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Mark Holden
Mark Holden
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DDoS-GUARD does exactly what its name suggests: protecting your existing website against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks or hosting your website with built-in DDoS protection.



As its name suggests, DDoS-GUARD’s unique selling point is its distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection. As a quick reminder, this means protecting you against cyber attackers who flood your website with so much traffic that it can’t cope (and is therefore unavailable to genuine visitors).

The company offers remote website protection, plus protected hosting, VDS, and dedicated servers. It also offers IP transit, network protection, colocation, and SSL certificates.

DDoS-GUARD’s website supports English and Russian languages.

Features and Ease of Use

DDoS-GUARD provides four protected cPanel hosting plans: BASIC, EXTENDED, CORPORATE, and PREMIUM. These plans come with:

  • 15 GB SSD to 80 GB SSD storage
  • 2048 MB to 16 GB RAM
  • Support for multiple PHP versions (5.4, 5.6, 7.0, and 7.2)
  • Unlimited number of databases
  • Unlimited FTP accounts and email accounts
  • Custom SSL certificate; free on the higher plans
  • Express visitor validation
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Protected DNS and DNS records management

These plans also offer static content caching (to decrease page loading times), optimized routing (for optimal resource allocation), plus HTTP/2 and SPDY support (for improved performance and better network/server resource usage).

The DDoS protection features provide reliable, real-time protection against all known types of DDoS attacks. The services conceal your target web server’s location and IP address (thus making them less vulnerable to cyber attacks), and they distribute the workload across several nodes by load balancing between web servers (which reduces your website’s downtime and boosts its performance).

The content delivery network (CDN) ensures your content gets delivered to your website visitors more efficiently by caching it locally, and page loading speeds are also enhanced by the use of SSD storage.

Besides the protected hosting plans, DDoS-GUARD also offers five remote website protection plans, eight protected VDS plans, three protected dedicated server plans, and two Comodo PositiveSSL certificates.

Pricing and Support

DDoS-GUARD’s protected hosting plans are pricey, and even the BASIC plan costs five to six times more than the industry average for standard shared hosting. You can pay for plans in U.S. dollars or Russian rubles via various methods including credit cards, bank transfer, WebMoney, and BitPay.

The company offers a short 24-hour test period for its protected hosting and remote website protection plans, but it reserves the right to cancel, discontinue, or deny this provision at any time. The free test period commences as soon as DDoS-GUARD sends an email to say that the service has been set up.

Once you’re signed up for service as a paying customer, the company will partially refund your fees in the case of service disruption.

For self-support, DDoS-GUARD’s knowledge base includes tutorials and an FAQ section. Its website also offers a lot of background information about what DDoS protection actually is. You can contact the 24/7 technical support team via telephone, ticket, online form, email, or live chat. I received a rapid reply when I tried the live chat:




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Bottom line on DDoS-GUARD

To protect your existing website against DDoS attacks, or to have it hosted with built-in protection, you can put your trust in DDoS-GUARD.


  • Excellent DDoS protection
  • Proprietary infrastructure with multiple scrubbing center locations
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Efficient customer service


  • High prices
  • A very short 24-hour test period

For DDoS protected hosting, don’t delay your visit to DDoS-GUARD.

Mark Holden
Mark Holden
Mark is a full stack web developer specializing in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP. When he's not busy building websites or geeking out over the latest addition to his ever-growing gadget collection, he enjoys playing drums for his progressive rock band. He can also make a mean Spanish omelet.

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