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    Zlatan Aleksic
    Zlatan Aleksic
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    MyNet is an Austrian IT company established in 1998 that offers a wide array of IT services including web hosting. Their primary market is located in Austria, where they own 3 data centers.

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    myNet is an Austrian based hosting agency, established in 1998 offering a wide array of services including ISP services, IT consulting, and web hosting. The company operates using 3 data centers located in Landeck and Innsbruck, Austria. Their main market is Austria and surrounding German-speaking countries.


    Features and Ease of Use

    The website content is in German, so it would be somewhat difficult to use unless you know German enough to browse through the webpage. If the language is not a barrier then it should be pretty easy to navigate and see that the company offers web hosting services, as well as managed servers and VPS cloud services.

    The hosting plans that MyNET offers are configured in such a way that they would fit the needs of any blogger as well as support an e-commerce business. Their most desirable hosting plan is Webhosting Eco with 2GB of storage space, which should be enough to install all the necessary applications that you would require in order to run your website properly. Unlimited traffic allows stable access no matter how many visitors try to reach the website. All servers run on Dell hardware which is quality equipment. Their data centers provide 24/7 live monitoring to make sure everything is in order. UPS ensures there are no power problems, and technicians on-site are always on standby for any possible problem. All these technical reassurances are comforting due to the lack of guaranteed uptime.

    All data is backed up on a daily and weekly basis keeping all your website information secure.


    Pricing and Support

    The prices are a bit higher than other companies providing the same service. I believe this is because the prices are based on the Austrian standard, which is somewhat higher than the rest of Europe. The fact that payments can only be made using invoices was a surprise as I was expecting a bit more sophistication from an Austrian IT company.

    They have free 24/7 phone support and ticketing service that is very fast, and any issue is solved in a matter of minutes. They don’t have Live chat service, which could be helpful for visitors who don’t speak German.

    Switching to lower or higher grade plans is completely free.



    MyNET is a powerful but small hosting operation which is enough to cover their target market area. They possess powerful equipment so all of their customers enjoy professional service and great performance. Their strongest asset is their fast and efficient support service with staff who are able to satisfy even the most demanding clients.


    • Efficient support service
    • Free plan migration
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Many additional services available


    • No Live chat
    • Limited hosting options
    Zlatan Aleksic
    Zlatan Aleksic
    Zlatan Aleksic is a freelance marketing content writer with years of experience in writing product and service promotions and reviews.

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