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MyHost – Customer Service Above All

MyHost – Customer Service Above All

Gail Lobel Rand
Dean from MyHost tells us how their customer sites enjoy fast, secure hosting on their SSD-based servers. Their continuous server management, monitoring, and maintenance guarantee a 99.9% availability and protection against DDoS attacks. And keeping their customers above all, they offer technical support by a professional IT team, and free migration when moving from another host.

What Web Hosting plan do you offer?

We offer several hosting plans.

Shared Hosting – This is a general-purpose, cheap, and reliable hosting plan suitable for most CMSs, custom made PHP scripts or HTML sites. Our server is powered by SSD hard drives using CloudLinux OS, with a remote backup solution powered by Jet backup, offering client a “restore point” from the last 14 days. Shared Hosting provides a choice of two panels – cPanel or DirectAdmin and includes additional features such as Imunify360 for increasing the security and keeping the server clean.

WordPress Hosting – This is preconfigured by the heart of the server for optimal performance of WordPress websites and assigns more server resources compared to our Shared Hosting plan. It also includes better hardware, with NVME(M.2) SSD hard drives, a remote backup solution powered by Jet backup, offering a “restore point” from the last 30 days. The server has Imunify360, and we also insert custom codes and rules for brute-force protection in the NGINX reverse to migrate BruteForce via Mod Security and block bad spiders. This plan includes basic static file’s caching and gives you the ability to change from NGINX (reverse proxy) to native NGINX with pre-configured templates that are dedicated to WordPress. It also gives you better performance with Redis, WP ROCKET, W3cache, etc. and the ability to activate DoS protection via cookie checking in case of a larger bot attack or massive brute-force.

Is SSL included with hosting?

Of course! All of our hosting plans include a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt/cPanel SSLs. 

Can users register, purchase, and transfer domains through MyHost?

Yes, it’s possible to register and transfer domains. Our mid-tier plans include a free .com domain register or transfer when ordering one-year plans.

Do you have migration services for customers with existing web sites?

All our plans offer free and easy migration! After purchasing your plan, open a ticket for migrating your site, provide the details to access the old web hosting panel, and our team will try their best to migrate the website. After migration, we will access the site locally and run a simple test to check that everything works and inform you when you can update your DNS to point to our server. Then, you’re good to go!

Do you have backup and recovery services?

Yes, the server creates backups every day. Each backup is guaranteed available for  30 days for WordPress Hosting, 14 days for shared hosting, and one week for “Mini” hosting plans.

How can you guarantee a 99.9% uptime?

We can guarantee a 99.9% uptime by the network, not including scheduled maintenance, for several reasons. We have a team that monitors the servers 24/7, and our well-written code notifies us immediately of even the slightest problem. We perform server checks every day, making sure everything is working well.

How are your servers protected against hackers and other cyberthreats?

We protect our servers to provide the most secure environment for our clients’ websites.  We use technology such as LFD, CSF, Imunify360, ShellFork Bomb, Rootkit Hunter, CHKRootKit, Mod Security with Imunify360 rules, and a few custom-made rules for ModSecurity.  We also run weekly Virus Scans and CloudLinux to isolate accounts.

What support is available to your customers?

We provide free support in several ways.

Chat– We are available most hours of the day, and provide quick responses for common questions and issues.

Phone– for customers located in Israel only, a basic level support, for common issues/questions.

Support Tickets– We answer tickets, even when we are not available by phone or chat or for issues that need more attention or a longer time to resolve.

Website– We have over 550 guides in Hebrew that solve over 70% of all common issues and questions. They also provide a lot of information on how to manage your account, install a CMS and other PHP systems, how to use our web-mail services, domains, manage your Reseller account, etc.

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