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Gwen Rodgers
Gwen Rodgers
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You could look to Fortlax for Swedish cloud services or colocation, but you won't find simple self-service shared hosting here.



Since 2004, Swedish company Fortlax has offered simple, secure, and effective cloud, colocation, and other services to its customers. It claims to be able to take responsibility for the implementation, maintenance, and upgrades of the solutions it provides.

The Fortlax website supports the Swedish and English languages.

Features and Ease of Use

Fortlax’s colocation services feature efficient cooling systems, redundant power supplies, bulletproof walls and windows (yes, really), automatic fire extinguishers in server rooms, and round-the-clock monitoring.

Cloud Services include vDC (virtual data center), Veeam Cloud Connect, and Online Backup:

  • vDC allows customers to customize their virtual datacenter without having to worry about performance or capacity planning
  • Veeam Cloud Connect replicates your data to help protect you from data disasters
  • Online Backup is the ultimate fallback for if a data disaster does occur, and it’s automatic

One notable feature of Fortlax is the reliance on green electricity from wind power and hydropower for its data centers.

Pricing and Support

As is typical for providers of cloud services and colocation (rather than simple self-service shared hosting), no prices are advertised, so you’d have to get a quote by contacting the 24/7 customer support team via telephone, ticket, email, or live chat. Unfortunately, my exploratory email went unanswered, which (being generous) could be because I’m not a realistic pre-sales prospect customer.

There are three SLA support packages, plus remote support, but self-support resources are limited to an Operating Information page which (at the time of writing) hasn’t been updated since 2018:


Bottom line on Fortlax

Fortlax’s main selling point is its eco-friendly data center(s) where you can colocate your own server or take advantage of this company’s cloud services.


  • Eco-friendly data center(s)
  • 24/7 support
  • Remote support
  • Cloud services and colocation


  • No pre-sales support response
  • No simple self-service shared hosting

For Swedish cloud services or colocation, visit Fortlax.

Gwen Rodgers
Gwen Rodgers
Gwen is a web developer and software engineer who loves to get lost in JavaScript (and a good book). She spends her free time teaching girls how to be coders, and doing yoga on her balcony in the sunshine.

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