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Fasthosts Review: A Worthwhile UK Hosting Service? [2024]

Caitlin Greyling Caitlin Greyling Web Hosting Expert

Fasthosts offers a diverse range of hosting plans and services, including affordable WordPress hosting. While our previous tests revealed some problems with reliability, it seems the host has improved its offering since then. Keep reading to find out how this host ranks now in 2024.

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Affordable WordPress Hosting for UK Websites

Fasthosts' "Our Data Centres" landing page
Reliable hosting in the UK is what Fasthosts promises – and delivers

Via its dedicated UK data centers, Fasthosts provides a number of hosting and hosting-related services to a wide range of customers – from individuals to enterprises. Its selection of shared, WordPress, VPS, cloud, dedicated, managed, and reseller hosting plans cater to various setups – from larger eCommerce stores to simpler professional websites.

Though relatively speedy and certainly affordable, the provider’s below-average uptime score has been an ongoing issue, though. However, our recent tests show that Fasthosts has successfully improved both its loading speeds and uptime. Now, I can safely say that Fasthosts WordPress hosting plans are worthwhile contenders – specifically if your customer base is located in the UK, as its data centers are in Gloucester.

Otherwise, Fasthosts is reasonably-priced, if not the best “value-for-money” solution. That said, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly host, it may be it – Fasthosts data centers run 100% off renewable energy.

However, if your target market is another locale – such as North or South America, Asia, or Oceania – I recommend Hostinger instead. With Hostinger’s WordPress hosting plans and other hosting types, you can select from servers in the USA, Singapore, India, and Brazil.



The Basic WordPress Features You Need – But With Some Notable Limitations

Fasthosts WordPress hosting features
Automatic backups, 24/7 support, WordPress installation, SSL certificates, and more are included with Fasthosts WordPress hosting

A number of useful features are included with Fasthosts shared and WordPress hosting plans. A WordPress auto-installer, free domain name registration, SSL certificates, and 24/7 support come standard, for example. Unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage on all Fasthosts plans – including dedicated and VPS options – are another bonus.

The issue comes in when you compare each Fasthosts plan’s limitations regarding the number of sites you can host and storage space. For example, on Fasthosts’ most expensive WordPress plan – WP Advance – you can only host up to ten sites – and its two other plans offer somewhat scant amounts of storage space (25 or 50 GB).

Fasthosts website performance upgrades
You can upgrade your Fasthosts plan performance limits – for a fee

WordPress Auto-Installer

Fasthosts’ WordPress auto-installer makes setup easy for beginners or those with limited technical knowledge. You are asked simple questions while being guided through the process.

Fasthosts WordPress Hosting setup process
Answering a few questions can help you set up your Fasthosts website in minutes

During the sign-up process, you’ll be prompted to answer a few questions about your WordPress site’s intended usage and type – which will help Fasthosts better optimize it for you. You can also skip this entire process if you’re migrating your site from another host or planning to create your site later on. Either way, the WordPress website setup process with Fasthosts is very user-friendly.

Free Domain Names & SSL Certificates

Another plus of getting hosted by Fasthosts is the free domain name (or names) included with your WordPress plan. Many hosts don’t offer one for free with hosting, requiring you to pay for a domain name separately, sometimes even via a different provider.

Fasthost SSL certificates
Some Fasthosts plans include multiple free SSL certificates and domain names

With shared Fasthosts web hosting packages, you can get as many as 5 free domain names and SSL certificates free. The Fasthosts WordPress Advance plan comes with up to 10 SSL certificates, but only a single free domain name.

The offer applies only to .com, .uk, .co.uk, and .online addresses, with other domain names purchasable for an extra fee. All Fasthosts SSL certificates also use ultra-secure 256-bit TLS encryption.

Do note that Fasthosts VPS and cloud plans don’t include SSLs and domain names for free, offering them instead as optional paid add-ons, although this is typical for higher-end plans.


MariaDB database and performance upgrades for Fasthosts WordPress hosting plans.
Fasthosts-hosted WordPress site’s are built on the faster MariaDB database platform

With Fasthosts WordPress hosting plans, MariaDB databases come standard, as a database is required for every WordPress website. MariaDB is a free, open-source system similar to and compatible with MySQL. Designed by the founders of MySQL, it’s a branch of it – but it will allow your WordPress sites to run a little faster.

Useful Paid Add-Ons

There’s more to a website than a template, domain name, and hosting. Cybersecurity, marketing, email hosting, and SEO optimization are just a handful of other important considerations. Fasthosts assists with additional software and tools to excel in all these vital areas.

