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Solomon Ndung'u
Solomon Ndung'u
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Established in 1996, web hosting provider COMSATS Internet Services prides itself in providing a wide range of internet services – including shared web hosting, virtual servers, colocation services, and dedicated servers – to large companies in Pakistan and beyond.


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COMSATS Internet Services is a small hosting company that simply isn’t a match for big brands like Hostinger. The bigger hosting companies simply offer a better price for similar configuration.

COMSATS Internet Services was founded in Pakistan in 1996. This vendor provides a variety of hosting solutions – including shared web hosting, VPS hosting, colocation services, and dedicated servers – to its customers in Pakistan, Canada, Italy, Hong Kong, India, and around the world. Their website can be switched between English and Urdu languages.

Features and Ease of Use

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Besides offering web hosting services, COMSATS also provides ancillary internet services such as wireless broadband, on-demand broadband, website design and development, video conferencing, and search engine optimization.

Their Hawaii-branded website hosting includes the following features:

  • Domain registration available
  • Windows or Linux operating system
  • 50MB to 20GB+ (Windows), 100MB to 20GB+ (Linux) disk space
  • 2.5GB to 350GB (Windows), 5GB to 350GB (Linux) data transfer
  • Modern data center facility with UPS multiple power generators
  • 24/7 telephone helpline

The COMSATS website provides little additional information about their web hosting features, and customers interested specifically in VPS solutions will need to contact the company to find out more.

COMSATS’ servers are housed in modern data centers situated in several locations in Pakistan including Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. Their L-Root servers allow their clients to experience high internet speeds and traffic dissemination, which reduces website response times and provides scalability and flexibility in the event of an exponential increase in web traffic.

Pricing and Support

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COMSATS’ shared hosting solutions for both Linux and Windows operating systems are very cheap, but from the limited information available it’s hard to judge exactly what you get for your money.

Hosting prices are listed in Pakistani rupees on annual (and multiyear) billing terms. While there is no money-back guarantee, the vendor promises that the hosting solutions they offer will help clients reduce their hosting expenses by utilizing the latest technologies and minimizing website complexities that increase costs.

This vendor offers real-time management of your servers 24/7/365, and they employ experienced and certified consultants to help you find the right solutions to your hosting problems. But…

You can contact the COMSATS support team only via the telephone numbers and email addresses displayed on their website. There is apparently no live chat, no ticket system, no knowledge base, and no FAQs section. The promising-looking link to their “Technical Assistance Center” simply leads to a list of locations where you can get help.

Bottom line on COMSATS Internet Services

COMSATS offers much more than merely website hosting solutions, which could be a blessing for big businesses but a curse for smaller businesses that would prefer a narrower focus on beginners’ website hosting.

COMSATS Internet Servicesmight offer a good service at a reasonable price, but does it match up with the top web hosting companies? We find it hard to say “yes.”


  • L-Root servers with reduced response times
  • Flexible and highly scalable hosting solutions
  • Windows and Linux hosting plans
  • Support team comprised of experienced and certified consultants


  • VPS hosting customers have to contact the company for a quote
  • No money-back guarantee or any other refund policy
Solomon Ndung'u
Solomon Ndung'u
Solomon Ndung'u is a writer, author, and SEO specialist. When he's not working, you will find him singing his favorite tunes. He is also a confessed avid reader of The New York Times.

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