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6 Best Website Builders for Amazon Affiliate Marketing [2024]

Dawn Prevete Dawn PreveteWebsite Development Expert March 01, 2024
March 01, 2024
Too many website builders don’t have the tools you need to design a profitable Amazon affiliate website. They lack features that will help you drive traffic, build high-quality backlinks, and become a trusted source for the products you want to sell.

While most builders let you customize meta titles, alt tags, and URLs, these basic SEO steps will only get you so far. The best builders for affiliate marketers offer advanced SEO tools, detailed analytics data, and helpful marketing features to enhance performance.

They also make it easy to create a visually appealing website and regularly update content to keep it fresh and engaging. After all, if your content gets stale, the traffic you worked so hard to build may drop off.

Having tested dozens of popular builders to find the best options for Amazon affiliates, I know which ones offer all the features you’ll need. Among these, Wix stands out as an all-in-one solution, with a wide selection of templates and plenty of built-in and third-party apps to enhance your affiliate website’s performance.

You can try Wix for free, or read on to learn more about my other top choices for Amazon affiliate marketers.

Short on Time? These Are the Best Website Builders for Amazon Affiliates in 2024

  1. Expert’s Choice
    Wix logo black Wix
    Wix is a popular choice with our readers
    Well-rounded builder that easily integrates with your Amazon affiliate account.
  2. sire123-logo SITE123 The most beginner-friendly website builder to get your affiliate website online quickly.
  3. squarespace-logo-1 Squarespace Top template designs plus effective marketing and analytics tools to boost your website.

What We Look for in the Best Website Builders for Amazon Affiliates

Successful affiliate marketing is about traffic and trust. Accordingly, these are the features I focused on when evaluating website builders for Amazon affiliate stores:
  • SEO-friendly features and analytics data. Affiliate marketers need consistent traffic to succeed, and it’s best if you can secure organic, keyword-driven traffic. Every builder on my list gives you the data and tools to increase your traffic flow using SEO.
  • Broad selection of templates. Designing a website that appeals to your niche market is best if you want to create a profitable business. Offering lots of choice, as these builders do, makes that much easier.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use editor. The easier it is to design your website, the more time you can devote to crafting the informative content that attracts a core audience. The six builders on my list all have editors that even beginners can use.
  • Fastloading websites that are user friendly. Clunky navigation and slow page load may encourage visitors to abandon your site and go elsewhere. Fast-loading websites also rank higher in search results, so it’s important to choose a builder that offers fast uptime.
  • SSL certificate and custom domain. A website without an SSL certificate looks questionable and unprofessional. Each builder I recommend includes a free SSL certificate with an entry annual paid plan and a custom domain name.

Wix Design Blog & Podcast template.
Every Wix template has features you can use to build a strong brand image. Mouse over to see!
No other builder makes designing a website and integrating an Amazon Associates account as straightforward as Wix does.

Wix’s vast library has 800+ templates in popular affiliate marketing categories, like beauty, pet care, technology, and home goods. Once you’ve selected your template, the drag-and-drop editor streamlines customization.

Once you’re up and running, built-in and third-party SEO and marketing tools help you understand how visitors interact with your site, evaluate the success of marketing campaigns, and optimize your content.

The Wix App Market also has tons of apps to further enhance your site and grow your audience. Many are free or have free plans.

You can start with a free Wix website, though it makes sense to upgrade to a paid plan when your site takes off to connect your own domain name and remove Wix’s branding.

Wix logo black

Wix is now only $11.00 per month!

Don't miss out on this great deal!

7444 users used this coupon!


  • Wix app for Amazon affiliates. The free Wix Amazon app integrates with your Amazon affiliate account in a few clicks. It’s available in 240+ countries around the globe – though not yet in the US.
  • Personalized SEO setup plan. Get a step-by-step plan from the Wix SEO Setup Checklist with suggestions that can help you increase your website traffic and rank higher in search engine results.
  • Website design solution. If you’re unsure how to begin building your website, you can turn to Wix ADI. After you answer a few questions about your goals and design preferences, it will generate a custom website with content and images.
  • Prompt engagement with site visitors. Wix lets you set up auto replies to subscription sign-ups, emails, live chat, and product inquiries. This is great for helping you foster rapport with users and grow your business.
Read our expert Wix review for more details.

