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Paysafe POS Review 2024: The Pros & Cons You Need to Know

Andrés Gánem Andrés Gánem Finance Specialist

Though it’s received mixed reviews in the past, Paysafe’s tailored transaction fees, high-risk merchant accounts, and support for international payment methods certainly make it an ideal choice for some businesses. Its POS offering might be fairly standard, but it includes everything you need to accept your customers’ preferred payment methods.


POS equipment Clover terminals, PAX A920, PAX A80, and FD150 to purchase or lease
Payment methods accepted Credit and debit cards, ACH, EFT, digital wallets, bank transfers, Skrill, Venmo, cryptocurrency
Payout times 1-2 business days
Contract length Monthly (no cancellation fees)
Customer support 24/7 phone technical support for customers, other support available Monday to Friday via phone and email
Security Level 1 PCI-compliant, tokenization, end-to-end encryption, GDPR, and more

Paysafe Has POS Hardware To Cover Any Business Need

PaySafe Benefits Page
Paysafe supports a variety of integrations and offers an excellent POS toolset

Paysafe isn’t without its issues. There’s a fair number of legitimate complaints: its pricing information can be hard to find and there’s only one actual customer support channel. However, in my colleague’s independent Paysafe credit card processing review, they found Paysafe to be a solid payment processor, and most of the backlash comes from a particular product not associated with its processing solutions.

I wanted to see whether Paysafe’s point of sale (POS) offering was just as good and how well it worked in tandem with its credit card processing.

After months of careful research into Paysafe’s offering, I can confidently say that Paysafe’s POS solutions meet every standard of quality, security, and convenience. That said, Paysafe’s collection of non-Clover POS devices is somewhat limited. Although each piece of hardware is top quality, it might not be right for your business if you’re looking for something with specialized features.

Keep in mind that this is a review only of Paysafe’s non-Clover POS. So, keep reading to discover if Paysafe’s standard POS hardware is right for your business.



Reliable Hardware and Useful Integrations

Paysafe doesn’t offer ultra-specialized state-of-the-art POS hardware. When it comes to POS systems, however, being on the cutting edge is hardly as important as offering reliable and versatile hardware. On that front, Paysafe delivers.

That’s not to say that Paysafe’s systems lag on other fronts. Each machine in Paysafe’s POS selection is constantly updated with the latest standards for secure and efficient transactions. If you’re looking for a reliable device to accompany your business’s day-to-day operations, you can find one with Paysafe.

Tried-and-Tested PAX and First Data Systems

Besides its Clover POS integrations (more on that below), Paysafe offers three card terminals for lease or sale: the FD150, PAX A80, and PAX A920. Each of these terminals follows the certification rules laid out by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), including 2.4 GHz connectivity, a built-in thermal printer, and a touch-screen display.


PaySafe's FD150 offering
The FD150 is the most basic terminal in Paysafe’s offering

The First Data 150 offers everything you’d expect from a traditional POS terminal at an affordable price. It doesn’t come packed with features, but that doesn’t mean it lacks anything important. The FD150 lets you accept all major credit and debit cards through tapped, dipped, or swiped payments. If you have international customers, the FD150 can quickly convert currencies with Global Choice DCC rates.

The terminal makes accepting percentage tips and cash-out transactions simple. It even includes a “training mode” to help first-time users learn the basics without putting real earnings on the line. The version shipped by Paysafe also includes SIM card support for on-the-go transactions.


For a slightly higher price, the PAX A80 terminal comes with greater capabilities, such as 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi compatibility and Bluetooth connectivity. The PAX A80 also comes with a 0.3-megapixel built-in camera and supports external cameras and battery packs. Thanks to its Android 10 operating system (OS), the A80 (as well as its successor, the A920), is easy to customize and update so you don’t have to worry about the device becoming obsolete.

PAX A920

PaySafe's Pax A920
The PAX A920 is ideal if you’re looking for a more premium solution

Though it is the priciest non-clover option offered by Paysafe, the PAX A920 is by no means unaffordable. In contrast to the A80, the A920 model includes a front-facing scanner as well as a back-facing camera, GPS positioning, and support for multiple SIM and SAM cards. What really makes the PAX A920 stand out is the impressive number of accessories you can pair with this device, including stands, wearer cases, and external devices like scanners.

Impressive Payout Times and Various Global Payment Methods

One of Paysafe’s biggest strengths is its versatility as a global processor. Paysafe is much less US-centric than other credit card processors and offers compatibility with more payment methods throughout Europe than its competitors.

