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DedicatedSolutions will proide you with a quote for the exact services you require for your websites. Their specialty is an uptime of 100% and an easy-to-use cPanel. They have a different support staff for each region and respond to your support tickets within the hour.


DedicatedSolutions is a web services provider that is present in five different countries of the world, namely U.S.A., Germany, Austria, Ukraine, and the Philippines. Apart from these five office locations, they have three different datacenter locations with more to be added soon. They excel both in hardware and software aspects of web hosting and are therefore quite a good choice for website owners.

Features & Ease of Use

DedicatedSolutions is one of the few service providers that guarantee 100% uptime. They ensure this through the multiple carriers at each of their data center locations. As these datacenter locations increase in the future, their service is only going to get more reliable. They also ensure that you are up and running inside thirty minutes, which is quite awesome.

They also offer hundred percent ‘Automated Remote Reboot’ and a hundred percent ‘Automated OS Reinstallation’. The updates and support are included in each package as is reactive and proactive monitoring. They offer cPanel and Plesk control panels in all packages except the basic package called Silver.

In order to avoid downtime for crucial e-commerce applications and websites, they incorporate multiple geographical data centers. In addition to providing dedicated resources and high security, this enables them to ensure high availability and faster loading of webpages, which at the end of the day pays dividends in terms of search engine rankings. In a similar way, multiple load balanced servers provide benefits of their own. You can ask them for custom solutions through support.

There are a number of add-on software available, which include:

  • Citrix
  • Webmin
  • PostgreSQL
  • OpenStack
  • Scalix etc.

Pricing & Support

DedicatedSolutions do not display prices for their packages on their website. You can ask for a quotation for each of the packages they are offering. All the four packages clearly list the exact services offered so you just have to choose the one that suits your requirements and ask for a quote.

Dedicated Solutions

Their support is divided into different teams for different regions which helps them ensure a 24/7 availability for customers around the world. You can call them using a toll-free number or send them an email through the website. They guarantee a response within one hour which clearly shows they have a dedicated support staff in place. They also have a live chat button on their website but as I clicked on it, I realized there wasn’t any link behind that button. That is quite unprofessional as they should remove the button if their live chat service is down or not available. If you are already a customer, you can even get a response within fifteen minutes depending on which package you are using.


How does Dedicated Solutions match up to the competition?

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InterServerCompare 4.8 Compare
Dedicated SolutionsCompare 4.3 Compare
BluehostCompare 2.5 Compare



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Bottom line on Dedicated Solutions

It is odd that they can list the exact services they offer but are unable to display a price for it.  I am quite sure that they mold the package according to your exact needs and then give the right price. This is definitely perfect for those who might want one feature especially and not others.  In short, I find their website pretty clear to understand and their support system quite special


  • Dedicated support staff for different regions
  • Guaranteed response within fifteen minutes to an hour.


  • Live chat not working
  • Prices not displayed for the packages offered and you have to contact them for a quote
Jabran Kundi
Jabran Kundi
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