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9 Best Constant Contact Templates for Email Marketing in 2024

Roxana David Roxana DavidEmail Marketing Expert May 14, 2024
May 14, 2024
Constant Contact is one of the best original email marketing services. The template library features more than 200 email templates for newsletters and announcements, but some have better designs than others.

I tested out all the available email templates and found several modern-looking options where I could feature my own branding, customize the designs and include easy integrations for my clients. I tried to include one for every important type of situation, so you’ll get a clear view of the range of templates Constant Contact offers.

I also included a few alternatives at the end if nothing catches your eye. However, it’s worth trying Constant Contact’s email templates yourself since there’s a free trial available. There’s a high chance you’ll find something well-suited for your niche that I haven’t managed to include here.

1. Showcase: Put Your Online Shop Products on Display1

The Showcase email template from Constant Contact
I like the zig-zag, dynamic look of the sections of this template
The Showcase email template is designed to spotlight your online store’s latest products or featured items in a visually engaging manner. The gallery-like layout ensures high-quality images of your products take center stage, accompanied by concise descriptions and direct links to the product pages.

The set-up makes it super easy for subscribers to get a clear view of your offerings and navigate directly to your online shop with just one click. I like that Constant Contact offers Shopify and WooCommerce integrations, so you can connect your store and easily insert product links.

This template is an excellent choice for regular product updates, such as seasonal collections, new arrivals, or bestsellers. It can play an important part of a targeted email marketing strategy for engaging potential customers, encouraging repeat visits, and increasing sales.

2. Generic Announcement: Introduce Your Brand1

The Generic Announcement email template from Constant Contact
Branded templates have six layout options. This is the simplest one
Taking time to upload my logos and brand colors is one of my least favorite parts of using a new software platform. I was happy to find that Constant Contact’s Brand Templates does this part for you. After you enter your company’s URL, Constant Contact automatically imports your logo and brand colors.

The default Brand Templates look is pretty basic, but it would work well for a welcome email or an announcement. If you need to add more information to your email, you can change the layout to one of the two- or three-column options with a single click. You can also choose a color scheme based on your website or logo — or opt for a completely different set of colors.

3. Retail Coupon: Incentivize Your Customers1

The Retail Coupon email template from Constant Contact
You can insert website links or replace the image with one from your website
The Retail Coupon template is ideal for sending out new product announcements or online coupons. I like that this template has an uncluttered layout, a clear focus on the discount, and a button subscribers can click to purchase.

This template would also work well in an automated series targeting new customers or frequent shoppers. While Constant Contact does have good automation features, you have to sign up for the higher-priced plan for more advanced automations.

As a plus, this template has placeholder text that’s actually helpful. The content blocks include recommendations that help you decide what to write and how to organize your message. It also has a decent default subject line and preheader text to work from.

The Generic Newsletter email template from Constant Contact
Because I send out weekly and monthly newsletters, I need good templates for routine updates.
Generic Newsletter makes a great choice for updates since its layout is ideal for news. I like the prominent headline at the top of the email and the smaller slots for events and blog posts that follow.

I also appreciated that I could easily add more sections to this template using Constant Contact’s drag-and-drop editor. No matter what you want to add or remove, it’s easy to modify any part of the template. By clicking on any block, you can add a link, change an image, or adjust the text alignment. The available editing options appear right above the content block, so you don’t have to hunt for them elsewhere on the dashboard.

5. Event: Easily Collect RSVPs1

The Event email template from Constant Contact
Requesting RSVPs lets you track attendance and interest with ease
If you often host online events, you need a good template for promoting webinars and other virtual happenings. Event is ideal for this type of messaging, thanks to its who/what/when/where layout. I also like that it has a built-in section for donations, which works well for nonprofit clients.

This template doesn’t have an RSVP widget by default, but you can add one with Constant Contact’s drag-and-drop editor. It’s also easy to change the column width and adjust the padding to make the RSVP section as attention-grabbing as possible.

6. Class Schedule: Inform and Engage Your Audience1

The Class Schedule email template from Constant Contact
This template is great for informing your audience, as well as converting through the sign-up link
The Class Schedule template is great for keeping your audience in the loop and engaged. It’s very straightforward, featuring a spot for your class title up top, and a customizable area where you can drop in your schedule. You can format the schedule as a neat list or insert a table for weekly happenings.

There’s a big and clear call-to-action button that makes it easy for the receiver to sign up, and your contact links are handily tucked in at the bottom. This template is perfect for gyms, studios, or anyone looking to fill up membership slots.

