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TeamGantt Review: Features, Pricing, & How It Works [2024]

Andrés Gánem Andrés Gánem Project Manager @WebsitePlanet

TeamGantt is extremely easy to use thanks to its great-looking user interface (UI). It’s an attractive tool if you’re an inexperienced manager or can’t wait to get your project up and running. But unlike other project management software, TeamGantt doesn’t provide much beyond the basics.

For small, simple projects, that’s more than enough. For larger projects, it’s a different story.


Great for Gantt Charts, Ok for Project Management

TeamGantt lets you make amazing Gantt charts, regardless of your experience

Although it has some other features, TeamGantt is primarily a tool for making Gantt charts. The thing is, you can make a Gantt chart with almost every other project management software out there. On top of that, other tools offer features like task automation or even AI-powered risk prediction. For TeamGantt to stand out, its charts would have to be incredible.

So, are they? After weeks of trying out the software for different personal projects, I can tell you that, yes, TeamGantt’s Gantt charts are pretty awesome. You can create one in minutes, and they are as good-looking as they are useful.

That said, cool charts don’t make up for missing features. So if you manage larger projects, you might need more than what TeamGantt has to offer.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to find out. While the app is only available in English, you can take it for a spin with the forever-free plan or 30-day free trial of any of its premium plans.

Or, if you’re in a hurry, you can read about my experience with TeamGantt to decide if it’s good enough for your project.



Few, but Well-Chosen Features

TeamGantt isn’t nearly as feature-packed as some of its competitors (for more options, see our full comparison of the best project management software in 2024). But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Unlike others, TeamGantt doesn’t have hundreds of overly specific and sometimes confusing features. Instead, it offers a smaller selection of high-quality and user-friendly tools.

If you’re looking for a one-stop platform to organize every part of a complicated project, this quality-over-quantity approach might not work for you. However, if you’re managing a simple project with clear goals, you’ll find everything you need – and a bit more.

Outstanding Gantt Charts to Keep You Organized

Gantt charts are a way to view your project through a timeline. This view helps you understand the distinct steps of your project, their relationship, and how they flow into each other.

TeamGantt is great for organizing clear and simple projects.

I know I keep bringing this up, but there’s a good reason. If a company called “TeamGantt” offered anything less than the best possible Gantt charts, I would riot.

It would be like a coffee shop that called itself “Sandwich World.” You can get a sandwich pretty much everywhere, but if you’re going to make it your whole thing, your sandwich had better be incredible.

Luckily, TeamGantt’s charts are pretty incredible. The Gantt editor is fully drag-and-drop, which makes it incredibly fast and easy to use. You can add dependencies between tasks, change durations, and rearrange events with a click. You can also hide and show information as you see fit, thanks to a vast selection of filters.

Pro tip: If you ever set dependencies out of order, TeamGantt will show the dependency line with a bright, red color. To fix it, just wiggle the trigger task, and the rest will automatically update.

If you need to change your project as time goes on, you can create a project baseline. Baselines help you compare your current status to your original plan. Overall, TeamGantt offers just about anything you could want from a Gantt chart. So is that it? Not quite.

Different Ways to View a Single Project

Useful as they might be, Gantt charts aren’t the only way to view your project. The board and list views let you see your tasks in terms of their progress. Whenever you move a task in the board view, its completion percentage automatically updates across all other views.

Gantt charts lets you see the whole picture, while the Board view is great for the little details.

If you need a more general look at your project, you can always use the calendar view. Besides being suitable for task organization on a larger timescale, it’s also a great tool to see whether you’ve scheduled too many tasks on a certain day.

Track Your Projects in Real-Time

It’s important to track how much work your team members are doing and the best way to distribute it. TeamGantt’s time-tracking software is an effective way to do that. The time-tracker is very simple, but it gets the job done.

If you fear anyone has too much on their plate, you can use the workloads tool to identify the most overworked members of your team and make informed decisions. You can also check your project’s health to identify broader issues and solve them as quickly as possible.

That Unassigned guy has been going above and beyond lately.