When hosting with Fasthosts, you’re supported with a variety of paid add-ons:

  • Marketing tools: listing, ads, and SEO managers, as well as tips and insights
  • Advanced cybersecurity software from Acronis Cyber Protect
  • Premium in-house basic and e-commerce website builders
  • Email and Microsoft Exchange hosting
  • Microsoft Office Suite products
  • Plesk Obsidian control panel
  • Additional IPv6 and IPv4 addresses

Fasthosts Features at a Glance

Free domain name?
Free SSL?
Money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Uptime guarantee 99.9%-99.999%
Managed hosting features?
Number/Location of data centers Multiple in the UK, USA, Germany, and Spain.

Ease of use

Optimized & User-Friendly for Beginners, But Could Include More Freebies

Fasthosts' WordPress hosting admin panel for Website Planet's test site
Fasthosts control panel and WordPress admin page make website management easy

Setting up and managing website hosting with Fasthosts is very easy, as both its sign-up process and control panel are very user-friendly. You can complete a number of website hosting management tasks from the Fasthosts admin panel – as well as access statistics and buy paid add-ons. Overall, pleasing to the eye and straightforward enough for beginners.

In our tests, we were also able to jump directly to our site’s official WordPress Dashboard from the Fasthosts admin panel without logging in separately.

Creating a New Account With Fasthosts

When you opt-in to purchase a Fasthosts WordPress hosting plan or another paid service, an account creation page automatically loads. However, you can also create an account without buying a product via the Create account link under the Log In drop-down menu.

Fasthosts Marketing Radar subscription add-on
You can sign up for optional marketing tools when you purchase Fasthosts hosting

We were prompted to add Marketing Radar to our Fasthosts WP Go hosting plan – we simply opted out by clicking Continue Without Marketing Radar.

Plus, when finalizing your order, you can select from monthly or yearly payment terms on or off contract to save money. However, you’ll need to click Change under the plan name on the Your Basket page to do so. Pay close attention to the terms on the plan you choose, as the claimed discounts can be misleading.

For example, Fasthosts’ seemingly most-discounted WordPress hosting plan – Pay monthly, 12-month contract – actually ends up more expensive than its truly best-value Pay yearly option. This is due to the fact that though the first 6 months of the monthly 1-year contract are heavily discounted, the following 6 are charged at full price.

Fasthosts hosting plan payment terms – monthly on contract, yearly, or monthly off-contract
Discounts are accessible by opting for a longer Fasthosts hosting term or contract

Connecting a Domain and Installing WordPress

Fasthosts’ WordPress hosting plan is streamlined to get your hosting account and actual website(s) up as quickly as possible. Once you’ve logged into the Fasthosts WordPress Hosting dashboard, click on SET UP WEBSITE under the WordPress Hosting tab to begin the process and connect your domain. Doing so will launch the WordPress instant installer.

Fasthosts general admin panel
You can create your WordPress website with no technical knowledge using the instant installer

During the Fasthosts WordPress website creation process, we were prompted to add or register our domain name. You can select your domain name registration period here. You can also select a domain name separately via the Domain Names link in the left-hand menu if need be. You’ll just need it registered and on hand during the site creation process.

With Fasthosts WordPress plans, only one free domain name is included for 1 year, which must be a .com, .uk, .co.uk, or .online address. Other domain names are available for purchase separately during the site setup process.

Fasthosts hosting plan setup: domain registration page
With Fasthosts, variable domain registration terms are available

In our WordPress website’s admin dashboard, we noticed some helpful pre-installed Fasthosts WordPress plugins. I like how easy it is to get a website’s design ready using Fasthosts’ Assistant plugin. It provides selected themes and plugins based on your website’s purpose. The Fasthosts Journey tool guides you through using and optimizing your WordPress website thereafter.

Fasthosts WordPress plugins
You can take advantage of all the useful Fasthosts WP tools and guides

In the Fasthosts Marketplace, you can find a number of curated plugins best suited for WordPress sites. Of course, all of these tools are optional to use. So, if you’re a pro at setting up a WordPress site or want to do so manually, you can still do so. Another plus? Fasthosts also helps you generate a passwordless WP-CLI login URL using the One Time Login plugin.

Easy WordPress Site Login

If you struggle to remember your password or hate logging in to admin panels over and over again, Fasthosts has you covered. Its instant WordPress login takes you directly to your site’s official WordPress Dashboard. Here, you can edit your site via the WordPress website editor or a connected third-party plugin and complete other vital website management tasks such as publishing site content.