SSL Certificate
Free Custom Domain 1 year with an annual plan
Bandwidth and Storage Business plans include unlimited bandwidth, storage from 2 GB – unlimited
Starting Price $17.00

2. SITE123: Best Affiliate Marketing Website Builder for Tech Novices

SITE123 Garden & Co. template.
Get online fast with a SITE123 template designed for popular affiliate marketing niches!
Digital publishers, content creators, and service businesses can use SITE123 to build a website with minimal effort. It offers over 80 fully responsive templates, and its editor is the most beginner friendly of any I’ve worked with.

There’s also a decent app market, stocked with plenty of add-ons like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Pixel, and Twitter Conversion Tracking. All of these are great for improving SEO.

The free plan is a good option if you’re just starting out. As you build trust and an audience, I’d recommend upgrading to remove ads and get a custom domain to make your site look more professional. If you sign up for a Professional plan, you can also add e-commerce features that can make it easier to get an affiliate marketing program up and running.


Get 40 % OFF SITE123

Save 40 % when you sign up for SITE123's annual plan

97 users used this coupon!


  • Built-in tools for affiliate marketers. The new SITE123 Text Editor tool lets you use code-based customizations, embeds, and links to add Amazon products to your website.
  • Automatic site translation. With a paid plan, you can design a multilingual website so visitors can view your content in their preferred language – including more difficult to translate right-to-left languages.
  • Blog features. SITE123’s blogs and media sites can host several contributors. It also allows your followers to engage by liking, commenting, and sharing your content, helping you build an audience.
  • Social media integrations. You can add links to any social media platform to engage and connect with followers across multiple channels.
Learn more from our full SITE123 review.

Free SSL certificate
Free Custom Domain 1 year with a yearly paid plan
Bandwidth & Storage 250 MB – 100 GB storage and bandwidth
Starting Price $12.80
Short on time?
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Squarespace Merida template.
When it comes to template design and aesthetic appeal, Squarespace is hard to beat. Hover to see!
When you choose Squarespace for your website, you’ll have access to hundreds of striking, fully responsive templates that will show the Amazon products you promote at their best.

But design alone isn’t what makes Squarespace one of the best builders for Amazon affiliates. While a great first impression is key to keeping visitors on your site, Squarespace also gives you robust blogging, marketing, and analytics tools to boost traffic and drive conversion.

An affiliate marketing site also needs high-quality images to increase user engagement. Fortunately, the Squarespace photo editor lets you crop images, add color filters, and adjust aspect ratio, saturation, brightness, and contrast. This makes it easy to perfect your photos directly in the website builder.

Squarespace doesn’t have a free plan, so it might not be right for you if you’re on a very tight budget. But it does have a 14-day free trial and, when you take everything into account, Squarespace offers great value compared to other builders.


Save up to 30 % on your Squarespace plan today!

Plus get a free domain for one year!

1277 users used this coupon!


  • Branded email marketing. Squarespace email layouts make it easy to communicate with your followers and share news about new products, seasonal sales, or the latest blog post. Just select a layout, then customize the design elements and overall style to align with your website and keep your messaging consistent with your brand identity.
  • Automated marketing content. You can access the Marketing Kit from Squarespace’s mobile app (iOS only) on the Business plan or higher. This tool automatically creates marketing content using images, videos, and GIFs from your website.
  • Custom logo design. The Squarespace logo-making tool will create a custom logo in minutes that can help you establish a unique, recognizable brand identity. Easy-to-use editing tools let you change the layout and personalize the design with icons, taglines, custom text, and colors.
  • Detailed analytics. Squarespace gives you an overview of activity on your site, including acquisition (traffic sources, search keywords), engagement (popular content, clicks, and conversions), audience growth, and geographic location. If you prefer, you can integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console to manage your rank in search results.
Learn more from our in-depth Squarespace review.

