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20 Best Google Sites Templates for a Simple Site in 2024

Andrés Gánem Andrés GánemWebsite Development Expert March 14, 2024
March 14, 2024
I’m not exactly a convert yet, but I can see that Google is onto something with Google Sites. For starters, Google Sites is free and incredibly easy to use. Though the handful of templates are basic, they come with helpful filler text and stock images. Naturally, they also integrate seamlessly with other Google products and apps. 

However, between its restricted customization tools and limited selection of just 18 templates across a small number of categories, choosing the right template for your project becomes crucial.

I spent a week testing Google Sites and found 7 templates I’d recommend for different kinds of websites. Though these templates stand above the rest, I can’t say they compare to the best no-code website builders on the market, so you may struggle to build a site that reflects your vision or brand.

Take a look to find out if one is right for you, or jump down now to see my top picks from the best alternative free (or free-to-try) website builders.

Though you can create a functional website with any of the Google Sites templates on this list, your design options will be very limited. If you want full creative control over your site’s design and access to hundreds of free templates, Wix’s free plan gives you all this and more.

Is Google Sites the Best Platform for My Website?

Google Sites may be a good option for you, but it depends on the type of website you want to build and what you hope to achieve. Then consider your budget and your timeframe. Google Sites’ biggest selling points are that it’s free and easy to use.

Other pros include:
  • Seamless integration with all Google apps, including Maps, Slides, Docs, and Drawings.
  • Google Analytics data gives you key insights into how visitors engage with your site that you can use to improve your site’s performance.
  • Link popular social media platforms and upload YouTube videos.
That said, Google Sites is far from the only free or affordable website builder on the market. Considering the alternatives, it’s actually at a disadvantage on several key points.

While Google Sites offers integrations with the rest of Google’s ecosystem, Wix offers hundreds of proprietary and third-party apps. Not only do these apps allow you to expand your website’s functionality far more than Google’s, many of them are free as well. Besides the third-party integrations, Wix also offers a more comprehensive set of templates and customization tools, which means that you can still build your ideal website without hurting your wallet.

If you’re going for a fast and easy option, SITE123 offers even simpler website building with more tools to promote your website. Even on the free plan, I found that SITE123’s SEO features allow you to optimize your online presence far more than Google does. Plus, its integrated AI text generator can help you create a site that transmits your brand’s image in minutes.

If you need a service that lets you share important documents and information, Webador is another easy-to-use, free option. Webador includes powerful features for communication with your visitors, such as document sharing, custom forms, and live rating systems.

Whichever builder you choose, our step-by-step guide can help you build a great site, even if you have no prior experience.

1. Photo Portfolio: A Virtual Gallery, Best for Photographers

Google Sites Photo Portfolio template
You can use the About page to share your aesthetic vision. Hover over this image to see it in action!
Photo Portfolio’s minimal style keeps visitors’ eyes squarely focused on what’s most important – your work. The homepage and project galleries are clean and attractive. Ample white space gives each photograph room to breathe.

Navigation, like the design, couldn’t be simpler. Ideal for an image-focused portfolio, the minimalist menu takes up a discreet corner of your page. Visitors can click on the dropdown “Work” menu to view individual projects, such as portraits, landscapes, urban life, or interiors. They can also click on each photo caption to view a full gallery of related photographs.

Because Google Sites doesn’t offer e-commerce tools, you can’t add a shop to let collectors purchase your work online. But you can invite visitors to sign up for a newsletter, and you’ll be able to include your contact information at the footer of every page. And if you want to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts, you can use HTML or JavaScript code to embed a widget on your website.

2. Restaurant: Adaptable Design for Restaurants and Cafes (Dine-In Only)

Google Sites Restaurant template
A responsive design makes navigation easy on desktop or mobile. Mouse over to see a menu page!
Restaurant may not have the functionality or visual appeal of other builders’ templates, but it does check a lot of boxes: plenty of photos, chef and menu pages, and well-placed buttons to encourage diners to reserve a table.

It’s easy to change the layout, colors, and fonts to capture the personality of your restaurant. You can add videos and image carousels to give customers a visual taste of your food and ambience. And with Google Slides, it’s easy to resize, adjust color and brightness, and add filters to your photos.

I’d suggest you embed the Open Table or Resy app if you want to let customers reserve online. Embedding a Yelp widget will let visitors browse your happy diners’ reviews.

3. Salon: Modern Style, Best for Beauty and Wellness Brands

Google Sites Salon template
Dedicated sections call attention to your services and treatments. Hover to see!
A full page cover image and bold typography give Salon a contemporary feel. There are dedicated pages and sections for your services and fees, your team, and customer testimonials. Sample text and images make designing a functional website for a salon or spa pleasingly straightforward.

