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Work Smarter with ULTATEL Cloud Communication Services

Roberto Popolizio
Decentralization is booming and so is the demand for secure and scalable communication channels to connect remote teams across the globe.

That is why having a reliable cloud communication service is a key add on to a project management tool for online businesses at every level that want to avoid lag in communication.

In this interview with Amr Ibrahim, Founder and CEO of ULTATEL, we will discover the key elements that made the success of ULTATEL’s cloud platform, and how they have built their online presence.

Please introduce ULTATEL to our audience. What’s your story and how have you evolved so far?

I’m pleased to introduce ULTATEL:
ULTATEL enables people to work together and get the information they need to do their best work, anywhere they are. ULTATEL’s cloud platform brings together phone, video, messaging, SMS and business apps, allowing people to connect, meet, and exchange information on any device. ULTATEL uses its technology and experience to help businesses address the challenges that matter to them, with an enterprise-grade platform that delivers exceptional service to an entrepreneur and scales to the largest multi-national organizations.

Our evolution has been guided by 3 principles:

The User Experience
Inequality between in-office and remote workers. ULTATEL creates a level playing field with one app across all devices that creates a uniform work experience and uniform access to needed capabilities.

Ease-of-use. The ability to fully utilize the capabilities of the system without difficulty. 89% of remote workers wasted more than 30 minutes per day dealing with software and connection issues.

Simplifying and/or eliminating IT Admin requirements

Application sprawl creates a disjointed work experience, lost time, lower productivity, Application sprawl – or software sprawl – refers to a ballooning number of applications deployed in a company. These applications may overlap or be duplicative, eating up limited IT resources and leads to inefficient operations and higher costs. ULTATEL’s platform combines communications and collaboration capabilities into one unified system that is easier to use, and at a lower cost than having multiple systems.

Keeping data secure, ensuring endpoint security: Our data centers complete the SSAE 16 SOC1 and SOC 2 Type II audits with a nationally recognized accounting firm . ISO 27001 (known as ISO/IEC 27001:2013) is an international standard outlining best practices for an information security management system (ISMS). ULTATEL provides Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption between all endpoints.

Rapidly deploying changes, scalability: All aspects of ULTATEL’s cloud platform can be changed, literally in seconds, from anywhere, on any device. Users can be added, deleted, call routing, any advanced calling or routing feature can be changed from the ULTATEL app.

Securing personal devices: The ULTATEL app ensures that company information is separated from personal information.

Financial – cost optimization and reduction

Controlling costs. All ULTATEL plans are flat rated with Unlimited Everything. Costs are stable, easily managed, and forecastable.

What services do you offer and who is your main target market?

ULTATEL offers cloud business communications and cloud contact center services. Our cloud platform is designed  to offer easily customized services right out of the box. This means we can address the needs of businesses from an entrepreneur to a multi-national organization, regardless of the type of industry.

We offer 4 business communications packages and 3 contact center packages. These packages are designed with features to meet varying levels of business requirements — from simple one location businesses to more complex multi-location, multi-national enterprises.

All ULTATEL plans include:

Unlimited Everything (unlimited phone, video, meetings, SMS/texts, chat and messages)

Desktop and mobile apps

24/7 live support

Free white-glove onboarding.

ULTATEL offers 40+ features that provide business phone, team productivity, meetings, quality assurance, analytics and reporting, system administration, contact center, integrations, SMS survey and more.

Plan summaries for business communications:





Unlimited EverythingSM: unlimited phone, video, messages.

Local numbers



Video conferencing, up to 10 participants

Ring Group

Call Forwarding

Visual voicemail


Calling features

Music on hold


Caller ID

Unlimited inbound faxing

Advanced call analytics & reporting

HD video meetings & screen sharing

HD audio conferencing

Team presence

Team messaging & file sharing

Texting, SMS & MMS

Everything in Ignite, plus:

No limit on the number of users

Unlimited Auto-attendants

Unlimited ring groups

Advanced call handling

Microsoft Teams

Video conferencing, up to 20 participants

Desktop Phones

Advanced reporting & Analytics Voicemail

Transcription 24/7 support

Everything in Professional, plus

Video conferencing, up to 100

participants Call Queuing

Voicemail Drop

Call Recording

Call Monitoring

Call Whispering

Quality Assurance

Customized Reports

Everything in Professional, plus

Video conferencing, up to 100

participants Call Queuing

Voicemail Drop

Call Recording

Call Monitoring

Call Whispering

Quality Assurance

Customized Reports

Plan summaries for Contact center:




