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Mark Holden
Mark Holden
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New Zealand-based hosting provider Cheap Host offers a diverse range of web hosting packages, reseller hosting, and scalable VPS solutions to beginners, advanced users, and businesses of different sizes.


Cheap Host

Cheap Host is fine, but fine is not good enough. While Cheap Host is a decent web host, you can get better quality hosting at a cheaper price with Hostinger, for example.

Cheap Host is a New Zealand-based hosting brand of Ebox Ltd. It’s not clear when this company was founded or where it is headquartered, but it is clear that this provider offers various hosting solutions including shared hosting (cheap and premium), reseller hosting, email hosting, and VPS solutions. It also provides SSL certificates and domain registration services.

Cheap Host’s somewhat limited English-language website can be switch into other languages, but much of the content stays in English.

Features and Ease of Use

My efforts to find information about this provider’s data centers and servers, and any uptime guarantee, proved fruitless. On the bright side, I did discover that Cheap Host provides four pocket-friendly hosting plans (Small, Medium, Large, and Grand) for bloggers, small websites, and medium-sized businesses. These plans vary in disk space and the number of sub-domains, but all packages have these features in common:

  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Five databases
  • Two parked domains
  • 250 MB to 2000 MB web space

This provider also offers four premium shared hosting packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Premium) with higher resource allocations for larger companies and more advanced users that run multiple websites with heavy traffic. The premium packages come with the following features:

  • 5121 MB to 40,000 MB disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Two to four parked domains
  • From five to unlimited databases

In addition to its shared, email, and reseller hosting packages, Cheap Host provides scalable VPS packages that you can configure manually according to your needs.

For security, Cheap Host sells SSL certificates that come with a 15-day refund.

Pricing and Support

Cheap Host’s prices range from affordable to slightly expensive. Its cheap hosting packages are good options if you’re on a tight budget, but the higher-priced premium web hosting subscriptions are still reasonably priced and come with no setup fees. You can pay for plans in New Zealand dollars via PayPal or bank transfer. 

Cheap Host doesn’t do refunds except for its SSL certificates, and its VPS subscriptions incur additional setup fees.

You can contact Cheap Host’s technical support team only by telephone and ticket system. I had a somewhat surreal experience when I submitted a test ticket that was closed almost immediately.  My follow-up ticket resulted in my IP address being banned for being “rubbish”:

Cheap Host

For self-support, Cheap Host provides an adequate but not amazing knowledge base.

Bottom line on Cheap Host

Cheap Host’s variety of web hosting packages could make it a good choice for amateurs, pros, or businesses. The downsides are no SLA, no refunds, and poor customer support.

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  • A variety of web hosting plans
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No setup fees for web hosting
  • Unlimited email accounts


  • Poor customer support
  • No money-back guarantee
Mark Holden
Mark Holden
Mark is a full stack web developer specializing in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP. When he's not busy building websites or geeking out over the latest addition to his ever-growing gadget collection, he enjoys playing drums for his progressive rock band. He can also make a mean Spanish omelet.

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