You can pique visitors’ interest in your services by adding an announcement bar to the homepage to promote sales and monthly specials. Eye-catching buttons prompt clients to call and book an appointment.

All the essential information potential clients need is on the Contact page: your business days and hours, location, telephone number, and email. They can even use the built-in Google map to get directions.

4. Class: Tailor-Made for Teachers and Schools Alike

Google Sites Class template
A monthly newsletter can keep students and parents up to date. Hover over to see!
Class has all the collaborative features teachers need to keep students, parents, and faculty informed about curricular goals, assignments, and special activities. It’s also ideal for a project-specific learning site because settings let you restrict access to a select group.

Full integration with Google’s suite of free tools lets you upload all your class materials: files, videos, presentations, and tutorials. Your students can log in, review information, and share their completed assignments.

You have the option to incorporate a Google Calendar for sharing your office hours and sending reminders about assignment due dates. The main drawback is that you cannot establish a link between your website and either Google Classroom or Google Workspace for Education.

5. Portfolio: Simple Framework for a Professional Portfolio/CV

Google Sites Portfolio template
Different layouts and color themes will give your portfolio a unique appeal. Mouse over to see the Project page!
Portfolio is a minimalist template for professionals who want to quickly create an online presence, share their expertise, and capture the interest of clients and recruiters.

The homepage gets right to the point, with a crisp introductory header that sums up your skillset and presents a selection of your best work. Visitors who want a deeper look can go straight to the Project page to browse detailed presentations that use text, image, and video to showcase your skills.

You can create an About page to showcase your relevant work experience. To finalize your site, make sure to upload a downloadable PDF of your resume and embed a link to your LinkedIn profile.

6. Event: Classic Design for Business Events and Gatherings

Google Sites Event template.
You can change the overall look of your theme’s color palette and font with a click.
The clean-looking Event template makes it easy to design a website for a business meetup or conference. Its simplicity and straightforward navigation lends itself to firms and organizations that want to connect with busy professionals and encourage them to RSVP.

Visitors can quickly skim the homepage to learn all the fundamentals: the event’s goals, key speakers, and venue. Built-in pages allow interested users to review a detailed schedule, speaker bios, travel options to the event venue, and a Google map showing its location.

Google Sites now lets you add a custom domain to your website for a more professional look. Simply add your site’s current Google or other custom domain, or choose and pay for one from Google Domains.

7. Club: Best for Community Groups and Small Nonprofits

Google Sites Club template
Built-in features introduce visitors to your group’s purpose and members.
Choose Club for a quick way to design an attractive website for a mission-focused group or local non-profit. It’s suitable for keeping members of a running, gardening, or book club or any other kind of club informed about past and future activities.

Club offers functions that allow you to distribute crucial details about your group’s mission, objectives, and background. You have the ability to quickly upload a YouTube video or Slides presentation with a single click – the areas are pre-designed. You can also incorporate a Google calendar into the Events page and employ thumbnail pictures and text to spread news about future and past events.

Each page closes with a bold “Get Involved” footer with call-to-action buttons that invite interested visitors to sign up for your newsletter, become a member, or email you to request additional information.

Other Notable Google Sites Templates

I’ve shared some of Google Sites’ most versatile templates – but if you haven’t found one that appeals to you or fits your needs, here’s a selection of other impressive ones to consider. Most are free, though I’ve also included some great premium templates from third-party developers.

8. Parents Again: Best for Personal Blogs

Google Sites Parents Again template.
A full screen homepage image grabs attention and draws visitors in
If your goal is launching a family blog, look no further than the Parents Again template. With a short scroll down the homepage, visitors can view your latest photos, blog posts, and parenting tips. Once you update the template’s images and text, all that’s left to do is to link your social media accounts and add a newsletter signup form.

9. Wedding: Classy Wedding Announcement

Google Site Wedding template
Integration with Gmail lets you seamlessly collect RSVPs
This classic wedding website template has ample space to share your story with friends and family and show off photos of your courtship and special day. Built-in pages cover all the essential information – the when and where, but also how to get to the welcome party, ceremony, reception, and other celebrations. A nice touch is “what to do” and “where to eat” sections, a thoughtful addition for couples planning a destination wedding.

10. Graduates: Best for Personal Portfolios and CVs

Google Sites Graduate template
Bold text sets off this template’s homepage
New graduates and other professionals who want a fast and easy way to create a personal website may want to consider Graduates. Potential employers and clients can use the navigation links to download your resume and explore your professional experience. The simple footer includes your email address and phone number to make it easy for visitors to get in touch.