SSL Certificate
Free Custom Domain 1 year with every plan
Bandwidth & Storage Unlimited on all plans
Starting Price $16.00

4. Webador: Easy SEO and Blogging Tools to Increase Traffic

Webador Template Example
Webador has 50+ mobile-responsive templates
Webador has excellent built-in tools to help you increase conversions. For instance, it lets you easily adjust your SEO settings by modifying individual page titles and descriptions.

Also, Webador offers a beginner-friendly blog editor you can use to craft compelling content. You can customize your posts by adding photo albums and videos, as well as update each post’s search engine visibility.

The downside is that Webador has a somewhat limited selection of templates and customization options, so you won’t be as free to experiment with design to create a unique look.

Webador’s free plan includes unlimited storage and data traffic and access to blogging tools, which is a solid offer. That said, you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro plan to remove Webador branding and ads from your site. Still, the Pro plan is quite affordable and provides features like custom forms and advanced reporting tools.


  • Audience engagement. Webador lets you add a rating system and a comment box anywhere on your site (not just under blog posts) to prompt visitor interaction.
  • Online visibility tools. On the Pro plan and higher, you can connect your site to Google Business Profile and Google Search Console to increase your visibility and track your site’s performance on Google.
  • Built-in video player. Webador allows you to upload your own HD videos to your site to promote your brand. You also get 5 GB of video storage.
  • Visitor statistics. Webador’s reporting tools give you insight into your visitors’ geographic location, device used, most visited pages, and more to help you boost conversion.
Read our in-depth Webador review to learn more about the platform.

SSL Certificate
Free Custom Domain 1 year with an annual plan
Bandwidth & Storage Unlimited
Starting Price $4.00

5. IONOS: Best for International Affiliate Marketing

IONOS Business Template
IONOS provides automatic image optimization on all plans
With IONOS, the amount of functionality you get depends on your chosen plan. For instance, you’ll need to subscribe to the MyWebsite Now Plus plan or higher to be able to link an Amazon Associates account, embed product images/text links, and add buy buttons to Amazon items you feature.

You can pick one of IONOS’s prebuilt templates (though the selection is quite limited) or have its AI tools generate the web design for you. Regardless of what you choose, you can tweak the templates to suit your needs. For instance, you can integrate preformatted visitor magnets (short headlines and vivid images) to make your content more engaging and capture leads.

If you plan to sell products worldwide, MyWebsite Creator has a multi-language translation tool that can make your website available in 60 different languages.

IONOS doesn’t have a free plan, but it does have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Your credit card won’t be billed for 30 days, and you can cancel anytime during that period.


  • Tools to build and track online visibility. Your website will get found faster with List Local, which gets you a free listing in 30+ directories like Google, Facebook, and Hotfrog. When you upgrade to List Local Plus, advanced tools let you monitor and respond to reviews and questions on popular sites to help manage your online reputation.
  • Free personal consultant. Get free one-on-one help during standard business hours with any issue, from site design to advice on how to improve your website search ranking and increase traffic.
  • Market-specific privacy policies. With the built-in cookie management tool, you can easily configure privacy and cookie policies for different geographic regions, which is fantastic for international affiliate marketers. This feature guarantees that your website adheres to data protection policies worldwide.
  • Professional photo editing. With IONOS’s photo editing tools, you can add text, labels, backgrounds, and even Instagram-style filters to product images. You can also crop and adjust things like saturation, tone, and brightness.
Learn more about IONOS from our in-depth review.

SSL Certificate
Free Custom Domain 1 year with an annual plan.
Bandwidth & Storage Unlimited bandwidth, 10 GB – unlimited storage
Starting Price $1.00

6. WordPress: Best for Maximum Flexibility and Scalability

Wordpress.com Attar business template
Some WordPress blog themes come in multiple color schemes to suit individual brands
WordPress is a powerful but challenging builder that, once mastered, allows you to build, optimize, and scale an Amazon affiliate marketing website…as long as you don’t violate its rules. Simply put, the primary purpose of your website can’t be to sell Amazon products. It has to offer real value and relevant original content.