Between its POS and e-commerce solutions, Paysafe accepts over 250 different payment methods, which include a wide variety of local payment solutions such as SEPA payments for EU customers and Boleto Bancario payments for customers in Brazil.

That’s not to say that Paysafe fails to deliver in the US. On the contrary, most of Paysafe’s accepted payment methods are available to US residents, and US merchants can expect to receive their transaction funds in one to two business days. You usually pay extra with other credit card processors for similar payout times.

E-Commerce Features and Integrations

Although my main focus here is Paysafe’s POS solutions, I should mention its secure payment integrations with Authorize.net and its range of digital payment options, including subscription and QR-code payments.

Paysafe e-commerce integrations
Paysafe is famous for its variety of e-commerce integrations

Paysafe makes it easy to link your POS devices with your online payment methods, whether through Android app integrations, the built-in connectivity of Clover devices, or through Paysafe’s robust API. If you’re a merchant who does business both in-person and online, you can rest easy knowing the information between your digital and in-person payments is never out of sync.

A Verified Clover Reseller for Stylish, Functional Machines

Besides the terminals mentioned above, Paysafe is also a verified Clover reseller. This means that if you choose Paysafe as your credit card processor, you can choose one of Clover’s stylish, modern terminals for your business. Besides the visual appeal, Clover devices include special features for various business types, such as tools for restaurant management, inventory tracking, and more. You’ll also have access to Clover’s extensive app market.


Ease of use

Paysafe Wants You to Get Acquainted With Your POS Devices as Soon as Possible

To buy or rent any POS equipment from Paysafe, you’ll first have to register for its credit card processing service, or you can contact its POS Pros service directly. The onboarding process is pretty simple either way, but you can’t do it entirely online. To register with Paysafe, you must also speak with a customer support representative.

Getting Started With Paysafe

PaySafe Demo Page
If you want to start processing with Paysafe, you’ll have to call directly

Unlike other credit card processors, Paysafe doesn’t offer an online registration service. If you want to apply for a Paysafe account, you’ll have to go to the “apply” section of its website and either fill out the questionnaire or call the number at the bottom of the screen directly.

Don’t let the questionnaire fool you, though. The only difference is how straightforward your application will be and whether you wish to wait for Paysafe’s team to call you or prefer to call them outright.

Either way, once you’re on the call with the customer support representative, they’ll ask you questions about your business type, identification details, and (at least in my case) which banking company you use. My representative also suggested the Clover Mini as a starter POS system and gave me detailed information about its features, transaction costs, and subscription fees.

Though the application process was pretty straightforward, it was frustrating not being able to apply online.

POS Pros

POS Pros is a Paysafe subsidiary that offers to match you with the right POS system for your business. It even states that “38% of new business owners choose the wrong POS when starting their business.” Though I have doubts about how exactly POS Pros came up with this number or what it defines as “the wrong POS,” it’s true that choosing the ideal system for your needs can be overwhelming for both established and blooming businesses.

Though POS Pros offers independent credit card processing as well, you can sign up for a POS Pros consultation directly from Paysafe’s site. After filling out a quick questionnaire about your business and entering your contact information (email and phone number), you’ll get a call from POS Pros.

The support representative will inform you about available POS options (POS Pros offers many more options than Paysafe) and walk you through the acquisition process. If you haven’t signed up for Paysafe’s credit card processing yet, you can specifically ask for Paysafe to handle your processing in your consultation call.

Paysafe MobilePay

Paysafe MobilePay app
Paysafe’s mobile app can turn your device into a POS system

If your business relies on mobility, Paysafe offers the Paysafe MobilePay app, which can help you accept payments directly through your iPhone or Android device. With Paysafe MobilePay, you can accept in-person transactions using the built-in EMV capabilities of your device or by keying in your customer’s credit card information.

It also allows you to register and track cash, checks, and gift card payments to ensure you can account for every payment made to your business, regardless of where it’s made.



It’s Hard To Gauge Paysafe’s Pricing Outright

As a credit card processor, Paysafe operates under a tiered pricing model, although it also offers an interchange-plus and cash discount plan. Fees vary depending on the type of transaction, the kind of card customers use, and particular details about your business. Since Paysafe’s approach is different on a case-by-case basis, I can’t say for sure what your pricing information would be. In my case, the support representative gave me the following estimates:

  • Minimum fee: $30 per month
  • Monthly fee: $7.95
  • Transaction fees for qualified debit cards: 0.45%
  • Transaction fees for qualified credit cards: 1.65%
  • Transaction fees for non-qualified cards: 3.5%

While I did receive an offer for a free Clover Mini device, I wasn’t given exact pricing information for other devices. Either way, the pricing seems to depend on what’s in stock and what isn’t. If Paysafe doesn’t have a particular device for sale, you might have to buy it wholesale.

