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5 Tips On Using Google Webmaster Tools to Boost Your Rankings

Max Anderson

When it comes down to the tools you need to help identify website problems, to check what areas of your site needs work on, and to generally improve the performance of your site in search results. Then the first port of call for you is to sign yourself, and your site, up to Google Webmaster Tools.

Webmaster Tools isn’t just a base for checking out problems however, it’s a toolkit full of essential components that can help your site rank well in the search results. It is also a platform that should be used on a regular basis.

What Can I Use Webmaster Tools For?

There are so many different options available in Webmaster Tools, but these are the most important features you should be looking at:

  1. Geographic Targets
  2. Crawl Errors
  3. HTML Improvements
  4. Links to Your Site
  5. Index Status

Geographic Targets:

If you have a site targeted to those in the UK, but your geographical targeting is set to the US then you could be losing out on potential customers. This feature allows you to set your preferred location.

Crawl Errors:

This will show you any errors you have on the site. It will pick up pages that are being linked to but do not actually exist (404’s). This is where you can then redirect the links to the correct end targets, reducing the amount of errors being shown.

HTML Improvements:

For sites with a lot of pages duplication issues can occur in the page title and meta description. This section of WMT will be able to pick up these issues so you can easily identify the pages that need editing.

Links to Your Site:

If you have been actively link building or have just picked up a lot of organic links then this is the place that will show you where links to your site are coming from. This is also an important section for those who have been penalized in the search results due to the detection of unnatural links.

Index Status:

A crucial feature that shows you just how many pages on your site are being indexed by Google. With this data, you can clearly see if your site is being indexed, and the pages that are being blocked by your robots.txt file.

By investigating into the above 5 pointers you could give your site a better chance of ranking well in Google, which can lead to a whole host of other benefits.

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