Manage Different Roles With RACI

The responsibility assignment matrix, or RACI, is a system that lets you organize responsibilities to members of your team based on four distinct roles:

  • Responsible. The team member or members responsible for doing a task.
  • Accountable. The team member that approves the work and is responsible for ensuring that it’s completed satisfactorily.
  • Consulted. The team member or members that provide advice and expertise on a task, but don’t have to do it themselves.
  • Informed. The team member or members that don’t have a direct role in a task, but need to stay informed about its progress.

TeamGantt lets you assign different RACI roles to each member of your project on every task. Not only is this a simple and elegant way to organize your team, but TeamGantt also automatically updates permissions based on a user’s role.


Ease of use

Friendly for Beginners and Pros Alike

I can’t imagine anyone – from complete beginners to project management experts – running into much trouble when using TeamGantt. Thanks to a sleek, well-designed UI, and the aforementioned drag-and-drop editor, I needed less than 10 minutes to set up my first project.

From the variety of view options and readily available tutorials to small things like the font selection and simple buttons, everything about TeamGantt is designed with the end-user in mind.

Getting Started with TeamGantt

To get started, head to TeamGantt and click the shiny button to Get a FREE Account. You can start using the free plan or get a 30-day free trial of the two premium plans.

You’ll need to input your payment information to access your free trial, which I don’t love, but TeamGantt won’t charge you until the 30 days are over (you can cancel at any time).

TeamGantt provides an interactive way to learn.

Once you’ve done that, I recommend using the “Get Started with TeamGantt” template for your first project. It’s an interactive tutorial. You can follow the instructions themselves or check the comments under each task to go to the support page.

Teach Yourself with TeamGantt’s Help

TeamGantt’s support center is fantastic. For starters, it’s well-structured. Every topic is clearly defined, and there is a reading order, which ensures that you never get lost. The support page combines clear, good writing with video content to help you fully understand the software in manageable chunks.

You can access this content from almost anywhere. You can go to the support page itself, or find it under the comments of the introductory template. Either way, TeamGantt gives you the tools to solve any doubt that you might have for yourself.

Amazing Templates for Different Kinds of Work

TeamGantt’s selection of 31 templates might not be as massive as those of competitors like SmartSheett (250+ templates) or monday.com (200+ templates), but the project designs it offers are useful and clearly thought-out. They are extremely easy to manipulate and adapt to your specific needs, which is pretty neat if you ask me.

The premium plans also allow you to create your own project templates. If you do tons of similar projects, this feature will save you a lot of time.

Easy for Everyone (Not Just for Managers)

TeamGantt does something I wish more project management software did. It “thinks” about everyone who’s going to use the software. TeamGantt is filled with features to help all users simplify their work, not just managers.

One of these features is the “My Tasks” view, which lets you access a quick summary of the tasks you have to complete in a day. This view helps streamline the process even more and ensures non-managers don’t have to learn a lot about the inner workings of the platform.

“My Tasks” gives you a simple list of everything that needs to be done in a day.

Collaboration Tools

Information Available for Anyone Who Needs It

TeamGantt is great for enabling communication between members of a small team. But although collaboration is mostly good, it lacks some features that I would’ve liked to see, such as a built-in chat system or media proofing tools.

Team Dashboard & Communication

TeamGantt offers plenty of opportunities for internal communication. You can @ tag people on virtually any part of the system, from specific tasks to comments under documents. You can also create a new discussion if you have something to say, but don’t want it to be under a specific task.

The discussion tab is like a forum. In “discussions,” anyone can create a new note that other users can reply to. You just need to register discussions under a project, which keeps communication from getting off-track.

The “new comments on top” takes some getting used to, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

There’s also a Slack integration, which improves your team’s workflow by reducing friction between systems.

File Sharing

Where you can comment, you can share a file. Tasks, discussions, dashboards, anywhere. Not only that, but you can register different versions of a file under one location. If you register them under a task, for example, the most recent version of that file will be the one that shows up, but you can access every other version at will.

If you need to access a specific file quickly, there’s a “Files” tab that serves as a centralized location for all your data. There, you can access any file that you’ve ever uploaded to TeamGantt.

