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CreditCardProcessing.com Review: Is It Trustworthy? [2024]

Ryan Jones Ryan Jones Finance Specialist

Can CreditCardProcessing.com’s marketing really be trusted? Or is it simply trying to hook you into a poor quality service? While my research found that it’s not the cheapest option out there, CreditCardProcessing.com offers great features – many of which you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.


POS equipment Free Pax terminal or Clover terminal, depending on plan
Payments methods accepted Credit and debit cards, digital wallets, ACH, bank transfers
Payout times 72 hours
Contract length Monthly or variable (cancellation fees may apply on variable contracts)
Customer support Phone and email support. Technical support available 24/7, sales available Monday – Friday
Security Level 1 PCI-compliant, data breach insurance, end-to-end-encryption, tokenization, advanced fraud detection and prevention, payer verification

Great Features and Support, but a High Transaction Fee

CreditCardProcessing.com signup page
CreditCardProcessing.com offers payment processing to suit almost all kinds of businesses

CreditCardProcessing.com has a somewhat mixed reputation with its customers – while many sing its praises as a reliable payment processor, others claim that it’s filled with nasty hidden fees, and even accuse it of using deceptive marketing tactics to draw in customers. So, who’s telling the truth? I decided to find out.

CreditCardProcessing.com offers three pricing models – interchange-plus, subscription style (confusingly called flat rate pricing on its website), and cash discount. Regardless of your transaction volume, and whether you sell in-person or online (or both!), this processor has a solution that will suit your business.

Note on flat rate pricing: In the world of credit card processing, flat rate pricing typically refers to a payment model where you pay the same rate on every transaction, no matter what credit or debit card is used to make payment. CreditCardProcessing.com’s “flat rate” pricing plan doesn’t qualify as truly flat rate because, despite charging a fixed markup on wholesale interchange rates, the interchange rates you’ll need to pay will vary by card issuer and brand.

If you’re an established business that makes just a few huge sales per month – such as a car dealership – CreditCardProcessing.com’s subscription-style option will save you a huge amount over a traditional percentage-based markup. On the other hand, a startup that primarily makes small sales may find that the interchange-plus or cash discount plan suits them better.

To find out whether this service is worth your time, I sifted through hundreds of user reviews and conducted my own extensive research. I found that CreditCardProcessing.com doesn’t really deserve all the negative feedback it’s been getting.

Although its fees are a little higher than those charged by other processors, it’s a reliable service with some standout features. Read on to find out if it’s right for your business.



Impressive Free Payment Solutions, but Slow Payment Processing

CreditCardProcessing.com offers a competitive set of features that allows it to go toe-to-toe with our top-rated payment processors. I was impressed by the free POS equipment, and the offerings for e-commerce are quite enticing too. And if you’re looking to sell online subscriptions, you’ll especially benefit from this processor’s unique subscription management service.

CreditCardProcessing.com uses the popular Authorize.net payment gateway for online sales, which supports a wide variety of payment methods, including all major debit and credit cards, bank transfers, Google Pay, Paypal, and more. There’s no crypto support, but every common method of payment is covered.

Here are the features that most stood out to me, both good and bad.

Free Advanced POS Terminals

CreditCardProcessing.com device selection
CreditCardProcessing.com’s free terminals could save you hundreds of dollars

If you commit to a contract of at least one year, you’ll be able to get a free portable Pax A920 POS terminal. Unlike the free terminals offered by many other payment processors, this device has many smart features you’d find on an Android tablet. It can take all forms of contactless payments, and it has a long battery life.

CreditCardProcessing.com also offers a free Clover terminal on the Premier plan and above. Clover offers some of the best (and most expensive) POS solutions on the market, and I rarely see these devices offered for free. It’s a shame you can only get this deal with the subscription-style pricing, however.

Subscription Management and Automatic Fixes for Failed Transactions

CreditCardProcessing.com is partnered with Vindicia, a subscription management platform that lets you easily administer recurring payments. With Vindicia, you’ll have access to digestible analytics that you can use to optimize your subscription plans for the best value and highest customer satisfaction.

While this is obviously great for businesses selling subscription services, you also get Vindicia Retain, which automatically evaluates and attempts to fix all failed transactions. Vindicia Retain can turn up to 30% of failed transactions into successful payments, making it a valuable asset to any business. In most cases, the customer won’t even know there was an issue.

Two-Day Minimum Wait Time for Funds

Unfortunately, CreditCardProcessing.com isn’t the fastest to deposit funds into your merchant account. You’ll usually have to wait for 2-3 business days to receive your funds, and there’s no option to pay for faster deposits.

It isn’t awful, but there are many faster payment processors out there. For example, Stax deposits funds within 24 hours, despite often working out to be a cheaper processor for many types of businesses.

High Approval Rates

One of CreditCardProcessing.com’s big advantages is its willingness to overlook a low credit score. Such businesses are usually left with no choice but to turn to payment processors who charge you extra fees at every turn, or who simply provide a poor quality service.

Thankfully, CreditCardProcessing.com has a high approval rate – one of the highest in the US. There are no added fees for those with low credit scores and you’ll be able to get the same great service as everyone else.