Publishers, influencers, and creators can choose from hundreds of WordPress themes to start a blog, review site, or other type of website. Depending on your plan, you can choose a free or paid WordPress theme or even install a theme from a third-party marketplace.

WordPress is a good option for experienced Amazon affiliates, although it’s not the easiest builder for novices. You can start with a free plan, but once you’ve added sufficient content and attracted followers, it’s best to upgrade to a paid plan to add plugins for advanced functionality, including SEO, analytics, and marketing tools.


  • Site backup, security, and one-click restore. With round-the-clock backup, your website will always be safe from crashing. The Akismet plugin provides ongoing security checks and spam filtering for comments, subscriptions, and contact form submissions.
  • Mobile app. The WordPress mobile app (Android and iOS) lets you create and edit blog posts, upload photos and videos, and respond to comments on the go.
  • Essential analytics data. With the built-in Jetpack plugin, you can monitor your website’s stats, use the data to optimize for search, and increase traffic.
  • Marketplace with 50,000+ plugins. There’s a WordPress plugin for everything, from improving your site’s SEO to managing your newsletters. There are even plugins designed for the Amazon Associates program.
Get more insight from our expert WordPress review.

SSL Certificate
Free Custom Domain 1 year with yearly and two-year plans
Bandwidth and Storage Unlimited bandwidth, 1 GB – 150 GB storage
Starting Price $4.00

Choose the Best Amazon Affiliate Website Builder for Your Affiliate Marketing Goals

In this review, all six builders offer the tools and support necessary for launching an Amazon affiliate website. Your choice will depend on your specific goals and priorities.

My top pick is Wix because it offers the complete package, with everything you need to design your site, build traffic flow, integrate Amazon products, and start earning.

On the other hand, if you want to build an affiliate website quickly, SITE123 is a great option. It has an ultra-simple editor and it gives you access to a great selection of SEO-friendly apps.

Or, if you want a stylish look, Squarespace has the best template designs, plus tools/integrations that will distinguish your brand.

The table below summarizes what makes each builder suitable for a particular affiliate marketing objective.
Free Plan Best Feature Best For Starting Price
Wix Streamlined integration of Amazon affiliate accounts Range of affiliate marketing needs and skills $17.00
SITE123 Beginner-friendly editor Affordable, fast affiliate website design $12.80
Squarespace Impeccable template designs with ample functionality for affiliates Visual appeal and best brand building $16.00
Webador Easy-to-use SEO and blogging tools Engaging with your audience $4.00
IONOS Best tools for international affiliate marketers Multilingual sites targeting global audiences $1.00
WordPress More plugins and integrations, including social, than any other builder Features, flexibility, and scalability – but not ideal for novices $4.00


What is the best website builder for Amazon affiliate sites?

Wix is the best builder for Amazon affiliates for several reasons, starting with ease-of-use, ample customization, and easy integration of your Amazon Associates account. Wix also gives you the SEO, analytics, and marketing tools you need to optimize your website for affiliate marketing.

How do I create a high-quality affiliate website?

In addition to picking a template, setting up a domain name, and populating your site with content that adds value, it’s essential to invest in your digital marketing strategy. Choosing a builder with robust marketing tools will help you drive more traffic to your site and build an audience.

Can you build an Amazon affiliate website for free?

Yes – Wix lets you build a free Amazon affiliate site. As does SITE123 or an affordable alternative like IONOS, which offers some of the cheapest paid plans. While a free plan may be a good starting point, to succeed at affiliate marketing you’ll want to consider upgrading to a premium plan.

Is it worth being an Amazon affiliate?

That depends on your expectations. Amazon commissions on qualified purchases range from 1% for groceries to 20% for luxury fashion and beauty. To generate substantial earnings, you have to be prepared to regularly update your website with quality, keyword-rich content that generates organic traffic. You also need a core audience that trusts you and your product recommendations.

If you’re not sure which builder is best for your affiliate website, you may want to read our in-depth review of the best website builders for 2024.

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