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AI Writer Review: The Best Long-Form Content Tool in 2024?

Andrés Gánem Andrés Gánem Expert

AI Writer is an excellent tool for writing professional long-form articles with (mostly) reliable citations. It’s far less versatile than other AI tools, and it can come at a considerable price for larger teams. Still, if you’re looking for a writer that will deliver accurate and professional results, AI Writer sits at the top of its class.


AI Writer at a Glance

Free plan
Mobile app
Free templates
Customer support Email support
Basic plan features 1 user, 100 articles with up to 5000 words per article
Starting price $49/month

A Powerful Tool for Professional Long-Form Articles

AI Writer Homepage
AI Writer stands out from the crowd thanks to its special focus on accuracy

AI Writer doesn’t waste any time before making big promises. Thanks to its real-time online access and up-to-date citations for any factual claims, it proudly declares itself to be “the only AI Text Generator built to be trusted.”

But is it really trustworthy? And even if it is, does that translate to quality results? That’s exactly what I wanted to find out, which is why I spent several weeks researching and evaluating this GPT-3-based text generator. While it isn’t perfect, AI Writer is an excellent tool for generating reliable, professional long-form content.

The results only come in one tone, and the factual claims can sometimes need revisions, so I wouldn’t call it a one-and-done tool for professional articles (yet). But if you’re looking for a high-quality long-form content writer with powerful SEO features that requires minimal editing, then AI Writer is one of a kind.

Is it just what you need to take your output quality and speed to the next level, or would you be better off with a more well-rounded tool? Read on to find out.



Specific but High-Quality Set of Tools for Accurate Content Generation

Unlike other AI writing or writing assistant tools, AI Writer doesn’t offer every feature, style, and use case under the sun. Instead, each one of its features is laser-focused on creating the most high-quality and accurate long-form content that it can.

That means that if you’re looking for inspiration for your next stand-up routine, then AI Writer will definitely not be for you. For professional work with a knowledgeable tone, however, AI Writer offers everything you need.

Created for Long-Form, Informative Articles

AI Writer uses live access to the internet and a verifiable citation model to deliver the most accurate results possible. Instead of the classic prompt box, AI Writer limits its instructions to the structure, title of subheadings, and number of words for your article.

Regardless of the topic, the result is professional, near academic text with sources for every single factual statement. Article length can vary between 300 and 5,000 words, and you can further optimize the copy through the use of certain keywords. Though the tone varies a little depending on the topic of your choosing, it will be mostly up to you to give any results a personal flair.

Optimize Your Text With the Article Tailor

AI Writer’s 3-step Article Tailor gives you an impressive level of control over your article generation. To use it, all you have to do is type your topic into the What topic to write about… bar on the Research & Write page and click the Tailor-Made Article button.

AI Writer Article Tailor Keywords
The keyword selection helps you ensure better search engine rankings

To illustrate this process, I asked AI Writer why mountain lions make the best pets. First, the Article Tailor will generate a selection of potential titles for your article, which you can edit as much or as little as you want. Once you’ve chosen a title, the tool will ask you to make a selection from a list of SEO-optimized keywords to include organically in your article. Though the recommended number is between one and five, you can select as many as you wish.

AI Writer Article Tailor subtopic selector
You can segment your article exactly as you want

Finally, you’ll receive a series of subheadings for your article. You’ll be able to decide which subheadings you want to include and in which order. AI Writer creates five by default, but it will offer dozens of different options for you to select. If none of those options convince you, you can write down your own subtopics and add them to the article.

Once all that’s done, you can select how many words you want to dedicate to each subtopic. Click on the Done! Write Article! button and wait. The end result is an expertly formatted article with the exact structure and content you chose.

Live Citations for All Factual Claims

AI Writer citations
You might have to double-check some claims, but it’s still an incredibly useful feature

One of the biggest problems with GPT-based models is their tendency to “hallucinate” factual claims. Depending on your AI writer of choice, that could mean anything from having to spend several minutes fact-checking every claim to determining that the entirety of your content is unusable. AI Writer sidesteps this problem by providing easy-to-check sources in every article.

I should clarify that the sourced information is not always correct, but AI Writer is still one of the most accurate tools of its kind. Even when the information is incorrect or it arrives at a mistaken conclusion, the automatic list of sources makes it easy to spot exactly when the details went off the rails and correct them in little to no time.