7. Black Friday: Great for Important Seasonal Deals1

The Black Friday email template from Constant Contact
The customizable text under the header allows you to add a sense of urgency to the offer
Black Friday is one of the Constant Contact templates designed for highlighting significant seasonal promotions, alongside different holidays including religious and national ones. It features a dynamic header with glittering text that captures attention, and sets a festive tone for the message. Black Friday lets you add different product categories, each accompanied by an image and call-to-action to make it easy to access your deals.

At the end of the email, there’s a section for including a promotional code, so recipients get a tangible benefit for opening your email. Plus, you can add details about your physical store, catering to customers who prefer in-person shopping.

8. Christmas Greeting: Send a Seasonal Card To Keep in Touch With Customers1

The Christmas Greeting email template from Constant Contact
I really like the design and artwork of this template. The colors also hit the mark
This is a digital take on the traditional holiday card, designed to add a personal touch and strengthen the connection between your business and its clientele.

This template features a customizable greeting message area where you can express your holiday wishes and gratitude towards your customers for their continued support. Personally, I think the default message is great as is. The festive graphics evoke the cozy, joyful spirit of Christmas, making each recipient feel valued and appreciated.

Of course, you can add your business logo and contact information. While the primary purpose is to convey holiday greetings, it also gives your customers easy access to reach out for any end-of-year needs or inquiries.

9. Hot Chocolate Day Promo: For Your Restaurant or Coffee Shop Specials1

The Hot Chocolate Day Promo email template from Constant Contact
This template is not only for hot chocolate. It can easily fit any restaurant or coffee shop
The Hot Chocolate Day Promo template is useful for restaurants, coffee shops, or any culinary establishment looking to highlight their special offerings. It starts with a big header that helps immediately set the theme, followed by a section to highlight your most attention-grabbing deal. Plus there are more sections for detailing your other promotions.

A clear call-to-action invites your customers to consult your whole menu. You can also use this template to announce any menu changes or new items. As you can see, it’s really versatile.

Didn’t Find What You Were Looking For? Check Out These Templates from My Favorite Email Marketing Services

To give you some alternatives to Constant Contact, I’ll be showcasing my top template picks from three leading services: ActiveCampaign, Brevo (formerly Sendinblue), and AWeber. Each platform offers unique designs that can maximize your campaign’s impact depending on what you need.

Editorial Dark Products by ActiveCampaign: Modern-Looking E-Commerce1

An email template example from ActiveCampaign
ActiveCampaign typically has a more tech-y, modern look than Constant Contact
The ActiveCampaign Editorial Dark Products template stands out with its modern, dark design. It’s ideal for e-commerce brands targeting high-end markets like electronics, fashion, and beauty.

Unlike Constant Contact, which has a more standardized approach to design, ActiveCampaign allows extensive customization. This enables you to precisely tailor your brand’s user experience, catering specifically to sophisticated aesthetics and functional demands. You also get advanced e-commerce features like dynamic content insertion and integrated analytics.

Brevo Newsletter Template: Seamless Image-Based Design1

An email template example from Brevo
The flow of this template’s design is very creative
The Brevo Newsletter Template excels with its image-first approach, making it ideal for visually-driven industries like travel, fashion, and food. This emphasis on visuals over text makes it a top pick for memorable, impactful newsletters. I also like the inclusion of an Instagram grid, which is another image-heavy element, as well as a social one.

Brevo offers unique layout innovations, such as interactive content blocks that can dynamically update based on subscriber interactions. This, along with the ability to incorporate real-time social media content directly into newsletters, offer a more engaging user experience. These features make Brevo great if you want to leverage modern storytelling techniques, but not as good if you prefer a lighter approach.

AWeber’s Event-Based Template: Customized For Niche, Artisanal Businesses1

An email template example from AWeber
AWeber has great Event templates for specific niches
With its unusual hexagonal image, this template really captures attention. The use of geometric shapes not only enhances the visual appeal but has a more artsy vibe, making it ideal for businesses with unique products or services.

When compared to Constant Contact, AWeber features more advanced automation options and segmentation capabilities. You can automate complex, multi-step email sequences that react to subscriber actions like opens or clicks, enabling timely, relevant follow-ups. However, this also means it has a higher learning curve than Constant Contact.

How Do You Build a Custom Constant Contact Email Template?

Constant Contact makes it easy to create a custom email template, even if your design skills are limited. You can write your own HTML template, use the drag-and-drop editor to build from a blank template, or customize a pre-built template.

