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8 Best Website Builders for Selling Art Online in 2024

Oliwia Owsianowska Oliwia OwsianowskaWebsite Development Expert July 14, 2024
July 14, 2024
You don’t want an uninspiring website that looks like all the others. Only a few website builders have all the tools needed to create an online space true to your artistry. It’s more than just about showcasing art – it’s about creating a website that reflects your unique voice.

The right website builder will let you display your artwork in its best light and should be super-customizable to allow your creative vision to shine through – without costing you a fortune. You’ll also need marketing features to ensure potential buyers can easily find your site. Since you’re a creative and not a techie (although you could be both!), it needs to be easy to use.

So, where does one find this magic, flexible, beginner-friendly, art-selling website builder? I tested some of the most popular website builders to find out how they compare on the features that matter most to art sellers.

Among them, Wix emerged as the standout choice for selling art online. It’s perfect for beginners, offers many artist-designed templates, and even includes a free plan. Keep reading for more insights on Wix and other platforms that might suit your artistic needs.

Short on Time? These Are the Best Website Builders for Selling Art Online in 2024

  1. Wix1 – Fully customizable templates to craft a site that truly reflects your art.
  2. Shopify1 – Broad sales channels perfect for reaching more customers online.
  3. BigCommerce1 – Ideal for growing your art business as it scales effortlessly.

See 5 More Great Options | Comparison Table

What We Look For in the Best Website Builders for Selling Art Online

To narrow down the dozens of site builders, I’ve focused on the features that matter most to artists looking to showcase and sell their work online.
  • Ease of use. You’re an artist, not a web developer. You don’t need any design experience to use these platforms – and you definitely don’t need to know how to code. The web builders are beginner-friendly and have an easy online store set up, giving you more time for your artistic endeavors.
  • Design flexibility. Aesthetics are important to you – otherwise, you’d be in another business. I’ve investigated the extent to which these builders allow you to customize the look of your website so you can be sure you’ll have a unique online space.
  • Value for money. You don’t want unnecessary fees eating into your profits. I’ve checked whether these website builders offer affordable e-commerce plans and if they charge commission or transaction fees. They also feature robust app stores with a ton of free apps to help your online business thrive.
  • Great image options. Your artwork is the star of the show, and so your website needs to make your pieces pop. These web builders all offer beautiful gallery layouts and enough storage space to upload high-quality images of your art.
  • Strong SEO features. Don’t let those three letters scare you away! SEO is all about getting found on internet searches – in other words, it’s about getting more visitors to your website and making more sales. These site builders all offer tools to help you maximize traffic.

Wix art template
Wix has templates designed by artists for artists
To jazz up your online presence as an artist, Wix is the go-to platform. I’m a fan of how Wix makes web design easy yet lets you dive deeper if you want more control over your site’s look. With its super simple drag-and-drop editor, ultra-flexible customization options, and reasonably priced plans, it’s perfect for both newbies and tech-savvy users who are familiar with website building.

If design is important to you (and I’ve got an inkling it probably is), you’ll be sure to find a template you like out of the 800+ options in Wix’s library, at least 50 of which are specifically designed for artists1. And even if you don’t like any of those, Wix gives you full design customizability, letting you edit just about anything – colors, fonts, your site’s core structure, you name it.

Wix offers four plans, including one that is forever free. But head’s up, the free version comes with ads and you’ll have “wixsite.com” as part of your web address. It’s decent if you’re just starting out but if you plan to sell your art, the Business plan will probably serve you better. It’s excellent for taking payments and every Wix plan gives you a free domain name for the first year, which is pretty sweet for your artistic brand.

Wix logo black

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  • AI site generator. You can get a custom-designed website just by answering a few simple questions. It’s a pretty great feature for artists who want a professional site without spending hours mulling on design​​​​.
  • Performance optimization. I appreciate how Wix handles performance optimization for high-resolution images and videos. You’ll never have to worry about slow loading times. Wix seamlessly adjusts the quality and size, ensuring your site is both fast and visually stunning​​​​.
  • Unstructured editor. The unstructured editor in Wix is a dream come true for creatives who like to think outside the box. You have freedom to drag and drop elements anywhere on the page. It’s especially great for those with a keen eye for design, offering unparalleled control over the site’s layout​​.
  • 24/7 support. Round-the-clock support is super handy for artists who might need a little extra help. And if you’re not an English speaker, you can use their chatbot or request a callback in one of 10 languages
Want to learn more? Read our expert Wix review.

