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Build a Dedicated Fan Base for your Social Media Campaigns

The effort that it takes to build a dedicated fan base from scratch can be quite daunting initially. There are many well-known companies that have a massive following due to their social media campaigns.


However, with determination and innovation you can grasp that brass ring and become a household name. Read on to learn more about social media fan followings and how to build your own.

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Get More Followers on Twitter: Four Strategies that Work

You know that you need more followers on Twitter, but can’t seem to get that number to rise. Having a significant amount of Twitter followers helps you boost your online presence, SEO efforts, and plays an integral role in any Internet marketing plan.


Start making Twitter work for you with these four strategies that are guaranteed to get you noticed and followed.

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Does a Small Business Really Need Big Data?

In a recent business article, Forbes magazine urges small businesses to incorporate big data into their marketing plans. The implication is that businesses that ignore big data will be flattened by the competition before long.

Does a Small Business Really Need Big Data?

Big data – the vast quantities of data about consumer behavior that one recovers from the social networks, the cellular networks and other records of consumer behavior – is touted by marketing consultants and data analysis conglomerates like IBM as the biggest marketing innovation since the Internet. Why are small businesses supposed to use it? Do the data analysis firms just want to find a way to profit from all the data analysis ability that they have?

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6 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a PR Firm

Firstly we would like to Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at Website Planet, and hope that 2015 brings you good fortune. One of the many things small business owners tend to look for at the start of a New Year is PR company, and that’s why we want to focus today’s post on 6 of the most important questions you need to ask before diving right in.

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A PR firm could achieve more positive publicity for your small business than you could ever pull off on your own. PR representation, though, is expensive and comes with no guarantee of results. How do you find a good firm to represent you well?

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