Powerful Text Rewording for a More Professional Tone

If you’ve written a blog post or article but feel like it needs a little work, you can polish it with AI Writer’s rewording feature. From your dashboard, click on the Text Rewording tab, paste your copy into the text box, write a headline, and click on Rewrite this text!

The result will be comprehensive, SEO-friendly text with a professional tone. Even with the silliest of inputs, AI Writer delivers a text that is publication-ready within minutes. Also, you can use ignore tags to keep specific parts of your text exactly as they are. Not only will those sections remain intact, but the surrounding text will also adjust itself to keep things in context while improving the rest of the article.

Privacy & Security

AI Writer follows all the industry-standard security measures for a tool of its kind. That means that all your personal information remains secure while using AI Writer. When you sign up for a subscription, all credit card processing is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which means that you don’t have to worry about your financial information getting leaked or shared.

Though it doesn’t go too much into specifics, AI Writer guarantees that you retain the full rights to any content you generate or edit using its service.


Ease of use

About as User-Friendly as It Comes

I can’t imagine how AI Writer could be any more straightforward. The sign-up process is immediate, the dashboard is clean and intuitive, and (nearly) every feature is self-explanatory and easy to find. It can sometimes feel a little too stripped-down, and the SEO-focused editor is awkwardly hidden. Overall, AI Writer is an extremely user-friendly platform.

Getting Started With AI Writer

Home page
It’s the huge green button, you really can’t miss it

To get started, you can simply go to Ai-Writer.com and click on Start Free Trial. You’ll jump down to a box that will ask for your article topic and email address. The best part of this sign-up process is that you don’t need to input any credit card information and therefore won’t be signing up for a subscription.

After that, you’ll create a password and check your email for a verification link. Once that’s done, you can access your one-week free trial as well as your generated article. If you want to upgrade to a paid plan, it’s just a matter of heading to the Subscriptions tab on your dashboard and selecting the plan you want.

Intuitive, SEO-Focused Text Editor

AI Writer includes a simple SEO-focused text editor that ranks your keyword distribution on a scale from 0 to 100. It’s really just a run-of-the-mill text editor that scans your current article for important keywords related to your subject. If your score is low, AI Writer also displays a list of suggested keywords for you to add.

AI Writer SEO focused editor
The better your score, the more likely you are to rank high on search engines

I’ll admit that this is the only feature from AI Writer that was somewhat tricky to find. To access the SEO text editor, you can go to the Text Rewording tab and, well, reword some text.Once that’s finished, you’ll have to click on your article, and then you’ll be able to access the SEO text editor.

That means you can only use the SEO-focused Editor on reworded text. Though its placement is undeniably inconvenient, it’s stillan invaluable tool for improving your search engine rankings.

Find the Nuance in Your Topic With the Subtopic Discoverer

AI Writer Subtopic discoverer
You can then generate full articles for any subtopic you like

The Subtopic Discoverer is another wonderful tool to improve your SEO rankings. On the Subtopic Discoverer tab, all you have to do is submit the topic you want to investigate and click on Find subtopics. In about 30 seconds, AI Writer will generate a full list of relevant, SEO-friendly subtopics.

You can also generate entire articles based on the subtopics of your choosing. Keep in mind though, that you’ll be burning one of your monthly article tokens for each new article you generate.

Streamline Your Blogging With a Direct Publish-to-WordPress Feature

AI Writer connect to WordPress
AI Writer gives you detailed instructions for linking your WordPress site

AI Writer gives you the option to publish your AI-generated articles directly to your WordPress site. The initial process of connecting to WordPress is a little involved but AI Writer gives you full instructions for every single step. If you have a thriving WordPress site, this can be an amazing tool for increasing your content output to keep your site fresh.



Efficient, Professional, and Accurate

To compare the results of different AI writers, I used the same standardized prompt across all my reviews. Then, I judged the result based on time for processing, how much it adheres to the prompt, quality, and how much tweaking (if any) is necessary to consider it a well-written piece of text.

In this case, I asked AI Writer to create a mission statement for the Wildlife Sanctuary Project (WSP), an organization dedicated to long-term sustainability, public education, and advocacy for animal welfare and rights. Since the tone I was looking for is pretty much AI Writer’s whole deal (knowledgeable and professional), I also wanted to test how it fared with a wider range of prompts for different purposes.