To top it all off, you have unlimited storage space on every plan. Even the free one.

Mobile App

TeamGantt’s mobile app is not very good for checking out Gantt views. You can still see tasks that you might need to do but can’t make many alterations beyond that.



Quick and Helpful Support, but Not Always Available

TeamGantt claims to have three support channels – phone, email, and in-app messaging. That may very well be true, but as much as I tried, I couldn’t contact phone support at any time.

As for email, well, the in-app messaging system sends you a transcript of the conversation, so maybe that’s what they meant? Either way, it’s not the end of the world.

TeamGantt’s support is pretty on-par with the rest of my experience reviewing project management software. And talking on the phone makes me nervous anyway.

To test TeamGantt’s customer support, I contacted its team with two very simple questions:

  • What’s the best way to generate a progress report for an ongoing project?
  • Can I import project details from a different platform? How?

I got my answers nearly immediately. They weren’t very in-depth, but it was more than enough to clear my doubts.

The answers weren’t that detailed, but they were good enough.

While testing the program further, I couldn’t locate information regarding the file-storage limit anywhere. Consequently, I decided to reach out to support once again. Upon doing so, I promptly received an automated response indicating that the team is currently unavailable and that I can expect to receive a response by next Monday.

Support doesn’t respond on weekends.

This might be a bigger deal to some, but to be honest, I doubt you’d ever find yourself dealing with an urgent question that you can’t answer using the wiki. And I can’t in good conscience reprimand a customer support system for giving reasonable work schedules to its (apparently) small team.

Even if that is a deal breaker for you, consider that support actually answered my question on Sunday afternoon. So I had to wait about a day, tops.



Decent Prices Overall, but a Bit Expensive for What It Offers

TeamGantt’s price is average when compared to other, similar software. But for what it offers, TeamGantt’s prices could be a lot better.

Even the free plan feels a little lackluster compared to the competition, with its 1 project and 60 task limit. It almost feels more like a glorified free trial than a proper free plan.

I recommend the Standard plan if you are interested in using TeamGantt. You get most of what TeamGantt has to offer for a reasonable price.

The Advanced plan adds things like manual time entry and portfolio management, but at that price point, I’d recommend looking into other project management software. If you’re looking for simplicity, check out monday.com or Teamwork instead. These are some of my favorite project management software, especially for beginners.

Before you decide, make the most of TeamGantt’s 30-day free trial. Just remember to set your payment method to annually. That way, it will cost you a little less if you decide to continue with your subscription.


How does TeamGantt match up to the competition?

monday.comCompareOur Score4.8Compare
TeamworkCompareOur Score4.7Compare
TeamGanttCompareOur Score4.4Compare
FunctionFoxCompareOur Score4.0Compare


On its own, TeamGantt’s user-friendliness and quality features make it useful for project management. It only falls short when compared to other software, especially considering the price.

Still, if you’re willing to trade a couple of advanced features for an easy-to-learn software that can create fantastic, high-quality Gantt charts, TeamGantt might be just what you’re looking for.


What is TeamGantt?

TeamGantt is a project management software that’s primarily focused on creating good Gantt charts. A Gantt chart is a way to organize each step of a project throughout time. But even though TeamGantt offers all the essential tools for project management, it isn’t the most complete software out there.

If you’re curious to learn more, I recommend reading our review of the best project management software in 2024.

How do you use TeamGantt?

TeamGantt is really easy to use. All you have to do is go to TeamGantt’s website, choose your pricing plan and start creating your drag-and-drop Gantt chart. If you want, you can try the advanced plans for free with a 30-day free trial.

How much does TeamGantt cost?

That depends. TeamGantt offers a forever-free plan and two premium plans. The Standard plan (which I personally recommend) starts at $19.00 per month.

Is TeamGantt Secure?

Yes. All of your data is encrypted using state-of-the-art encryption technology, and safe from interference within TeamGantt itself.

For more anecdotal evidence, TeamGantt is used by companies like Netflix and Amazon. And they value their privacy a lot. If it’s good enough for them, it’s probably good enough for you.
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