Number of templates for creatives 50+
Drag-and-drop editor
Free plan or free trial? Free plan
Starting price of paid plan $17.00

2. Shopify: Best Website Builder for Multichannel Support1

Shopify art template
Shopify offers free and paid visually appealing templates
One aspect I really like about Shopify is the variety of its template offerings1. While it provides free templates, the 160 premium ones are gorgeous, setting a high standard for online stores. This variety lessens the chance of your art store looking like thousands of others, allowing for a unique brand presentation. The high quality of these templates can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your online art store.

Shopify’s multi-channel integration is a game-changer for artists selling online. It allows you to sync your products with major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, as well as Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy. This broad reach means more eyes on your art, which is key to growing your business​​​​.

Shopify starts with a risk-free 3-day trial (no credit card required). While it can be pretty expensive, I found that the affordable Basic plan is worth the investment for serious art sellers. It’s more suitable for those fully invested in their art business rather than part-time hobby artists. Keep the cost in mind when planning to scale your online presence​​​​​​.


  • Extensive app store. With thousands of free and paid apps, you can extend the functionality of your website and manage all aspects of your business from one platform. Whether you’re interested in adding reviews to your site, want to set up a mailing list, or intend to sell your art at local fairs, Shopify has an app for you.
  • First-class e-commerce features. Shopify’s tools for inventory management, product showcasing, and customer engagement are great. If you’re an artist looking to make a mark online, these features can help present your work in the best light and manage your business efficiently.
  • Payment flexibility. The flexibility of Shopify’s payment system is a huge plus, especially for artists targeting a global audience. It supports a variety of payment providers, making transactions smoother for both you and your customers. This flexibility is critical in a market where payment preferences can vary significantly.
  • International reach. You can customize your store for the international market. Shopify handles everything from SEO, layout, and content to product availability. Plus, it takes care of the nitty-gritty, like currency conversion and regional pricing strategies.
Check out our expert review for more info on Shopify.

Number of templates for creatives 135+
Drag-and-drop editor
Free plan or free trial? 3-day free trial
Starting price of paid plan $29.00
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BigCommerce template
BigCommerce has fully customizable templates for artists
BigCommerce is a good choice for artists who want to expand their art sales online. It simplifies integrations with other platforms, offering scalability and robust features like the option to set up multiple unique storefronts based on product types, buyer segments, or region. Its drag-and-drop page builder is easy to use and enables artists to easily craft a distinct, visually engaging digital store without complex technical know-how.

For artists that are somewhat established and want to run an online shop, BigCommerce has some really handy features. I like the shipping calculator – it simplifies figuring out delivery costs and ensures you’re charging the right amount for your art shipments. The BigCommerce Mobile App is also a great tool1, making it convenient to manage your online art store from anywhere, keeping you connected and responsive to your customer’s needs.

In terms of pricing, BigCommerce offers a range of plans to suit different business models, but they don’t come cheap. There is no free plan, but a 15-day free trial allows you to test the platform before committing. The Standard plan offers unlimited products, file storage, and bandwidth, which is great for artists with extensive portfolios. BigCommerce also doesn’t charge any additional transaction fees on sales, which is another plus.


  • Robust e-commerce scalability. Known for its scalability, BigCommerce can support your artistic endeavors as your business grows. It provides a stable, reliable platform so you’ll never have to switch builders no matter how much your customer base or inventory grows.
  • Checkout customization. For those with some technical know-how, BigCommerce offers extensive customization for the checkout experience. You can tailor every aspect of the checkout process using a server-to-server checkout API and SDK, ensuring a seamless and unique experience for your customers.
  • Extensive app marketplace. The platform provides access to a wide range of apps and integrations, which makes it easy to extend the functionality of your online store. In addition to marketing, shipping, or payment processing, BigCommerce also has a robust AI section with apps to help you generate SEO-friendly meta tags and art product descriptions​​​.
  • Advanced search capabilities. BigCommerce offers faceted search powered by Elasticsearch, allowing your customers to easily find products based on various filters like size or category. This feature not only enhances the user experience but also helps boost sales​​​​.
See more in our expert BigCommerce review.