11. Bliss Yoga Template FG01: Best for Health and Wellness Brands

Steegle Bliss Yoga Template FG01
Bliss Yoga FG01 has the features you need to drive engagement
Steegle’s Bliss Yoga FG01 premium template is a great starting point for any health or wellness business, from yoga studios to retreats. It’s packed with pages and tools you can use to promote the life-changing experiences you offer. You can set up a class schedule, online booking, instructors page, a gallery style blog, video, and contact page with map.

12. Bale: Ideal for Food Trucks and Street Food Vendors

Premium Bale template from imaketemplates
Built-in maps make it easy for hungry customers to find you
The Bale template from imaketemplates.com is my top pick for food trucks, street food vendors, and chefs who rely on pop-ups and marketplaces to share their culinary creations. The homepage gets right to the point with a bold header, full menu, schedule, and contact information. There’s even space for you to tell your story and share what makes your food special.

13. Porto: Multipurpose Small Business Template

Oker Porto template, landing page demo
You can design an eye-catching landing page for a product launch with Porto
Porto is an HTML 5 template from Oker that’s suitable for any niche or need. With unlimited customizations, it’s easy to find a design that aligns with your brand and purpose, whether it’s a blog, landing page, business, or personal website. My favorite is the landing page demo. It has everything you need to launch a new product, from detailed specs to a virtual product tour and built-in shopping cart.

14. Photography: Smart Look for Creative Artists and Agencies

Steegle free Photography template
Pair an image of your best work with a personal intro to draw in prospective clients
This striking Steegle template for photographers and other artists splits the homepage horizontally above the fold for immediate impact. Just below, a simple grid gallery highlights your creative range and invites visitors to browse featured portfolios image by image. You also set up an About page where you can share insights into your creative approach and add a homepage section to promote classes or workshops you offer.

15. Archi: Best for Interior Design and Architecture Firms

designesia Archi HTML 5 template, interior design demo
A selection of portfolio pages display your most recent projects
The fully responsive Archi HTML 5 template from Designesia comes with dozens of demos and 200+ ready-to-use pages that make it easy to build a professional looking website. It’s a multipurpose workhorse, though I’d recommend it for interior design and architecture firms. You can find this template on the ThemeForest Envato Market.

16. Columbo: Minimalist Style for Coffee Shops and Cafes

Free Columbo template from imaketemplates
A minimalist homepage has plenty of eye appeal
Coffee shops, cafes, and patisseries will find much to like about the free Columbo template from imaketemplates.com. The overall design is simple and well structured, which makes it easy to navigate. An expansive gallery allows visitors to preview your specialty coffee drinks and other menu items before visiting in person.

17. 7 Waves Healthcare HT01: Great for Healthcare Providers

Steegle premium 7 Ways Healthcare HT01 template
This well-structured design is easy to navigate – a plus for healthcare practitioners
Doctors, therapists, and other healthcare providers need a website that clearly presents their services, introduces their staff, and makes it easy for clients to book services online. Steegle’s 7 Ways Healthcare template does all that and more, with essential information displayed right on the homepage. There’s even a blog where you can share healthcare news and advice to reassure prospective clients about your expertise.

18. Fintan Gym: Best for Fitness-Focused Businesses

Steegle free Finan Gym template10
A high impact design makes this free template ideal for gyms and fitness studios
Steegle’s Finan Gym template draws visitors in with a focused message, on-point visuals, and well placed “Join Us” CTA buttons that prompt them to sign up to achieve their fitness goals. Its clean layout makes it easy for visitors to navigate your site and focus on your services and benefits gained by signing up for a workout.

19. Baretta: Best for High-Profile Professional Events

Free Baretta Google Sites template from imaketemplates
Baretta makes it easy for visitors to find all the key info about your event
Baretta from imaketemplates.com has what it takes to build a high-conversion website for a convention or professional event. The homepage welcomes visitors with a benefit-focused header, prominently displays a “Buy tickets” banner, and strategically includes calls-to-action to encourage them to click. As they quickly scroll down the page, visitors have the opportunity to explore speakers, choose a ticket package, and finalize their purchase.

20. Drebin Plus: Simple and Focused, Best for Promoting Products or Services

imaketemplates Drebin Plus Google Sites template
A less-is-more design creates a user-friendly browsing experience
Drebin Plus is the premium version of imaketemplates.com’s free Drebin template. Its ample customization options include 5 homepage styles plus About, Product, and Contact pages. A large footer pinned to every page sums up your business philosophy and invites customers to connect with you on social media.

