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MojoHost Provides Reliable Hosting Services in Top Tier Data Centers Around the World

MojoHost Provides Reliable Hosting Services in Top Tier Data Centers Around the World

Gail Lobel Rand
The team at MojoHost is a passionate group of experienced system administrators who work hard and love what they do. We spoke with Brad Mitchell, president, about their hosting and managed services offerings, and their ability to create custom hosting solutions when necessary.

What Hosting plans do you offer?

MojoHost offers Dedicated servers, Virtual Private servers with SSD and HDD drives, scalable S3-compatible Object Storage, CDN, Web Application Firewall, domains, email solutions and much more.

What is the difference between VPS with SSD and VPS with HDD?

Virtual Private Servers are secure partitions of a single machine. A VPS with SSD would be a part of a node that uses fast and reliable SSD drives to store data while VPSs with HDD offer larger volumes of space and cost savings per unit of data stored. HDDs are more capacious and economical, though their read/write speed is usually at roughly 30% that of an SSD. The latter also has a longer life span, though MojoHost’s customers don’t need to be concerned about that since all our hardware is monitored and replaced at first signs of failure possibility.

What add-ons and plugins are available?

All MojoHost’s servers are customizable – one can choose drive configurations, backups, RAID controllers, server management, uplink speed, bandwidth allotment, etc. When placing an order, customers can opt to add on a wide range of additional licensed software. From the standard Softaculous CPanel plugin to Wowza Media Server and Proxygence’s ProxyPass and PSSO. Another add-on well worth mentioning is SendFaster. This revolutionary TCP/IP optimization tool drastically increases the efficiency of data transfer, improving user experience for those in remote locations. It has sometimes proven more efficient than CDN, and in conjunction with a Content Delivery Network, it renders the best possible performance. A new product recently unveiled by the MojoHost team is MojoShield. This robust Web Application Firewall combats bots and intrusions, mitigates DDoS and other cyberattacks, and can be used to optimize and streamline data transfer while bringing computing to the edge, closer to users.

Can customers purchase their domain names through MojoHost?

MojoHost has everyday low prices and offers domains from all the common TLDs. Domains from MojoHost come with data privacy and identity protection by default.

Do your plans include SSL certificates?

All of MojoHost’s managed customers can request SSL certificates installed and maintained free of charge via LetsEncrypt.

Where are your servers located?

Our data centers are based in Miami, Florida (US) and Haarlem, near Amsterdam (NL), both of which are major NAPs (Network Access Point). The former is one of the nicest and most expensive data centers in North America. With its Tier 4 design, there is never any downtime for power or cooling. Both of MojoHost’s locations – US and EU are set in locations significant on the Internet, with major peering exchanges and great networking. An additional location is currently “in the oven”.

Are migration services available to customers moving exiting sites to MojoHost?

Migration assistance is provided free of charge with any virtual or dedicated server order and setup assistance is free for object storage and CDN of any tier.

What security do your servers have against hackers and other cyber threats?

Every part of our network was designed for redundancy and resiliency. We use software called Noction to enhance our global routing decisions through constant real-time analysis that improves performance, reduces latency, avoids internet outages and reduces or eliminates packet loss. We have several large uplink channels to different ISPs, as well as a direct connection in few exchanges and so we can handle regular DDoSes without issue. For customers concerned with being targeted, the aforementioned MojoShield product provides much higher resilience and protection.

Do you offer backup and recovery services?

MojoHost’s customers are advised to choose backups as part of their service, and we provide recovery services to fully managed customers as part of the support plan.

What support options are available to your customers?

MojoHost’s support plans range from the smallest, Bronze, which includes monitoring and infrequent assistance with requests or configurations, to Diamond which covers pretty much anything having to do with the server. This plan is the equivalent of hiring a team of server administrators to take care of configurations, upgrades, optimization, monitoring, patching and everything else your server might require. Customers using the Diamond Support plan often have large and complex server requirements. Our team of experienced systems administrators work 24/7/365 and our managed services far exceed `    what people usually expect from a web host’s support.

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