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Wix’s SEO Hero Contest – is it worth a look?

Barbara Harris

As SEO becomes an increasingly popular topic, it comes as no surprise that Wix.com decided to run a competition to put their SEO capabilities in the spotlight. With a $50,000 prize, Wix is competing against SEO professionals to rank first for the search term “SEO Hero”. If you would like to learn a little bit more about how you can rank on search engines like Google and Bing, check out this Quick and Dirty Overview I made in the past. There are only two more months of the competition, and it will be interesting to see whether anyone will be able to outrank Wix.

Impression of the site

Upon first impression of the site I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all of the superhero references. I’m personally not such a big fan, so I didn’t really understand all of the jokes. But, I decided to check out some of the blog posts and I found quite a few interesting things. There are topics ranging from outreach approaches to optimizing featured snippets, and generally they are well researched and informative pieces.

Featured Snippets

Personally, I thought that the article about snippets was well written. Snippets can be a very useful way to provide necessary information immediately. In the article, Wix mentions that it’s not always the big companies that dominate the snippets – which means that there is an opportunity for smaller businesses to rank. Additionally, you can essentially rank twice through the use of snippets. Once for the actual snippet, and then also lower in the search results with your website.

Studies also show that people are more trusting of the information that they read in a snippet, which may lead to higher click through rates on the website. Keep in mind, that if people are more trusting of the information in the snippet, it is critical to write direct and concise answers.

Closing Thoughts

There are some informative articles on Wix’s SEO Hero site, and they are worth taking a read through. However, majority of the information there is more suitable for those who already have some experience with SEO. I wouldn’t recommend trying to use the site as a beginner’s guide. Specifically, the quiz is quite challenging, so don’t feel too discouraged if you don’t get most of the answers correct. I’m going to be keeping an eye on the competition, as I am interested to know what the results will be. If you want to learn more about beginner’s SEO, take a look through some of the articles that I have written. After you get started with my articles, you can move onto some of the more advanced articles on Wix’s SEO page.

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