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VPSCheap’s No Frills Payment Model Offers Superior Service for Cheap

VPSCheap’s No Frills Payment Model Offers Superior Service for Cheap

Gail Lobel Rand
VPSCheap provides topnotch secure servers, upstream providers, and fast and effective support. COO, Juan Costa, explains how their no-frills approach to hosting keeps their costs low and why they can’t stop saying the word CHEAP!

What is VPS and why have you chosen to offer only this type of hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which is a virtualized machine located inside a physical machine. When you rent a VPS, you rent a piece of a physical server that acts as a standalone server. For all purposes, a VPS is almost indistinguishable from an entire physical server. Depending on what virtualization system is used to run the VPS, it may or may not share anything with other VPS instances located in the same physical machine.

We specialize in offering cheap VPS servers because years ago we noticed there was a gap in the market for ultra-cheap, high-efficient VPS servers. We’re a no-frills provider so we’re also extremely cost-effective. Our target customer is someone who already know the basics of managing a Linux server and doesn’t want to pay extra for things they don’t actually need, such as server management, cPanel, etc.

Which operating systems are being run on your servers?

We offer all flavors of Linux. Since our servers are unmanaged, it is up to the customer to install a distribution of their choice, but we include all the major distros (RHEL-based distributions, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.) in our offering.

What are your hosting plans?

We offer cheap VPS servers that run on HDD storage, SSD storage, or ultra-fast NVMe storage. We also offer KVM servers for those who need their own kernel (for running Docker and similar).

What is “Unmetered Bandwidth”?

Unmetered Bandwidth means that we won’t ever suspend a server for using too much bandwidth in any given month. Each VPS can max out its associated bandwidth pipe.

Are plans scalable, and if so, how long does it take to add additional resources?

Yes, they are, and it only takes  about two minutes to add additional resources. Customers can do it from their control panel and the upgrade is processed instantly.

What features are available through the Control Panel?

Control panel offer several server management features including power up, shut down, reboot, reinstall, add/remove resources. We also offer a fully-fledged DNS management panel, server stats, and a VNC console.

Can CMS platforms such as WordPress or Joomla be installed and run on your servers?

Yes, anything that can run on at least one major Linux distribution can be installed in our servers.

What security measures are in place to protect against hackers and other cyber threats?

We have put a lot of money and effort in security measures over the years. We run standardized firewalls across our fleet, as well as multiple pieces of custom-made software that check for malicious activity running on our servers. We also have implemented thorough security at the hardware level, by implementing router-based blocking of malicious IP addresses, and a DDoS scrubbing system that is supported by our datacenter.

What support services are available to users?

Ticket support is available 24/7 with unusually good response times (20-25 minutes to first response). For customers who want us to manage their servers, we offer server management and support as an add-on.

How do you offer all this and still be so CHEAP?

We focus on what’s essential: good hardware, good upstream providers, and fast and effective support. By having a good customer base, we can achieve economies of scale and offer all of that very cheaply. Also, by applying our no-frills model, we don’t force customers to pay for features they don’t need. If someone needs a server with full management and cPanel, it is available for an additional fee. This makes a significant difference in the pricing.

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