Typically, the FD150 terminal can cost anywhere between $250 and $400, the PAX A80 between $125 and $400, and the PAX A920 between $200 and $300.

A base price of over $200 isn’t exactly cheap. However, when you consider these are reliable machines that should serve your business for a long time, Paysafe’s POS offering seems fairly priced.


Compliance & Security

Security for Your POS Devices and Payment Processing

As the name implies, Paysafe ensures safe POS transactions on all its devices. Besides some hefty security measures for its credit card processing, Paysafe’s devices are also certified by various regulatory bodies, ensuring that your transactions remain as secure as possible.

PCI Compliance & More

Paysafe’s credit card processing adheres strictly to the rules set out by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). As a European company, it’s also fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws.

Paysafe’s POS devices also comply with a variety of certifications set out by individual credit card companies (such as Visa and Mastercard), government regulatory bodies (such as the Federal Communications Commission in the US and the Environment, Health and Safety standards in the EU), and third-party certification by private security companies such as the UL and the PCI PIN Transaction Security (PTS).

Additional Security Features

Besides the strict security certifications built into every one of Paysafe’s POS devices, on my call with the registration representative I learned that Paysafe could offer customized help to ensure that my business was PCI-compliant.

Paysafe also offers an enhanced security package at an additional cost. Though I couldn’t find details on what it actually includes, it’s supposed to be an extra layer of insurance in case your customers’ information becomes compromised.


Customer Support

Efficient and Friendly Support

If you aren’t already a Paysafe customer, the only available support channel is through phone, Monday to Friday during “business hours.” Despite a distinctive lack of available support channels, Paysafe makes up for it with efficient, friendly, and thorough customer support.

On my call, the representative helped me through every doubt, from pricing to PCI compliance assistance. Also, due to a mix-up in communication, the customer support agent believed I was calling to sign up for Paysafe’s credit card processing, not just to ask preliminary questions.

In my experience, most support representatives grow impatient and annoyed when you inform them you aren’t indeed calling to make a purchase. Not only did my representative remain friendly and patient after I told them I wasn’t ready to make a purchase, but they also happily answered further questions and even offered their personal number so I could call back should I think of anything else.

It is a shame that Paysafe doesn’t offer alternative support methods or a comprehensive knowledge base. Still, I can’t in good conscience call my experience with customer support anything other than excellent.


How does PaySafe POS match up to the competition?

Clover POS SystemsCompareOur Score4.8Compare
ToastCompareOur Score4.8Compare
PaySafe POSCompareOur Score4.6Compare
Epos NowCompareOur Score4.4Compare


Though a bit limited, Paysafe’s POS offering is affordable, high-quality, and secure. If you only handle card-present transactions, you won’t be disappointed with Paysafe’s service. That said, businesses that process both in-person and online transactions will benefit the most from Paysafe’s complete offering.

Here are some of Paysafe’s POS pros and cons.
Pros Cons
  • Highly secure POS equipment
  • A variety of different applications and add-ons available
  • Negotiable POS devices for free or at very low prices depending on stock
  • POS Pros personalized service to help you choose the ideal equipment for you
  • Lack of variety for non-Clover equipment
  • Lack of customer support channels


What is Paysafe used for?

Many different services fall under the Paysafe umbrella. On the one hand, Paysafe is an excellent credit card processor with a wide variety of point-of-sale tools. If you’re looking to accept credit cards for a brick-and-mortar business, Paysafe is a great option.

However, Paysafe has also received a fair amount of flak due to its less-than-stellar paysafecard. As a credit card processor and POS systems reseller, Paysafe offers fantastic service, but I can’t vouch for any of its other products.

Are Paysafe POS devices secure?

Yes! Paysafe’s POS devices are highly secure and comply with a series of regulations established by various government bodies, independent certification agencies, and private audits performed by credit card companies. It also regularly undergoes penetration tests and is PCI Level 1.3.1 certified.

Does Paysafe offer Clover POS hardware?

Yes. Paysafe is a verified Clover reseller. This means that not only will you get access to all the benefits of Clover’s POS hardware, but you’re also guaranteed full assistance through Paysafe’s 24/7 technical support.

Is Paysafe POS right for my business?

Although Paysafe’s non-Clover POS offering is somewhat limited, it still offers more than enough variety and functionality to cover the needs of most businesses. If you’re looking for a flexible, no-frills option, you can use Paysafe’s comprehensive mobile app to turn your handheld device into a POS system.
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