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Contabo – Quality with Good Prices in the Web Hosting Market

Contabo – Quality with Good Prices in the Web Hosting Market

Miguel Amado
This week we talked with Aleksander Kuczek, Chief Revenue Officer at Contabo, a web hosting company from Germany founded in 2003. In the interview we know more about the company, its main concerns and possible next steps in a competitive and important market.

Please present Contabo to our audience

Contabo is a German server provider which provides VPS and Dedicated Servers to 90,000+ customers 180 countries. We offer locations in United States and European Union with more coming in 2021.

Your company was founded in 2003. That in “internet years” is almost a century ago. How did your company navigate all the changes in the market and the technology?

I think the key element that helped Contabo grow from a local German server provider to a global company is staying focused on our founding principles. These are: high stability, great prices and following “Customer is King” approach.

There is no shortage of web hosting companies. National and international, big, small, cheap, premium. Why should I choose Contabo?

There is no one-fits-all solution. Contabo is the right choice for people who want simple and reliable computing instances (virtual ones like VPS or VDS or physical ones like Dedicated Servers) and don’t want to overpay. Speaking of reliability, I have been working with over 20 hosting and cloud companies throughout my career and most of them were busy with putting out one fire after another. This is not the case in Contabo.

Thanks to rigorous processes, things simply work which let us focus on growth. Of course, like everyone we experience hardware failures and outages, but from my experience this happens on a much smaller scale. Thanks to scale of our operations and unified hardware we are able to offer great prices which is one more reason why people choose Contabo.

Customer support is fundamental for a web hosting company. What does your company offer in terms of channels, time of response and success score?

Contabo is known for support. Just check our review. Our secret sauce is keeping things simple. You can call us or email us. We don’t hide behind bots or lengthy automated answer systems.

We have 64 support specialists working on 365 days a year. Each of them undergoes an extensive 6-month training and many of our supporters are with us for 10+ years. Our response time is below 2 hours and 70% of our all support enquires are resolved with the first reply.

E-commerce isn’t going anywhere and each day more entrepreneurs try to sell their products on an online store. But creating one isn’t a simple task. How can Contabo help someone that doesn’t know much about servers, databases, WordPress, APIs etc?

We help entrepreneurs in the eCommerce space primarily by making sure they don’t overpay for hosting their eCommerce website. Focus on price means that we don’t offer fully managed services, but we have published a set of tutorials to help people get started.

Because we have a very lean product portfolio, we have extensive know-how on what we offer. That is why 83% of support request are being resolved by 1st level supporters.

What do you see in the next couple of years for the web hosting market? Do we have space for innovation and new ideas that will revolutionize the sector?

There are a lot of interesting trends. There is a lot of hype around serverless approach. There is growing interest in managed services. There is a lot of possibilities thanks to advancement in AI performance. Not to mention constant improvement in hardware architecture and virtualization.

At Contabo we keep an eye on all these trends mainly to see if there is any potential to further improve stability on offer even better prices.

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