Ease of use

A Fast Onboarding Process With Complementary Training

CreditCardProcessing.com is easy to set up compared to many payment processors, but you might still encounter some difficulties. While the onboarding and vetting process is refreshingly fast and comes with plenty of support, setting up a basic e-commerce checkout is more difficult than it should be.

Getting Started With CreditCardProcessing.com

CreditCardProcessing.com application form
CreditCardProcessing.com’s application form takes less than a minute to complete

There are a few ways to set up an account with CreditCardProcessing.com. One way is to fill out a quick and easy application form, which requires some basic information about you and your business. Within a few hours of submitting the form, a sales agent will contact you to complete the process.

For the quickest way to get started, you can just call the sales team. You’ll need to provide some general information about your business, as well as its average monthly income. Also make sure you have identification information to hand (e.g. a federal tax ID or EIN number), along with the routing and account numbers of your merchant checking account.

Once done, you should be approved within 24 hours. The entire process is fast and pain-free, and current merchants with CreditCardProcessing.com seem to agree – there are barely any complaints surrounding the onboarding process.

Free Training Provided by Support

If this is your first time accepting payments, CreditCardProcessing.com provides free training for its POS terminals and e-commerce solutions. This ensures you’ll have all the information and guidance you need to confidently take payments and deal with common issues.

This is a lot better than the support offered by many other payment processors, who’ll often leave new businesses with no information on how to use the equipment and software they provide. Thanks to this proactive training, you’ll save a lot of time you might otherwise have spent calling support.

Simple Customizable Checkout

CreditCardProcessing.com offers a basic PCI-compliant checkout system that accepts all major payment methods, so you don’t have to spend time developing your own. What’s more, you’re able to customize the branding and design to fit your business.

Unfortunately, implementing this checkout system still requires working with the API. While there is a guide available with Paysafe (CreditCardProcessing.com’s parent company, who shares the same feature), it’s still rather technical and requires some coding. Other payment processors make this much simpler, offering checkouts that can be installed with a single click.



High Transaction Fees Could Catch You Off-Guard

CreditCardProcessing.com is best known for its subscription-style pricing model. There are 4 such plans in total, ranging from “Starter” to “High Volume,” with each charging a lower fee than the last per transaction. In addition, there’s an interchange-plus plan and cash discount plan available.

You’ll need to bear the transaction fee in mind if you opt for one of CreditCardProcessing.com’s subscription-style plans. While the Starter plan has an enticing low monthly fee of $15.00, the per transaction fee of 0% + 30¢ (Starter) is quite high and could cause your costs to spiral depending on your average number of transactions.

Upgrading to a more advanced plan lowers the transaction fee in exchange for a higher monthly subscription cost. This means that businesses with high transaction volumes get a better deal per transaction than those with low transaction volumes, saving you money overall.

Low-volume businesses will get the best value from CreditCardProcessing.com by opting for interchange-plus or cash discount pricing. You’ll get the same great features as with subscription-style pricing, but you’ll get better value for money. However, while CreditCardProcessing charges a low markup of 0.30% + 0.10¢, you’ll have to pay a myriad of other fees ranging from PCI compliance and customer support to extra fees for accepting American Express.

You can save money on your payment processing by opting for a cash discount program, which is exactly as it sounds. Customers paying cash receive a discount, while customers paying on a card pay the full price. You’ll have to pay some fees to use this plan, and CreditCardProcessing.com isn’t upfront about what these are.

Even on the premium plans, CreditCardProcessing.com can’t match the value offered by the very best payment processors. For example, Stax offers lower monthly subscription and transaction fees. If you’re taking many low to medium-value sales, this will usually work out to be a cheaper option.


Compliance & Security

Highly Secure Platform Despite Past Breaches

Paysafe has suffered data breaches in the past, and CreditCardProcessing.com is a subsidiary of Paysafe. The most recent of these incidents occurred in 2020, though there was no evidence any sensitive information was leaked.

Thankfully, CreditCardProcessing.com has boosted its security in recent times, giving you plenty of help to achieve PCI compliance.

PCI Compliance & More

CreditCardProcessing.com support services
CreditCardProcessing.com’s support team can be a big help in achieving PCI compliance

CreditCardProcessing.com is Level 1 PCI compliant, which is the highest level that exists. This level requires ongoing security testing and audits, so you can rest assured your data and money are safe.

Unfortunately, CreditCardProcessing.com doesn’t offer any online guides to help you achieve PCI compliance on your end. However, it does offer 24/7 support via phone and email to help you get certified, and it’ll help you complete the necessary documentation to get certified if you aren’t already. Given that this processor charges you monthly for PCI compliance, I’d have liked to have seen more support than this.

If you are non-PCI compliant, you’ll face even larger monthly fees, so it’s best to sort this as soon as possible. Of course, it benefits both you and CreditCardProcessing.com when you’re compliant, so there’s no reason to put this off.

CreditCardProcessing.com holds registration as an ISO with both the Woodforest National Bank in Texas and the Compass Bank in Alabama. This indicates that CreditCardProcessing.com successfully underwent a rigorous vetting procedure with both banks and satisfactorily met their stringent security standards.