Number of templates for creatives 6+
Drag-and-drop editor
Free plan or free trial? 15-day free trial
Starting price of paid plan $29.00

Squarespace online store template
Squarespace’s templates are waiting for your art photos!
Squarespace is widely-regarded as the best of the best when it comes to design – which must be music to your ears. It also offers knock-out third-party integrations and great e-commerce features, making it a premium site builder, through and through – with a price tag to match. If you’re anticipating a lot of sales, however, it could be a fair trade-off.

All 165+ of their minimalistic templates are likely to appeal to creatives (and their audience) because they place images at the forefront, making effective use of white spaces and gallery layouts to make the visuals pop – although it’s worth noting that you’ll need ultra high-quality photos.

Squarespace’s emphasis on clean lines and effective spacing also means that you don’t get quite as much creative control. You can’t just drag things wherever you like but from a design perspective, which might not be such a bad thing. It’s really hard to make an ugly website on Squarespace. However, in my opinion, the Squarespace drag-and-drop editor is nowhere near as intuitive or simple as the Wix editor.


  • Third-party integrations. Squarespace has teamed up with a whole realm of heavy hitters to provide premium third-party integrations galore (seriously, the list is endless). From Mailchimp to FreshBooks and Printify, you’ll be able to market and sell art in the ways that suit you best.
  • Image tools. Unsurprisingly for a website that’s all about design, Squarespace offers some great image tools, including a powerful built-in image editor, focal point control, and lightbox image gallery.
  • Basic SEO tools. Squarespace offers standard functions like editing meta titles and descriptions within its editor. While there’s not a lot on the way to help beginners, the platform offers a list of vetted SEO experts that you can hire to help you build your site.
  • Commerce platform. Squarespace’s simple-to-use yet powerful e-commerce platform is one of its biggest selling points. It offers online payments, social media sale integrations, automatic tax calculation, email reminders, product variation options, and gift cards.
For more features, check out our expert Squarespace review.

Number of templates for creatives 20+
Drag-and-drop editor
Free plan or free trial? 14-day trial
Starting price of paid plan $16.00

5. SITE123: Best for Artists Who Are Short on Time1

SITE123 template gallery
Ironically, SITE123’s creative art templates are really lacking in creativity
It might not be the most customizable or feature-rich builder on this list, but SITE123 is super easy to use – making it the perfect option if you just want to get a simple store up and running quickly.

All 80+ of SITE123’s templates are pretty decent, and they even have a few specially designed for creative arts websites. That said, there’s not a huge amount of variety and, crucially, you have to upgrade to a paid plan to add a store to your website and unlock more advanced customization options.

But all that simplicity does mean it’s possible to build a basic website in a matter of hours. It’s also geared toward beginners, guiding you through the whole building process with helpful hints along the way. However, you’ll have to trade speed and ease of use for limited creative freedom, since SITE123’s point-and-click editor doesn’t give you much room to put things anywhere you like.


  • Multiple language options. As an artist, offering your website in multiple languages can significantly broaden your audience. This feature is especially useful if your art resonates with a global market.
  • SEO adviser tool. Designed for complete beginners, this in-built tool walks you through some basic steps to boost your website’s search engine ranking.
  • 24/7 customer support. Round-the-clock support is vital for any artist running an online store. It ensures that help is always available if any issues arise.
  • Blog creator. SITE123 lets you easily add a blog to your site. This can be a powerful tool for you to share your stories, process, and inspiration behind your work. It not only engages your audience but also contributes to your site’s SEO.
Read our expert SITE123 review for more details.

Number of templates for creatives 11+
Drag-and-drop editor
Free plan or free trial? Free plan
Starting price of paid plan $12.80

6. IONOS: Helpful AI Tools for Your Art Store1

IONOS art template
Only 5 IONOS templates are designed for creatives
Core features are where IONOS truly excels, offering a simple and direct approach to website creation. While you won’t have the creative freedom that Wix or Shopify offer, IONOS allows you to add preformatted content blocks to your page with just a click. This ease of use is perfect for artists who want to sell online without the hassle of complicated functions.

IONOS offers a limited selection of just 25 website templates – and only about 5 of these seem particularly fitting for artists. These templates look okay, but the limited variety means there just isn’t enough choice to cater to all artistic styles. That’s not to say that you can’t create a functional out-of-the-box website, though.

If you want even faster website creation, IONOS’s AI Assistant is a pretty useful tool. It helps lay out the initial design of the site and suggests relevant text, images, and content blocks, which can be a real time-saver. However, don’t forget to infuse your own artistic voice into the content before hitting the publish button.