Fasthosts password-free WordPress site dashboard link
The “WordPress Admin” button helps you instantly log in to your WP site

Dedicated Fasthosts WordPress Hosting Admin Panel

If you choose a Fasthosts WordPress hosting package, you also have access to a dedicated Fasthosts WordPress hosting panel. It’s integrated into the general Fasthosts control panel, being accessible via the left-hand menu under WordPress Hosting.

Here in the Fasthosts hosting admin panel, you can view and make changes to your domain name, DNS, backup, email, performance, SSL certificates, hosting package, and more settings. You can also view your WordPress website storage usage and performance analytics, handily illustrated in easy-to-understand infographics and graphs.

Fasthosts WordPress admin panel site overview
You can manage your WordPress plan via Fasthosts hosting admin panel

Easy Website Backup and Restore

With Fasthosts, the backup process is made easier, as automatic daily backups are built into your hosting plan – no plugins, tinkering around, or adjusting settings, required. You can even view backups and restore a corrupted or defunct WordPress site directly from its admin panel.

Fasthosts WordPress admin panel: backup and restore tools
Fasthosts WordPress Hosting panel allows you to backup and restore your website


Fasthosts 99%< SLA uptime agreement
Uptime guarantee rates range from 99.9%-99.999%, depending on your chosen Fasthosts plan

Very Reliable Uptime – But Lacks Global Servers

When testing our Fasthosts site using GTmetrix, Uptime Robot, and Sucuri Load Time Tester, performance was very reliable. Not only were loading speeds satisfactory, but site uptime was superb. With dedicated data centers located in Gloucester, UK, you can expect performance, security, and speed.

Our tests found that Fasthosts has an average of 99.9% uptime rate and 1 second load times in the UK, US, and Europe. However, slower load times are common outside of these regions – especially in Asia and Oceania.


We tested the entry-level WP Go hosting plan, and we were impressed with the performance of our test site on Fasthosts’ servers, which earned a typical grade of A from GTmetrix.

Website Planet test site GTmetrix test results on Fasthosts' server
GTmetrix tests showed very satisfactory performance results for Fasthosts hosting

Typical loading time for our test site was around 1.2 seconds during the daytime. Loading speed will always be higher hearer to the data center, so your UK and European site visitors can benefit the most from Fasthosts’ infrastructure.

Website Planet test site, GTmetrix test results at Fasthosts
Even the slowest loading time over a week of tests barely exceeded 1.5 seconds

Sucuri Load Time Tester

When testing our site from multiple international locations using Sucuri Load Time Tester, we found that in addition to very good loading speed in the UK and Europe, US loading times were more than adequate, particularly closer to the east coast. You can use a CDN to improve loading times further afield – or, if your primary audience is in Asia or Oceania, you’ll probably want to try a provider like Hostinger with data centers closer to these regions.

Fasthosts nutritionistic.com test site Sucuri Load Time Tester test results
Fasthosts’ UK-based servers deliver good loading time for the UK, EU, and even US


Fasthosts consistently provides a 99.9% average uptime rate. We were most impressed by its 100% uptime rate in most 24-hour and weekly periods. The servers only went down for a 9 minute period in 30 days, which could be explained by a server maintenance period.

Website Planet test site, UptimeRobot test results on Fasthosts' server
Fasthosts delivers consistent, reliable uptime rates


Lots of Support Channels – But Slow to Reply

When you have an issue, you can contact Fasthosts via a variety of channels, including phone, ticket, and live chat. Only Fasthosts’ phone support is available 24/7. Another bonus is that the phone support line is a UK-wide 0333 number, which charges standard landline tariffs no matter where you call from in the UK.

When contacting Fasthosts support via phone, you can also create a support code via your account dashboard. Fasthosts’ support team will then use this to process any account-related call and query faster and more effectively.

Fasthosts support options
You can generate your Fasthosts support code via your account before you call

I was disappointed to find that Fasthosts’ live chat is actually only available from 9:00 a.m – 20:00 p.m (GMT) from Monday to Friday. Also, you can’t contact support via live chat without creating a Fasthosts online account and logging into it, which you may find to be a nuisance if you’re just shopping for a provider and don’t want to provide personal details yet.

Fasthosts live chat support and pop-up
Fasthosts’ Live Chat pop-up box is easy to keep an eye on

When I did contact Fasthosts support on a Monday, though, they were very quick to respond. The live chat box pops up separately from your browser, allowing you to move it around and keep it in sight. They were very helpful, offering alternatives to unavailable services I queried about.

