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Jabran Kundi
Jabran Kundi
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Rumahweb is an Indonesian company that offers numerous website hosting packages to choose from, has a free website builder and an easy to use control panel.



Rumahweb is an Indonesian company that has been in business since 2002 and has established itself as one of the leading website hosting services provider in Indonesia. They are experienced in this domain and have served over 20,000 customers since their inception.

Features and Ease of Use

Many web hosting services today offer a paid or free website builder to cater to the demands of those users who aren’t into programming. Rumahweb is one such provider and offers two different website builders. One of them is the free Weebly website builder and the other one is Rumahweb’s own creation. Ultimately, both help you to create a professional looking website with ease and without the need to get into technical details.

They ensure the security of your website and your visitors by offering free SSL certificates as well as free AntiVirus. You can make use of the ModSec firewall as well for added security. You also have the option of weekly or daily backups so even if something does go wrong, your data is safe.

They also support various programming languages including, but not limited to:

PHP 5.x and 7.x
CGI Support


The databases offered by Rumahweb include:

Installing software and scripts on your website, even for non-programmers, is as easy as it gets. The 1-click installer ensures you can install software like WordPress, OpenCart, Drupal, Joomla, and PHPbb among many others with a single click. Further management of websites is made easier with a friendly control panel giving you easy access to files, backups, applications, statistics and much more.

There are multiple packages available at Rumahweb which are divided into three main categories: Personal, Professional, and Enterprise. The Personal packages only offer 50 to 100 MB of disk space and 1GB to 5GB bandwidth, with only a single domain allowed. The Professional hosting packages offer up to 2GB disk space with unlimited traffic and email accounts. You can host anywhere from a single domain to four different domains. For those with bigger needs, the Enterprise packages offer a good solution with unlimited bandwidth, emails, databases, and adequate disk storage, though not unlimited. In the most expensive package, you can host up to 29 different websites. All packages except those in the Personal category offer the free Weebly website builder.

Pricing and Support

Rumahweb’s packages are as cheap as website hosting gets, especially considering the free website builders. The only catch is that you do not get unlimited disk storage. If you can efficiently manage your disk storage requirements, Rumahweb is the ideal host for your websites.


The support staff at Rumahweb is reachable by live chat, telephone, and email. The live chat was offline when I tried to contact them, so they probably do not have a 24/7 live chat service but they are reachable by one way or another at all times. I think it is safe to say they don’t offer support in English. The person did answer my question but kept insisting he only speaks a little English and that he is comfortable speaking Indonesian. The contact buttons are located at multiple locations on their pages so you won’t have a hard time trying to find it.

A Free Domain is included when purchasing any hosting service from Rumah Web

Bottom line on Rumah Web

The variety in their hosting packages and the availability of two website builders is what gives Rumahweb the edge over many other hosting services providers. If you aren’t a programmer, and only have limited website hosting requirements, Rumahweb is the right host for you.


  • A wide variety of hosting packages available
  • Unlimited bandwidth and email accounts easily available
  • Dedicated WordPress hosting


  • Live chat unavailable at the time of writing this review
  • Support staff not completely conversant in English
Jabran Kundi
Jabran Kundi
Jabran Kundi is a blogger, a web developer, and a passionate writer. He loves to talk about the web.

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