  • Automatic image optimization. IONOS handles optimizing your art images for faster loading. This feature ensures quick access for visitors while maintaining the quality of your images.
  • SEO-ready. The dynamic features in IONOS help make your art website more visible on search engines. Think of it as a behind-the-scenes booster, helping art lovers find your work with ease.
  • Helpful grid. Its website builder uses a grid system that lines everything up just right. It’s handy for arranging your artworks online without the hassle, making everything look clean and professional.
  • Add a store in seconds. If you have an existing art website that you simply can’t part with but need e-commerce functionality, IONOS allows you to add a store with a simple HTML snippet. You’ll be able to manage physical and digital inventory, sales, and multi-channel selling from one platform.
Read our expert IONOS review for more details.

Number of templates for creatives 5
Drag-and-drop editor
Free plan or free trial?
Starting price of paid plan $1.00

Other Notable Website Builders for Selling Art Online

7. Webador1

Webador art template
Webador has over 55 simple templates
Webador offers an uncomplicated, beginner-friendly building experience. Its main appeal lies in its simplicity and the speed at which it can set up a functional website to sell your art online. In less than 10 minutes, you can have a basic site up and running, which is ideal if you’re looking for a hassle-free and quick solution​​.

The platform provides over 55 mobile-friendly templates, ensuring your store looks great on any device. It also won’t charge you any commission fees. However, it’s important to note that Webador might not be the best choice if you want a website with complex e-commerce functionality or extensive customization features.

8. WordPress1

WordPress art template
WordPress has over 250 responsible templates
With its expansive collection of over 250 themes, WordPress.com offers artists a wide array of design possibilities to suit their unique art styles and branding. WordPress.com has templates that can elegantly display various art forms. This diversity allows artists to choose a theme that perfectly resonates with the aesthetic of their artwork.

However, artists new to website management might find WordPress.com a bit daunting due to its significant learning curve. You’ll also need to handle your own payment processing or add a third-party plugin. While the platform is powerful and flexible, its complexity makes it a less-than-ideal choice for those who prefer a more straightforward setup for their online art galleries or portfolios.

I Found the Best Website Builder for Selling Art Online

Which website builder is right for you to sell art online depends on your priorities: is design your be-all and end-all, or are you looking for something that gives you greater customization options without the hefty price tag?

Wix stands out for those seeking a personalized touch1. Its super simple drag-and-drop editor and flexible customization options are perfect. With its vast array of over 800 templates, it’s a playground for your creative ideas.

Shopify is a boon for artists looking to branch out into various markets.1 Its strength lies in multi-channel selling, helping you reach a wider audience and sell in different online spaces, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

BigCommerce, on the other hand, is ideal for artists looking to scale up1. Its robust e-commerce tools and no additional transaction fees make it a smart choice for a growing art enterprise.

Check out this table for a quick snapshot of each website builder’s key feature.

Free Plan Best Feature Best For Starting Price
Wix Art-focused templates with over 50 designs specifically for artists Artists needing customizable design options $17.00
Shopify Multi-channel integration for selling art on various platforms Artists aiming for a broad market reach $29.00
BigCommerce Robust e-commerce scalability Growing art businesses $29.00
Squarespace High-quality, minimalistic templates Artists focusing on visual-centric design $16.00
SITE123 Quick online store creation with a very easy-to-use builder Artists that want to set up a straightforward store to sell art $12.80
IONOS AI assistant for website creation and text generation Artists looking for unique site creation with a little help from AI $1.00


What is the easiest website builder to sell art?

Wix stands out as the easiest website builder for selling art. It offers a very beginner-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop editor and great customization options. Wix also features a dedicated “Art Store” add-on that allows you to sell digital and print copies of your pieces directly from your site, commission-free.

Can I process payments directly on the website?

Absolutely, you can process payments directly on your website. Most website builders for artists offer integrated e-commerce platforms. These platforms support online payments and offer the tools you need to sell your art, manage payments, and even sort out shipping information straight from your site​​​​.

Can I connect my website with social media platforms?

Of course! Wix integrates with various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. These integrations are crucial for artists, as they help you promote your work and reach a wider audience through social media channels​​.

Can I create an artist website for free?

Yes, you can with Wix. Wix offers a free version that is ideal for artists on a budget. It features over 800 templates and a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. While this free version effectively caters to basic requirements, it’s worth noting that more advanced features and e-commerce tools may require a subscription.

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