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Meet Wiply: The New Era of AI & Social Media Is Here

Meet Wiply: The New Era of AI & Social Media Is Here

Roberto Popolizio
Wiply is an emerging company with the goal of improving the social media experience with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

In this interview, Giorgio Lamantide Chief Marketing Officer of Wiply,discusses with Website Planet how the company started, the ways it stands out in the market of social networking platforms, and what’s in the pipeline for the future.

What is Wiply and how does it work?

Wiply is a social media platform that aims to create a safe and user-friendly space that is neutral and inclusive.

Our primary goal is to promote freedom and privacy, which motivates us to innovate and grow our community.

As social media has become one of the most valuable tools for connecting people in modern times, we aim to harness its potential to create a reliable source of information from credible sources.

Our focus is on shaping a trustworthy platform where users can share their stories and experiences, while serving as a positive influence for other communities.

We strive to provide a welcoming setting where everyone feels comfortable to express their thoughts and ideas.

Wiply believes that current machine learning applications can be biased due to their reliance on statistically prevalent word arrangements in their training datasets, which may create an illusion of communication and intelligence that is more compelling due to the label of “artificial intelligence”.

This is because even the most advanced machine learning applications today are essentially extracting statistical patterns from large data sets, as aptly described by Berkeley professor Alison Gopnik.

What sparked the idea, and what are your best achievements so far?

For the past 12 years, Piero Musu, the CEO I have been working in the Virtual/Augmented Reality field, developing software and content that enable users to interact with external software products.

Additionally, he have collaborated with psychologists to study the behavior of AR/VR users and compare their experiences in virtual and real-life environments.

Building on this experience, he have created Wiply an “all-in-one” social network that has undergone two years of beta testing and growth.

Through his studies of human-system interactions, we are now ready to introduce massive AI, Virtual, and Augmented Reality technologies to enhance and transform the concept of Social Networking.

Our AI is unlike previous iterations of artificial intelligence because it is based on layered models.

Depending on the application, layers of technical and expert knowledge are added, curated from some of the best human minds and collected works.

This unique approach eliminates the need for lengthy training cycles on datasets.

Through this innovative approach, Wiply has achieved incredible breakthroughs in AI.

We believe that our approach enables the AI to expand upon existing knowledge, comprehend the contextual nuances of language, explain lines of reasoning, and even distinguish between thoughts, perceptions, and feelings, all of which are essential for creating truly intelligent machines.

How does your mission differ from other social media platforms?

Today, almost all major tech applications incorporate some form of AI or voice recognition software.

However, despite investing billions of dollars in these technologies, companies often have unrealistic expectations of what they can deliver.

Existing systems only provide an illusion of intelligence and often fall short in the execution of simple, everyday tasks, causing more confusion and cognitive dissonance than convenience.

As a result, users are left feeling frustrated and disappointed, despite the considerable resources invested in these technologies.

At Wiply.net, we believe that the most effective way to build a thinking machine is by providing it with something to think about.

To achieve this goal, our team has taken a synthetic approach to knowledge in machines.

We have identified the core cognitive building blocks, which we refer to as the “neurons of thought,” and classified them based on their properties of combination.

We believe that this approach closely mirrors the neuronal brain process, allowing us to create machines that can think and reason in a manner that is similar to humans.

Who are your typical users and what problems do they have when they come to you?

As a general social network platform with AI integration, Wiply’s typical users are individuals who are looking for a social media platform that offers advanced features such as AI integration.

Users who come to Wiply may be looking for a platform that provides personalized content recommendations, advanced search capabilities, or other AI-driven features.

Some users may also be looking for a social media platform that values privacy and data security.

Wiply is the best choice for users of other social network platforms for several reasons.

Firstly, AI integration can enhance the user experience by providing personalized content recommendations and more accurate search results.

This can help users discover content and connect with others more easily.

Additionally, strong privacy settings can help users feel more secure and in control of their personal data, which is a growing concern in today’s digital age.

By prioritizing data privacy and security, a social network can differentiate itself from other platforms that have been criticized for mishandling user data.

This can attract users who are looking for a safer and more trustworthy social media experience.

Overall, a social network with AI integration and strong privacy settings can offer users a more advanced, personalized, and secure social media experience, making it an attractive option for those who are looking to switch from other social network platforms.

Anyway, the problems that users may have when coming to Wiply may vary, but the platform aims to provide a solution for those who are looking for a social media experience that is more advanced and secure.

And What makes them eventually choose you over your competitors?

Our team firmly believes that we are creating a groundbreaking innovation that will be accessible to over 6.6 billion smartphone users worldwide.

We believe that this innovation has the potential to transform every major segment of our economy and generate countless new markets in the process.

With the ability to revolutionize the way we think about social networking, artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality, we are excited to see the impact that our creation will have on the world.

Wiply has gained the trust of some influential individuals in the Metaverse community, such as designers CheerNo and IN-JOY from Second Life®.

They have been using Wiply since the beginning, interacting with other Second Life® users on the platform and promoting their virtual products to increase sales and impact on the community.

Additionally, many Second Life® residents use Wiply regularly to share information, posts, and news about the Metaverse with the platform’s thousands of active users.

How do you think AI will impact the entire social media industry?

AI is already having a significant impact on the social media industry, and it is likely to continue to do so in the future. Here are a few ways in which AI is affecting social media:

1. Content moderation: AI algorithms are being used to automatically identify and remove harmful content such as hate speech, fake news, and violent or graphic content.

2. Personalization: AI algorithms are used to analyze user behavior and interests and provide personalized recommendations and targeted advertising.

3. Chatbots: AI-powered chatbots are increasingly being used by businesses to automate customer service and improve response times.

4. Image and video recognition: AI-powered image and video recognition technologies are used to identify and tag people, objects, and locations in visual content, making it easier to search for and discover relevant content.

5. Sentiment analysis: AI algorithms can analyze social media posts to determine the sentiment of users towards a particular topic, brand, or product.

Overall, AI is likely to continue to have a significant impact on the social media industry, as it enables platforms to provide more personalized experiences, improve content moderation, and automate customer service. However, it is also important to address ethical concerns around the use of AI in social media, such as privacy concerns and algorithmic bias.

Lastly, what’s in Wiply’s future? Any exciting news?

Based on general trends in the social media industry, some potential areas of focus for Wiply to remain competitive and relevant in the future could include:

1. Continued focus on AI integration: The use of AI in social media is becoming increasingly important for enhancing user experience, personalization, and efficiency. Wiply could continue to invest in AI capabilities to provide advanced content recommendations, search results, and other features that benefit users.

2. Expansion into emerging technologies and platforms: As new technologies and platforms emerge, such as virtual and augmented reality, Wiply could explore opportunities to integrate with and expand into these areas to provide a more comprehensive and cutting-edge social media experience for its users.

3. Prioritization of data privacy and security: Data privacy and security concerns are growing among social media users, and platforms that prioritize these areas could have a competitive advantage. Wiply could continue to focus on providing strong privacy settings and security measures to help users feel safe and in control of their personal data.

4. Collaboration with other platforms and services: Social media users often use multiple platforms and services in conjunction with each other, and Wiply could explore opportunities to collaborate and integrate with other relevant platforms and services to provide a more seamless and convenient experience for its users.

Overall, Wiply could plan to cope with industry changes and challenges by continuing to innovate and evolve its capabilities and features to meet the changing needs and preferences of social media users.

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