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9 Best Wix Templates with Parallax Scrolling [2024]

Alicia Daniels Alicia DanielsWebsite Development Expert
A parallax scrolling effect can help take your site’s design to the next level, but you don’t want to overdo it. Use it well, and it can make visitors want to keep scrolling for more. But do it poorly, and it can slow down your site and look gimmicky.

With Wix, you don’t have to worry much about striking that delicate balance between visual appeal and usability. Since Wix features tons of professionally designed templates with parallax scrolling built in and ready to go, it’s just a matter of finding the best one for your website.

I’ve built multiple websites with Wix, and when I needed a template with parallax images, I discovered dozens. Some parallax Wix templates go all-in with the effect, and some get pretty creative. I’ll show you my top picks and explain why I like each one. I’ll even mention some that look stale before sharing a couple of templates that are particularly unique.

Wix Templates with the Best Parallax Effects

Wix templates page
These two categories offer the most templates with parallax scrolling.
You’ll get the most out of parallax scrolling if your website is highly visual and has a clear focus on something you want to show or sell. That’s why you’ll find most parallax-ready templates in the Business & Services and Creative categories.

Here are some of my favorite templates from these categories that make parallax scrolling an integral part of the user experience.

Cocktail Delivery Service – Say “Cheers” to a Good Design

Cocktail Delivery Service Wix template
Cocktail Delivery Service puts the focus squarely on your images
Lots of templates in the Restaurant & Food subcategory feature large images and parallax scrolling to appeal to visitors’ eyes as well as their appetites.

Cocktail Delivery Service has a classy, jet-setting vibe. The header features a large title paired with a photo cropped to resemble an airplane window, offering visitors a peek before they scroll down the page for more. And they’ll definitely want to, with this bold and beautiful parallax template.

wix logo alt 2

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Professional Makeup – Parallax Everywhere

Professional Makeup Wix template
You can use parallax scrolling on images alone or in the background.
Professional Makeup is a landing page template that uses parallax effects in both the background and the foreground.

As you scroll, textured splashes of makeup give way to a full-screen image that shows what you’re all about. The painted-on texture returns as a colorful backdrop to your About and Contact sections.

Restaurant – Delicious Divisions

Restaurant Wix template
Parallax scrolling marks out each new section of the page.
This sophisticated Restaurant template is a great example of how you can use parallax effects to mark out a five-course dinner’s worth of content – all on one page!

Every section is underpinned by a different background photo or illustration, and scrolling down the page is like uncovering the lid on each subsequent dish. The background alternates between light and dark to call attention to important sections like the Make A Reservation form.

Yoga Instructor – Separation Is Key

Yoga Instructor Wix template
Yoga Instructor looks calm and clean.
The Yoga Instructor template lets you lead with your stunning photos while leaving lots of breathing room for your text. There are no opaque background images for your words to get lost in, so your photos and text complement rather than compete with each other.

As you scroll down, the top navigation bar is replaced with lightweight navigation nodes on the right side of the screen that show your progress on the page.

The template also has two parallax-scrolling images stacked on top of one another, which makes for a cool reveal as the second image appears.

Fitness Trainer – Go All Out With Parallax

Fitness Trainer Wix template
Fitness Trainer takes advantage of parallax almost everywhere.
Fitness Trainer is very much in your face – but it works. This template has parallax-scrolling background images everywhere: in the header, in the navigation, and in almost every section of the page.

If you have lots of photos, it’s an efficient way to show them together and hype up your killer content.

I also like how the About the Coach section features a huge photo to complement the text. This layout lets you do the showing and the telling all at once.

SCUBA Diving Shop – Scroll and Reveal

SCUBA Diving Shop Wix template
Expansive images give your content lots of space.
SCUBA Diving Shop’s huge images are beyond fullscreen. This parallax effect takes advantage of visitors’ curiosity, since the bottom half of each photo is actually revealed as they scroll.

The underwater photos in the demo are incredible, of course, but this template could work well in other niches too. For example, it might be a nice choice if you have massive, hi-res photos with interesting details (think interior design, landscapes, etc.).

And since there’s so much space, text and call-to-action buttons don’t have to be giant to stand out.

Street Fashion Blog – Parallax Is for Blogs, Too

Street Fashion Blog
Street Fashion Blog proves blogs can benefit from parallax, too.
Who says parallax scrolling has to be limited to landing pages? Street Fashion Blog shows how the effect can make your blog look effortlessly cool.

The main photo sets the stage while a second parallax-scrolling photo acts as a divider between the About Me section and your blog posts. It actually works really well, especially if you have a highly visual blog such as a fashion blog.