The bad? AI Writer is very much a specialized tool, and it shows when you try to create content in a broader range of styles. The good, however, is that when you take advantage of that specialization, AI Writer delivers excellent results.

AI Writer Nailed Our Standardized Prompt on the First Try

AI Writer doesn’t give you many (and by that, I mean more than one) options for prompt generation. I started my test by placing our standardized prompt on the topic bar, disabling the Article Tailor, and pressing Write Article.

To be exact, I asked AI Writer to write a friendly but professional mission statement for the Wildlife Sanctuary Project (WSP). The result was an excellent, almost-ready-to-go mission statement with comprehensive citations. It struggled with the two-paragraph limit, and the formatting was awkward, but it was nothing too hard to fix.

Mission Statement: Protecting Wildlife And Preserving Ecosystems At The Wildlife Sanctuary Project (WSP)

At the Wildlife Sanctuary Project (WSP), our mission is to protect wildlife and preserve ecosystems through sustainable practices, public education, and advocacy for animal welfare/rights. We are dedicated to creating a safe haven for endangered species, promoting biodiversity, and ensuring a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

Vision For Long-Term Sustainability: Ensuring A Thriving Future For Wildlife And Habitats

At the Wildlife Sanctuary Project (WSP), our vision is to create a sustainable future where wildlife and their habitats not only survive but thrive. We are dedicated to implementing strategies that promote long-term sustainability by:

  1. Conserving Biodiversity: Preserving and restoring natural habitats, we strive to safeguard biodiversity, recognizing the importance of every species in maintaining healthy ecosystems.
  2. Promoting Ethical Practices: Advocating for ethical treatment of animals, we aim to raise awareness about their welfare and rights, encouraging responsible human behavior towards wildlife.
  3. Supporting Scientific Research: Collaborating with experts, we conduct scientific research to better understand wildlife populations and ecosystems, enabling evidence-based conservation strategies.

Core Values: Guiding Principles For Success At The Wildlife Sanctuary Project (WSP)

At the Wildlife Sanctuary Project (WSP), we are driven by a set of core values that guide our actions and shape our approach to wildlife conservation, public education, and animal welfare advocacy. These values define who we are and how we operate:

  1. Compassion: We believe in treating all living beings with kindness, empathy, and respect. We strive to provide a safe haven for injured, orphaned, or abused animals while promoting their physical and emotional well-being.
  2. Sustainability: We are committed to long-term sustainability by implementing environmentally responsible practices in our operations. Through sustainable resource management, renewable energy initiatives, and habitat restoration efforts, we aim to protect wildlife habitats for future generations.

I had to modify the above text’s capitalization and numbered list (in the original result it was all in the same paragraph). However, it took less than five minutes to edit the text into something I’d be happy to show on any front page.

AI Writer’s live internet access makes it stand out from its pre trained peers, so I was interested in testing its limits as a content creator. Since most AI writers have a rigid set of restrictions, I wanted to test how candidly it could write about usually restricted topics. To my surprise, AI Writer not only delivered articles for each of my prompts, but it did so in the same convincing, professional voice I had come to expect.

I also wanted to know how good it was at writing instructional articles. Since I’m a dork, I know a lot about fighting video games and tabletop role-playing games, so I asked AI Writer to write a guide for becoming a better dungeon master.

Unfortunately, AI Writer isn’t a very good teacher. When the time came to actually give advice, the results were either incredibly basic or boiled down to “if you want to become a better storyteller, you have to tell stories better.

Still, AI Writer is clearly made with a specific purpose in mind. So I can’t dock too many points for less-than-stellar results on requests that fall outside of that purpose.



A Valuable Proposition if You’re Planning to Make the Most Out of It

If you want to get a feel of what it can do, you can sign up for AI Writer’s limited 7-day free trial. You’ll get access to about 12 articles of up to 600 words, which will give you a general idea of how the service works, but not much more.

To really experience AI Writer’s capabilities, you’ll have to go for one of the paid plans. Each plan gives you access to the same features, with a variable cap on how many articles you can generate per month and how many users can share the service.

The Basic Plan gives you access to up to 100 articles for a monthly fee of $49/month ($41/month if billed annually), while the Standard Plan increases that to 175 articles for 3 users for $69/month ($58/month for an annual plan). The Power Plan gives 10 users access to 1,000 articles for $375/month ($312/month if billed annually). Whatever plan you choose, you’ll get two months free if you decide to pay yearly instead of monthly.

