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How to Leverage the Power of Google Plus toward Better SEO

Max Anderson

Search marketers and webmasters are always interested in improving the SEO of their websites. Google, as part of its efforts to fight web spam, has updated its search algorithm several times in the last few years. These updates increased the importance of social media in search engine optimization.

Google has also introduced something known as “Google Authorship” through its own social network, Google Plus. In this article, you will learn how to leverage the power of Google Plus in improving the search ranking of your website.

A Google Plus Profile

Having a Google Plus profile greatly helps your effort to improve your site’s SEO. The social network is highly popular and has nearly 600 million users. Google+ dominates search results for personal names as the search query. Company profiles, personal profiles, and groups within Google+ are quite active, making it a great place to gather business leads as well.

Faster Indexing

Google+ is a property of Google, and hence the search giant indexes the content shared within G+ faster than other social networks. Due to this reason, it’s recommended that you share your blog posts on G+ first.

Target +1s for Better ranking

Many blogs today have social media sharing options, such as Facebook Like button, Twitter button, LinkedIn sharing button, etc. You can also add a Google+ button. If a person is logged into Google while visiting your web page, it will be easy for him to +1 the page. Each +1 acts as a vote for your page to rank it better within Google+ and in Google search results.

Leverage G+ Discussions for Link Building

You may come across comments within your Google+ profile. The specialty of these comments is that most of them tend to be from other blog or website owners. Many popular web-based authors use Google+. Due to this reason, a viral conversation within this social network may turn into link-building opportunities.

Google Authorship

Use the Google Authorship program (linking your Google+ profile to your blog). By doing this, you can show your profile picture on Google search results. This makes it easy for people to connect with you and share your content. The more the shares and connections you receive, the better your content will rank.

Edit Your Google+ Posts

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Google+ provides you an unlimited post editor. The social network can in fact be used as a blogging platform. You can have articles as long as you want, and you can edit them at any time. Due to this flexibility, leveraging G+ for SEO is very easy. You can include a detailed blog post with links to your website and appropriate keywords in title. If the content is valuable, it may go viral and fetch you several backlinks, +1s, and connections.

Profile Optimization

On-page SEO for a Google+ profile is easy. You can customize the profile URL to include targeted keywords; you can also add a tagline and page description. The description appears as the meta description of your G+ profile. These optimizations make it easy to increase the search ranking of your Google+ profile. In turn, it will boost the ranking of your website or blog.


As you can see, Google+ is a highly valuable social network for SEO. As it is part of the Google family, it goes without saying how effectively you can leverage it. Also, ensure that you avoid spamming in your profile or activities.

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