Fully-Managed Cloud PBX

24/7 Live Customer Support

Unlimited Calling for US & Canada

Keep Existing Number – Free porting

Video Conferencing

Video Conference Bridges

Transcribed Voicemail to Email

Voice, SMS & Fax on the same phone number

Auto Attendants

IVR Menus

Unlimited Internet Faxing

Call Presence

Customized music on Hold

HD Voice

Works with Desktop, Softphone or Mobile App

Graphical Call Flow

Audio Conferencing

Unlimited Ring Groups

Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Call Waiting

Call Parking

Group Paging



Call Blocking

Call Notify

Advanced Call Analytics and Reporting

Web Management Portal

Call Queuing

Call Recording

Call Monitoring

Call Whispering

Advanced Queuing Features

Skills Based Routing

Microsoft Teams SBC

Toll Free Number*

Toll Free Minutes* ($0.03 per minute over)

Advanced IVR Features

Everything in Contact, plus:

Voicemail Notification New

Voicemail Drop New

Advanced Queue Analytics & Reporting

Quality Assurance Module

Customized Call Scoring Templates

Quality Assurance Analytics

SMS Messaging platform

Everything in Plus, plus

Salesforce Integration

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Pipedrive Integration

Zoho Integration

Zendesk Integration

Customized Reports

LDAP Corporate Directory

Multi-Project Conference Service

Queue Callback

What makes you stand out from the competition?

There are about 7 ways we set ourselves apart from our competitors:

First and foremost is our relentless dedication to maintaining an exceptional customer experience.

We measure customer experience and perceptions of our service through our own CRM system. We use our results to engineer, guide and measure day-in-day-out service levels to exceed what most in the industry deem acceptable. For example, we guarantee our uptime to five nines  (99.999% uptime, the highest level guaranteed by anyone in our industry). Our average time to answer support calls is 20 seconds, and our first contact resolution rate has been averaging 95% and has been inching upwards throughout this year. Our onboarding is at the top of our industry with multi-level project management, no service interruptions, and its free for all of our clients. As a medium-sized company we have the agility to exceed the general service expectations set in our industry.

We focus on understanding how technology can improve workflow.

Consequently, ULTATEL has built pre-packaged capabilities that can be customized to allow business to create the work experience they want.

ULTATEL’s Cloud platform is device and location independent/agnostic — which means our platform delivers 100% functionality regardless of location or device, or variable functionality based upon our clients requirements. Communications systems have to conform to the user’s desired work experience and device profile. This dramatically increases productivity and eliminated the cost of device replacement.

Our cloud platform is designed to support the creation of a work experience our clients require, as opposed to creating a work experience around the platform’s requirements. In practical terms, this means our cloud platform supports endlessly customizable hybrid work environments.

Hybrid work (1) allows businesses to experiment and find the right balance between remote and in-office; and (2) reduces employee turnover and increases productivity by allowing each team member to choose how they want to work in and around the office and anywhere else. This means the communications system should work the same on any device and deliver the same functionality regardless of device and location.

Analytics to optimize and manage communications.

Analytics enable our clients to understand how their technology is impacting workflow.

Facilitation of omnichannel collaboration.

The new hybrid-virtual office essentially revolves around team collaboration, where workers can easily access and utilize messaging, text, voice, and video tools. These collaboration tools provide a convenient and familiar means for employees to connect with both individuals and the information they require.

Integration with critical business/CRM apps.

To provide people the information they need to do their best work, wherever they are. We are pioneer integrators, were one of the first providers worldwide to offer Microsoft Teams integration, and have out of the box top CRMs integrations

Can you give us an overview of how you have built your website and what tools are you using to promote it?

We’ve built our website on WordPress with Elementor Pro with custom code to achieve better speed and security. The website is promoted through Google Ads and Gartner Markets.

How do you envision the future of your industry?

We see the future unfolding as essentially an extension of our own evolution:

Continued focus on the end-to-end customer experience, for our clients and the customers of our clients. Adding additional automation, insight, and intelligent features to meet customer needs quicker and more effectively.

Continued focus on making life easier for IT administration.

Continued focus on integration and developing APIs deeper into our clients’ core business systems. This enables businesses to be more productive, optimize their cost structure and reduces workflow complexity.

Aggressive Verticalization. Our cloud platform was designed and built for customization. Leveraging this allows us to deploy high-impact applications for industries that have their own business standards, regulation, and specialized customer and supply-chain requirements.

Lastly, any exciting news or developments that you would like to share?

Yes, we are currently working on incorporating the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP (Natural language processing) into our platform offering to utilize their powerful features in enabling businesses of all sizes better understand their conversation with their customers. Call and meeting summarization, action items and call sentiments will be some of the applications of these technologies that we are currently implementing.

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