill out your gig information and publish your first gig
Choose a gig title, category and subcategory, and add relevant search tags like “SEO marketing” and “social media marketing”. Next, name each package, add a description of your services, and select from package options like “action plan”, “reporting”, and “content creation”. Use the next page to describe your gig in-depth and add a FAQ with questions you think potential buyers might have. It’s a very straightforward process, but to make sure you’re not missing any tricks, make sure you look at our guide on how to create a successful Fiverr gig.

If you have questions as a seller, such as asking clients about their project goals and objectives, you can add them on the next page. Upload media like videos and photos showcasing previous campaign results to the gig gallery, then proceed to the next page where you can publish your gig.

My #1 recommendation for optimizing your profile is to hire a Fiverr freelancer of your own. This gets you a behind-the-scenes look at the buying process and helps you understand what buyers are thinking. And, since packages at Fiverr are super affordable, you don’t need a big budget to do this.

If you already have a project in mind, just switch to a buyer profile and start your search. If not, you can try clicking through categories at the top of the page, like “Video & Animation” or “Music & Audio” to get some ideas. Once you’ve hired someone, ask yourself what made their gig stand out and try to incorporate these aspects into your own gig.

Hire a Pinterest Marketing Expert At an Affordable Rate

Utilizing Fiverr as my comprehensive hiring solution allows me to invest less time in freelancer searches and devote more time to efficiently and affordably completing my projects. What frequently astonishes me about Fiverr is the diverse array of professionals you can discover within this platform.

The search feature means you can find experts in any field you can think of – anyone from celebrity impersonators to chibi character designers – including Pinterest marketing management. You can also filter by budget and seller rating to find the best-rated seller at a price you can afford – or alternatively, just take a look at the professionals I’ve found above!


Where can I find a Pinterest marketing manager?

Top freelance website Fiverr is a fast, affordable, and convenient way to find and hire freelancers specializing in any area. To find the right Pinterest marketing manager for you, use filters like budget, Seller details, and delivery time to narrow down your search results.

What does a Pinterest marketing manager charge?

Sellers set their pricing based on their location, skill level, and the services they offer. The amount you pay will ultimately depend on your needs, but Fiverr packages begin at just $5.

What skills should I look for in a Pinterest marketing manager?

Your Pinterest marketing manager should be a skilled marketer with extensive experience working on the Pinterest platform and optimizing business accounts. They should have basic design knowledge, as well as understanding SEO best practices, marketing trends, and analytics. A talented marketing manager will also be a creative thinker who is skilled at problem solving and delivers real results.

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