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Solomon Ndung'u
Solomon Ndung'u
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Mashhad is one of the leading web hosting companies based in Iran. It has over 15 years of experience with an unparalleled variety of hosting services serving both individuals and companies in Iran and across the European countries.



As one of the top 30 web hosting companies in Iran, clearly, Mashhad is no brainer in the web hosting space. Established in 2003, the hosting firm boasts of a client base of over 14,000 customers that include individuals, public and private companies, unions as well as government collections across Europe. It offers more than 80 services, including web hosting, virtual servers, security services, and web design, among others. The Mashhad website is only available in Persian.


Features and Ease of Use

Mashhad web hosting solutions come with the following standard features:

  • cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk control panels
  • Free website migrations
  • Multi PHP version change
  • Email accounts and FTP accounts
  • Unlimited domain park capability
  • Instant delivery
  • MySQL databases

Mashhad web hosting servers are hosted overseas in European data center locations. The data centers utilize the latest hardware technologies with very good speed best designed to offer the highest levels of quality services for Iranian users and customers across Europe.

Although it provides servers with SATA hard drives, the vendor also offers enterprise-grade servers with ultra-high-speed NVMe SSD drives that offer high website performance up to 10 times faster than SATA drives. 

In addition, its server resources also include LiteSpeed ​​technologies that consume less power than Apache web servers leading to better performance. Also, LiteSpeed Web Servers has the ability to serve thousands of clients simultaneously with minimum usage of memory and CPU. 

Mashhad customers can choose between Linux web hosting solutions or Windows hosting solutions. Moreover, these offerings come with a variety of control panels to choose from, including Plesk, cPanel, and DirectAdmin control panels.

Its web hosting infrastructure features firewalls and anti-DDoS protection mechanisms, to help prevent any malicious loose upload or hacker intrusion. Also, to provide customers with totally secured hosting services, the vendor has extended its hosting packages to SSL certificates packages, Backup in cloud services, and SiteLock solutions.

The Mashhad website features quite wanting parts that do not translate to English even when using Google Chrome’s translate feature.

Pricing and Support

Mashhad starter prices are pretty cheap in contrast to what other vendors are offering in the same niche. Interestingly the hosting solutions are much cheaper for customers who are not based in Iran. The hosting solutions come with flexible monthly billing cycles. Prices of these solutions are listed in Iranian rial and U.S. dollars.

Mashhad hosting systems support up to 99% uptime network guarantee. The hosting firm also provides customers with a chance to get a refund within 10 days after they have made a purchase.


The support service desk is available in various ways: telephone, support ticket, live chat or through a contact form. The vendor has an email, but I had to dig deeper into its Facebook account to find it. I sent a query via email but it could not be delivered, so I opted for sending it via the vendor’s contact form on its website. I never received a response.

Mashhad does not have a knowledge base. Instead, it has set FAQs at the end of each hosting page.

Bottom line on Mashhad

While there is a high competition among hosting companies in Iran, Mashhad’s high-quality hosting products capture a major percentage of the market share. The hosting company has sufficient hosting products for all types of business enterprises in the Iranian market. That said, its website is quite a disappointment, especially for non-Persian speakers, given that some parts of the website cannot translate into English.


  • Servers with ultra-high-speed NVMe SSD drives
  • Uses LiteSpeed ​​technologies
  • Firewalls and anti-DDoS protection mechanisms
  • Cheap web hosting solutions with flexible monthly billing cycles


  • Some parts of the website are poorly designed
  • Limited timeframe to ask for a refund compared to other vendors

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Solomon Ndung'u
Solomon Ndung'u
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