Parallax Wix Templates That are Uninspiring

Adding a parallax effect can give your website the modern touch it needs, but beware. The effect first gained popularity in the mid-2010s, and some parallax-enabled templates might look dated. Others use the effect in unnecessary ways that don’t add much to the overall design.

Virtual Assistant and Vintage Car Garage Wix templates
Templates like these don’t take full advantage of the parallax scrolling effect.
Virtual Assistant is fine for a simple personal page, but the desk header image is boring and cliche. Of course, it’s just a template and you can swap out the photo with something else, but for a CV site like this one, do you really need a parallax-scrolling header? You probably want your photo or qualifications to take the center stage, rather than the header image.

Vintage Car Garage uses parallax in lots of places. Some, like the header effect, look good. But parallax scrolling in other places, like the tiled background texture behind multiple sections, is unneeded. You could get creative and edit out the effects, but that’s work that other, better templates don’t make you do.

Wix Templates That Get Creative With Parallax

Think parallax sites all look sort of… similar? They don’t have to. There are some templates that get pretty artistic and creative.

What if you layered your images? Or, what if you didn’t just use the effect on main photos or fullscreen backgrounds?

Most of the Wix templates I’ve listed so far are pretty straightforward when it comes to using parallax scrolling. But here are a couple of inspiring templates that get very creative with the effect.

Japanese Restaurant – Expertly Layered Content

Japanese Restaurant Wix template
Japanese Restaurant shows how you can get creative with layered images.
Why use only one image at a time when you can layer them? Japanese Restaurant is a beautifully designed template that looks simply delicious. Here, abstract illustrations float over photos that introduce menu items and the head chef.

It’s a great way to show off your fine photos while emphasizing the detailed quality and care that set your business apart.

The two-by-two grid lets you combine important navigation buttons, like Menu and Order Online, with a pretty About section and large photo.

Digital Conference – Use Parallax as a Frame

Digital Conference Wix template
Using parallax for frames is another creative option.
This flashy event template uses parallax to make its Schedule section really stand out. (Yes, a schedule section sounds boring, but if you’re hosting an event it’ll be the most important feature on your site!)

It also spices things up with a timetable that’s wrapped inside a parallax-scrolling photo. It’s a nice idea and a great way to frame a vital part of your site.

I also like the sticky table of contents on the right side of the page, similar to Yoga Instructor. The clickable red circles show visitors their progress and allow them to quickly jump around.

Pick the Right Parallax Wix Template for Your Site

When it comes to Wix templates with parallax scrolling, this list is just the tip of the iceberg. Just because a template is in the Food category doesn’t mean you can’t use it for your awesome portfolio site. Parallax scrolling is a versatile design choice, so don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get creative with your template selection.

There are so many great designs to choose from, and the choice really comes down to what you want to do with your site. For example, you’ll want to decide where to use parallax scrolling on your site before you get started. The number of images you have will also be a factor.

My list includes templates with varying numbers of images, ranging from just one or two to more than a handful. Each template offers unique inspiration and holds great potential for your next parallax scrolling website.


Are Wix templates free?

Yes, you can use any of Wix’s 900+ website templates on the free plan. The main limitations are in storage space and bandwidth. Also, you can’t connect your website to a custom domain or access advanced features like e-commerce tools – but you’ll have access to lots of other Wix apps.

To learn more about what’s included in the free plan, read our expert Wix review. And if you decide you need more features than what a free plan can offer, check out our coupons page for deals on paid plans.

How do I add a parallax effect on Wix?

You can add a parallax scrolling effect to any strip that has a background image. To create a strip, click Add on the left-hand side of the editor and choose one of the strip types. Once the strip is loaded onto your page, click the Background Scroll Effects button and select Parallax from the list of effects.

It’s important to mention that parallax effects are only enabled on desktop views of templates and are not supported on mobile and tablets views. Fortunately, every template can be previewed on desktop and mobile, so you can get a full idea of how the design looks on both devices.

How can I make my Wix page longer?

You can increase the length of your Wix page by adding content using the Add button. There are nearly two dozen apps and elements to choose from, including text, buttons, menus, photos, fully functional online stores, and more.

Once you select the feature you want to add, you can customize its look and order on the page by dragging and dropping it up or down the page.

You can add unlimited sections, but keep in mind that pages with more content and more effects have longer loading times. Learn more about building a website with Wix with our 10-minute crash course guide.

 Which is better, Wix or WordPress?

WordPress is held in high esteem by bloggers, but Wix is our top-rated website builder for a reason. Wix’s drag-and-drop editor is much easier to use than WordPress’s CMS, so you can get right to building your site without reading lots of how-to tutorials and documentation.

Plus, Wix’s generous free plan gives you access to hundreds of templates and a wide selection of apps. For more info on how Wix and WordPress stack up against each other, read our full head-to-head comparison.

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