Overall, AI Writer’s pricing falls pretty much in line with other AI writers, but you’ll probably pay a little more for advanced plans. I’ll be completely honest: even on the Basic Plan, AI Writer is worth it if you’re planning to make the most of its generating capabilities. You’re definitely going to get your money’s worth if you’re planning to generate at least 25 articles each month.

For anything less, however, AI Writer’s price is just too steep to justify lighter usage.



Support Was… Not Good

Maybe it’s because AI Writer is very clear about what it can and can’t do, so I knew exactly how to manage my expectations. Maybe it’s because it’s a genuinely impressive tool with unique characteristics. Either way, this has been one of my personal favorite platforms to test and review – which only makes the quality of support all the more disappointing.

AI Writer has no live chat support, no official forum or knowledge bases, and no phone number. Since it doesn’t even include a traditional chatbot format, you can’t ask it to describe itself. That means that if you have any questions, your only option is to contact its email support directly.

Now, this scarcity of resources wouldn’t be that bad as long as the only support channel was high quality and efficient. The problem is that AI Writer’s support was… bad.

On a Saturday, I sent a short email asking if I could use the SEO text editor directly for generated articles or even my own text. I also asked if it offered any tools for refining or regenerating specific parts of an article.

By Monday morning, I still had no response. No problem, people have lives, and it would be disrespectful to expect any support service to be at my beck and call late on the weekend, especially since AI Writer isn’t a massive company with thousands of support representatives.

AI Writer Customer Support
This response would’ve been so-so after a day, but after a week, it’s unacceptable

That said, I’m not sure I can make up any excuses for the only customer support channel to answer my simple questions almost two weeks later, with nothing like a “we’re processing your request” email in the meantime. As for the answer itself, it wasn’t great. It answered my questions, but I wouldn’t say it was particularly extensive, thorough, or overall worth the wait.

What’s more, that’s the answer I got when I sent the email from a personal account. I haven’t gotten a response from the account associated with a service I paid for. At least the support representative apologized for the delay, which is… something.


There are more flexible (and cheaper) tools than AI Writer on the market. If you’re looking for an all-purpose text generator or for a little help with your homework, AI Writer might be overkill.

But if you want a powerful article generator with specific tools for accuracy, then AI Writer is the tool for you. Thanks to its citation features, easy-to-understand interface, and high-quality long-form outputs, AI Writer is an article-writing powerhouse.
Pros Cons
  • Real-time internet access and citations for factual claims
  • Article Tailor to generate complex, well-structured articles
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Subtopic Discoverer tool for SEO-friendly content
  • SEO-focused Editor for SERPs
  • Not a lot of tone variation
  • Limited but pricey basic plan
  • Poor customer support


Is AI Writer good for long-form content?

AI Writer is one of the best GPT-3-based text generators for long-form content. Not only does it do a remarkable job weaving ideas together, but thanks to its Article Tailor tool, you can be clear on your article’s structure from the beginning.

Is AI Writer free?

No. AI Writer does not offer a free plan. However, it does offer a 7-day free trial for you to test its generating capabilities. To sign up for the free trial, you just have to create an account.

Are AI Writer’s citations accurate?

Mostly, yeah. After weeks of trying out AI Writer for different purposes, I can attest to the accuracy of most of its citations. It’s not a perfect system yet, and sometimes the citations do come from dubious or irrelevant sites. Overall, AI Writer does a fantastic job of writing accurate, professional content.

Can AI Writer be detected?

For the most part, no. I tried running a large sample of my generated results through different AI text detectors, and AI Writer usually passes with flying colors. That’s probably thanks to its live citation capabilities, which allows it to create up-to-date, natural-sounding content. Still, I would advise editing the generated text to introduce some of that special human-made magic if you’re looking to create 100% undetectable content.
Andrés Gánem Andrés Gánem
Andrés writes about a variety of topics aimed at helping business owners and merchants grow and manage their ventures. These topics include (but are not limited to) website building, web hosting, project management software, and credit card processing. Andrés has 3+ years of experience as a writer and content creator. He’s also worked as a project manager, website designer, and social media manager for a variety of science communication groups.
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