Didn’t Find What You Were Looking For? Check Out These Templates from Our Favorite Site Builders

While you can use Google Sites to create a website quickly, it lacks many of the features and tools you’d expect to get from one of the biggest names in technology. It’s also worth noting that while Google Sites gives you a decent 10 GB storage limit, this is shared between all of your other Google Apps. You could find yourself running out of storage quickly.

Other builders have a far greater variety of high-quality templates, like the ones I’ve highlighted below from Wix, SITE123, and Webador. These builders make it easier to design a fully functional website with a look and feel that’s unique to your style or brand. They also offer far greater storage than Google Sites. (Even on its free plan, Webador offers unlimited storage, for example).

Wix Consulting Business template
Every page lets you emphasize the value you bring to clients. Hover to see the Projects page!
The Consulting Business template from Wix has a sleek and informative design that’s perfect if you want to launch a business or service, or take an established firm to the next level. With a short scroll down the homepage, visitors can learn about the services you offer, browse past projects, and view your client list. Testimonials add further proof of your skills and expertise.

Wix Bookings makes it easy for clients to check your availability, book an appointment, and pay with a few clicks. Another notable feature is the Tools and Tips page where you can upload any materials that demonstrate your industry expertise. You’re even able to choose who can view or download your materials, whether that’s all site visitors or only prospective/current clients.

Finally, the built-in Wix Chat app helps you gather leads while also offering site visitors high-quality customer support.

SITE123 Market Mastery Template
SITE123 works well for simple, clean-looking websites
SITE123’s Market Mastery template offers a clean, professional look for any online courses. Besides the professional sans-serif font and striking header, the template is also well-structured with attention-grabbing sections for courses, information about the company, and contact details. The simple, single-page look and well-organized design help convey confidence to potential visitors and maintain visual cohesion within an information-heavy page.

Thanks to SITE123’s extensive app market, you can link information about your courses even if they’re hosted on different platforms. If you want to reach a wider audience, SITE123 also offers some of the most robust multi-language tools available for website builders, meaning that you can easily share your knowledge with the world.

Webador Traveling Template
Webador can do wonders for simple, attractive blogs
If you’re just starting your own travel blog, you might be tempted to plaster it with images of every place you’ve visited. While visuals are important for travel blogs, it’s also important to keep your content organized and easy to read. Otherwise, you risk making a bad first impression with potential readers.

Webador’s simple customization and well-structured design tools can help you create a legible, attractive, and understandable page for your blog, especially with its “Traveling” template. Webador includes intuitive tools for blog editing and updating, so you will never struggle with uploading the next chapter of your adventures. And thanks to its powerful media-sharing tools and unlimited space (yes, even on the free plan) you can share high-quality pictures, audio, and videos of your adventures around the world.

Is Google Sites a Good Fit for Your Website?

Though it has its advantages, Google Sites offers limited customization, few templates, and often insufficient storage space. However, its ease of use and convenient integrations with the rest of Google’s suite make it a good choice for small projects or for sharing information online.

Either way, make sure you choose the best template to make the most out of what Google Sites has to offer. If you’re looking for more design flexibility, check out Wix. Even on the fully free plan, Wix lets you create a website that looks exactly how you want thanks to its drag-and-drop builder.

If you’re looking to create a simple website quickly, SITE123 is another outstanding choice. It also comes with powerful tools to turn your website into a multi-language powerhouse.

Finally, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool for sharing information, keep in mind that Webador offers unlimited storage and advanced media-sharing tools. All of these alternatives offer a completely free plan, so you won’t have to break the bank only to invest in a website that better suits your needs.


Is Google Sites completely free?

Yes. You only need a free Google account to use Google Sites. Your website will be ad-free and include unlimited storage. You can use all Google’s free tools, including Google Analytics, and you’ll get access to a small library of free website templates to help you get started. The only thing you’ll have to pay for is a custom domain.

What types of websites is Google Sites good for?

Google Sites works well for photography, professional portfolios, and simple business sites that don’t need advanced features like the ability to sell products, accept payments for services, or solicit donations. It’s also a good option for classroom websites and for corporate intranet sites.

Are Google Sites templates responsive?

Google Sites templates are mobile-friendly. Text, images, and other elements will automatically adjust to different screen sizes to create a responsive version of your site. This ensures your website will look its best on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

What are the best free alternatives to Google Sites?

I’d recommend Wix for a fully functional website. The free plan gives you access to most features, though you’ll need a paid plan to unlock e-commerce. SITE123 is a good option for beginners, while Webador’s design tools are great for building a visually-striking site, perhaps for a photography or design portfolio.

If you’re still not sure, our in-depth review of the best free website builders in 2024 can help you pick the right one for your needs.

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