Additional Security Features

Every CreditCardProcessing.com plan comes with data breach protection, insuring you for up to $100,000. This covers any financial losses that stem from a breach, which is reassuring given CreditCardProcessing.com’s bumpy history. In addition, it offers end-to-end encryption on all payments, so you’re always protected from malicious attacks.

Authorize.net, the online payment gateway that CreditCardProcessing.com uses, is also highly secure. It offers 128-bit SSL protection and an advanced fraud detection suite for free.

Authorize.net allows you to enforce IP bans for certain countries, place daily and hourly transaction limits, and more. It also automatically verifies a customer’s data and checks for any discrepancies before moving ahead with a purchase. What’s more, everything is fully customizable to ensure you can always adapt to the latest methods of fraud.


Customer Support

Helpful Support Limited by a Somewhat Unresponsive Phone Line

CreditCardProcessing.com provides sales and technical support via phone and a contact form. While sales is only available Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. EST, technical support is available 24/7.

The High Volume plan offers a dedicated account manager, who will be your preferred point of contact for any support requests. This helps you get better and more personalized support. However, most plans will have you working with whoever responds first. I decided to give the support team a try to see what you can expect.

I first tried the contact form, asking a few simple questions about volume limits and the free payment terminals. In just ten minutes, I received an email from a support agent. However, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

Screenshot of email from with Creditcardprocessing.com support
I felt like the CreditCardProcessing.com agent didn’t actually read my email

Don’t get me wrong, that response time was fantastic. However, the agent didn’t actually answer any of my questions – I just got a very general sales pitch. He mentioned that I could call or simply email again if I had any further (existing?) questions, but I would’ve preferred to have had them answered the first time around.

Next, I decided to call phone support to see if I’d have better luck with my questions there. I called early in the morning, hoping to be connected to an agent right away. However, I was left on hold for 7 minutes. While this isn’t a terrible wait time, it was longer than it should have been for an early morning call.

Once I did get through, the support agent was very helpful. Despite CreditCardProcessing.com’s reputation, the agent never attempted to upsell. In fact, they were very honest about the fees I could expect without trying to distract me with any flashy deals.

They also answered all of my questions promptly, even when I asked about some of the technical specifics of the free payment terminals. I was quite impressed.

Still, you may find that you have to rely on phone support more than you’d like. CreditCardProcessing.com’s website doesn’t have a knowledgebase, so if you need help, you only have technical support to fall back on.

All in all, it seems CreditCardProcessing.com’s support works best over the phone. The contact form wasn’t very helpful, and it seemed to be pushing me toward making a phone call anyway. Thankfully, the phone support is good, but it could be made even better with faster response times.


How does CreditCardProcessing.com match up to the competition?

Leaders Merchant ServicesCompareOur Score4.8Compare
PAYARCCompareOur Score4.7Compare
CreditCardProcessing.comCompareOur Score4.5Compare
QuickBooks PaymentsCompareOur Score3.5Compare

CreditCardProcessing.com REVIEW: BOTTOM LINE

CreditCardProcessing.com has some great solutions and features for both traditional and e-commerce businesses. These are further supported by good security and customer service, though neither is exactly perfect. It’s not only a payment processor worth considering – I’d rank it as one of my top picks.

That said, depending on your chosen payment model and your average transaction amount, CreditCardProcessing.com’s various fees could leave you paying more overall than with other merchant service providers. If your business makes many small sales, or you’ve got a low-volume business, it’s worth looking to see if you can find a better value deal elsewhere.

Short on time? Here’s a quick summary of CreditCardProcessing.com:
Pros Cons
  • Simple, subscription-style pricing
  • $100,000 data breach insurance
  • High approval rates, including businesses with poor or no credit history
  • Vindicia Retain software to fix failed transactions
  • Shopping cart integrations require coding knowledge
  • Interchange-plus plan has a long list of fees


What are typical credit card processing fees?

Card processing fees depend on many factors. Interchange fees vary by bank, and then there are payment processor fees on top of that. The average fee most businesses pay is 1.5% – 4.5% percent on every transaction, which is made up of the “wholesale” fee charged by card issuers plus a markup. The actual fee you pay will also depend on the payment model you use. CreditCardProcessing.com offers three models to choose from, helping you to find the best one for your business.

Is CreditCardProcessing.com reliable?

I’d say so, yes. While it has had some minor data breaches in the past, the platform today is highly secure. Users have little complaints with regards to security and generally find that CreditCardProcessing.com reliably deposits funds in a timely manner.

How do I choose a payment processing company?

The right payment processor for you depends on your business. Your industry, average transaction value, and overall payment volume all matter significantly. I’d recommend checking out our list of the top payment processors in 2024 to find the best option for you.

Does CreditCardProcessing.com have hidden fees?

While some negative user reviews report hidden fees, I didn’t find anything unusual in my research. You may have to pay software fees for Clover terminals, but these are outside of CreditCardProcessing.com’s control. There’s also a PCI non-compliance fee every month you remain without PCI certification, but support will proactively help you avoid this.
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