Fasthosts live chat support dialogue
No CDN integration, but Fasthosts does assist with changing domain name servers

That said, you can send a ticket anytime, although you may not get an immediate reply. When I logged a ticket at around half-four on a Sunday afternoon, I didn’t even get a same-day response.

That being said, Fasthosts does provide an easy way to add information to your ticket without creating additional tickets or sending extra messages through its “update ticket” function. All you have to do is log into your account and click on the ticket to add more details to it.

Fasthosts edit support ticket function
You can add more details to or edit your Fasthosts ticket without creating a new one

Aside from its support team, you can also consult hundreds of articles, FAQs, PDF guides, and tutorials via the Fasthosts Support site. Conveniently, these resources can be navigated to via search or the various categories listed in the drop-down menus.



Seems Competitively Priced – Until You Compare Specs

Overall, Fasthosts’ hosting packages are on the pricier side. Mainly because Fasthosts’ preset plans don’t always boast as many features as those of similar competitors. However, the performance is certainly good in and around the UK, so if you’re looking for UK-based infrastructure, this provider should be on your shortlist.

The FastHosts VPS packages should not be overlooked, either. The storage, performance, and features included for the price offer very good value for money.

If you’re going to commit to any Fasthosts plan, I recommend skipping the discounted month-by-month plans and opting to pay annually instead. It costs less in the long term – even without the 6 months of discounts offered on the month-by-month plans.


How does Fasthosts match up to the competition?

KamateraCompareOur Score4.8Compare
Liquid WebCompareOur Score4.8Compare
FasthostsCompareOur Score4.4Compare
Tailor Made ServersCompareOur Score2.9Compare


For sites targeted at UK or European audiences, you can expect a stellar hosting experience with Fasthosts. Page loading speed and uptime are above average – even in the USA.

However, Fasthosts lags slightly behind the competition if you’re looking for hosting focused on other regions, including North America. Global providers like Hostinger can offer more data center locations if you need to serve audiences in Asia or Oceania.


Does Fashosts offer webmail hosting services?

Yes, you can set up your free email account after you sign up for Fasthosts hosting. All Fasthosts hosting plans include a minimum of one free mailbox with 2 GB storage, which you can access via webmail. You can also sign up for a standalone Email Hosting package from Fasthosts, which you can connect to a registered domain name.

What security measures do Fasthosts have in place?

Fasthosts has  firewalls, intrusion detection systems, DDoS protection, malware scanning, SSL certificates, and automatic daily backups in place to protect its customers’ data and websites. Fasthosts also regularly updates its software to ensure that security vulnerabilities are addressed promptly.

Does Fasthosts offer a money-back guarantee?

Fasthosts offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for its hosting plans. Meaning customers can request a full refund within the first 30 days of signing up if they are not satisfied with the service. However, this refund does not apply to domain registration fees or any additional services purchased, including upgrades and downgrades.

Do Fasthosts hosting plans include a WordPress auto-installer?

Yes, Fasthosts WordPress hosting plans include access to a WordPress auto-installer. With it, you can set up WordPress and your site within minutes. All you need to do is answer a few questions. Other handy WordPress tools that are included with your Fasthosts WordPress hosting plan include a WordPress guide, login, and marketplace plugins, as well as passwordless logins.
Caitlin Greyling Caitlin Greyling
A freelance author, graphic designer, and photographer, Caitlin Greyling writes about web hosting, web builder software, graphic design, tech, and electronics, and has published hundreds of product reviews and comparisons for Website Planet, The Daily Mail, and Durability Matters. Her creative and technical knowledge has been showcased at PictureCorrect, Photutorial, and others. She is currently studying for an NCTJ diploma in journalism. When Caitlin’s not working, she’s exploring nature with her son and dog or relaxing at home with her cat.
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More trouble than they are worth (even if free)

They make everything difficult & time consuming (a mix between, over complicated systems, not thinking as user and not caring whether they keep their customers. Servers & databases are as weak as can be imagined and worst. Add lots of sites too quickly and you will hate yourself for 2 decades, like us. Never ever ever ever choose Fasthosts. Never. Even if they pay you. They will ruin your sanity and your business, especially as a reseller/web design firm. You cannot imagine how uncooperative they can be on the most simple things (with costly delays until they see the light). Or idiocy of changing things for the worst. (i.e. Rather than being able to simply allocate/change, the 'account owner' of a server, they think that giving access to a clients account to build their site is better. Even though said client, can withdraw your access, if they feel like not paying for your services! Gives client too much power not to pay)

Fred, Spain
April 11, 2020
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