If you want to make your own template, here’s a short step-by-step guide to get you started:

Email page on the Constant Contact website
It’s easy to find the custom template builder when navigating the menu
  1. Go to the Marketing section from the Constant Contact menu, then click Email. Once on the Email page, click any Create an email button on the page.
Start from scratch button on the Constant Contact email template page
You can work from a blank template, but also import a template from a PDF
  1. Select Start from Scratch to start.
  1. Set design elements, like background colors, font choices, and button styles.
Constant Contact custom email builder
Click on any of the blocks to place them on your custom template
  1. Drag and drop content blocks, images, buttons, and other elements into the template.
  1. Save your template once you’re finished. You can copy it when you’re ready to create a new campaign.
If you’re not in a creative mood, Constant Contact also offers 2 custom email template design services for an additional fee. Campaign Design costs $79 for a standard, brand-aligned template, while Premium Design costs $299 for customized collaborations. You need to provide branding details for your business, and the design team will deliver a draft within 5-7 business days.

Hire an Expert to Design Your Constant Contact Template

If you’re not experienced with coding but want a truly bespoke email template for your business, you can hire an expert – and for a lot less than you might expect. Thousands of experienced designers offer their services through Fiverr, and some Fiverr freelancers charge just $10 for a template1.

Many even specialize in Constant Contact designs, so you can rest assured that your layout will fit seamlessly into your email marketing campaigns. These are the Fiverr designers I would recommend:

1. James774 – A Premium Service for a Reasonable Investment

An email template designed by Fiverr seller James774
James774 Constant Contact email template example
James774’s portfolio has everything from branded promotional emails like this one to Halloween-themed e-commerce layouts. They design templates based on the look of your website to ensure a consistent visual identity across your brand.

James774 offers email templates for $40, including 2 revisions and unique layouts to help your business stand out, all delivered within three days. As a Level Two Seller, they’ve received consistently good reviews and have maintained an average 5-star rating, so you can rest assured they’re proven as a high-level designer.

If you have a bigger budget, the Premium Pack gets you 1-day delivery and unlimited revisions for $95. Plus, you get an editable newsletter and the guarantee that the template is mobile responsive.

2. Saikatalam – One Template and Two Revisions for Just $10

Email templates designed by Fiverr seller Saikatalam
Two days and $10 later and you’ll get a professional email template like the ones above – pretty impressive stuff
For $10, you can hire Saikatalam to create a Constant Contact template for your business. For another $10, you can also hire Saikatalam to set up a Constant Contact email marketing automation. This seller can handle the entire process, from design to implementation, while helping you save time – all for a total of $20 per template.

Every single one of Saikatalam’s reviews is five stars, and all mention the speed with which they complete gigs. I also love that they offer a free 20-minute consultation to help you with your marketing strategy.

3. M_mandel – Professional Designs From an Experienced Marketer

An email template designed by Fiverr seller M_mandel
If you can afford to invest a little more, M_mandel delivers some pretty polished designs
If you have a slightly larger budget, you may be able to hire an experienced digital marketer. M_mandel creates professional templates that can include call-to-action buttons, logos, links, and other elements that drive results for your business.

They also offer another gig on Fiverr where they’ll be your ‘Constant Contact assistant’ for $10. They can help you with editing existing email templates, scheduling campaigns and uploading contact lists.

Do Our Best Constant Contact Templates Offer What You Need?

With more than 200 mobile-responsive templates, Constant Contact has options for any email campaign you need to send. Constant Contact lets you create branded designs, customize premade layouts, and add e-commerce or survey integrations, so you can put these templates to work for just about any purpose.

Ultimately, Constant Contact is great for basic email templates and branded emails. While other email platforms have more advanced features, simpler emails tend to annoy recipients less – and Constant Contact strikes a great balance between simplicity and style.


How do I create an email template in Constant Contact?

Constant Contact has a few options for creating email templates. You can customize one of the 200+ templates or build your own using the drag-and-drop editor. You can also code your own HTML template or upload a PDF. You can try it all out with Constant Contact’s free trial.

What is Constant Contact and what does it do?

Constant Contact is an email marketing service that lets you send out newsletters, e-commerce announcements, and automated messages. It’s also a marketing suite that offers a website builder, a logo maker, social media posting, and pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Which is better – MailChimp or Constant Contact?

Both MailChimp and Constant Contact offer email and select marketing features, but Constant Contact is better because it has a more straightforward drag-and-drop editor, subscriber segmentation, and better e-commerce integrations. Constant Contact also has a wider range of add-on marketing tools, such as PPC ads and social media posting.

Is there a free version of Constant Contact?

Constant Contact doesn’t have a free version. However, it does offer a free trial so you can test out the service for yourself. The free trial lasts for 60 days, which is much longer than what most other email marketing services offer. If you want to check out more options, take a look at our list of the 10 best email marketing solutions, many of which have free trials or plans.

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