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Meet SureTriggers: The Easiest Automation To Connect Websites, Apps, and WP plugins

Meet SureTriggers: The Easiest Automation To Connect Websites, Apps, and WP plugins

Roberto Popolizio
Website Planet had the chance to sit down and chat with Sujay Pawar, Co-founder of Brainstorm Force, one of the most successful WordPress product companies on the planet, with products like the Ultimate Elementor Addons and Astra in their portfolio.

We will look at their latest creation, SureTriggers, a new automation platform that is set to become a real game-changer for all MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Asana, Trello and many hundreds of app users.

We will discover where the idea came from, the challenges faced during development, and what makes SureTriggers a better alternative to Zapier and other automation solutions for WordPress and ActiveCampaign.

Let’s introduce SureTriggers to our audience. What is it and how does it work?

Running a business usually means using a wide range of applications, services, and plugins. On average, organizations use 110 pieces of software to manage operations(!!!)

Think contact forms, email marketing tools, social media sites, payment gateways, CRMs, helpdesk, eCommerce plugins, communication tools, project management platforms, learning management systems… You name it, organizations probably use it.

That’s a lot of moving parts, and the issue is that these are all separate tools that typically cannot interact with one another. This results in a significant amount of time and energy being wasted on manual data input and duplication.

Meet Julie, the owner of a successful online store. When someone places an order on her website, she wants to accomplish the following:
  • Add the customer to a CRM system.
  • Add them to the order management and/or dispatch system.
  • Enter the order information into an accounting system.
  • Send the buyer a thank you email.
  • Then, after 15 days, send them another email asking for feedback.
  • Send a voucher promoting the next purchase if the buyer writes a five-star review.
  • If the consumer fails to redeem the coupon, remind them three days before it expires.
  • She also wants to be notified in a Slack channel of any orders that exceed $500 USD.
  • Also, for significant orders, send a WhatsApp message to make the consumer feel special and to create a stronger relationship with them.
This is just one example of a small company owner attempting to operate and grow her basic eCommerce website. As you can imagine, she spends a lot of time performing all of these steps manually for every order.

It’s time she could be spending nurturing customers, growing her business, marketing and working on her business, not just in her business.

That’s why we built SureTriggers, an advanced automation tool that simplifies and streamlines online operations. Its user-friendly interface and robust features enable you to automate tedious operations and create seamless workflows across various apps and platforms.

I believe SureTriggers is a genuine game-changer – It can optimize so many aspects of digital operations, whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or website administrator.

There is a vast library of triggers and actions, which allows you to create workflows customized to your individual needs. Things like sending personalized emails, adding or updating client information in a CRM, triggering notifications, scheduling activities, and much much more can be automated.

Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with common tools and platforms, like email marketing tools, CRMs, eCommerce platforms, and content management systems. It enables you to link and automate activities across many systems, removing the need for human data entry and lowering the chance of human error.

The modern visual builder is another unique feature. It allows you to design and customize complicated workflows on a canvas, without the need for coding or technical skills. You can build triggers, set up actions, and customize the flow of your automation using its drag-and-drop interface.

How did you come up with the idea, and how did you validate it?

Mostly, the idea came out of personal experience. We used automation platforms for our in-house operations and always struggled to connect WordPress with SaaS-based applications and vice-versa.

There were many options like Zapier, however it did not connect well with WordPress and the cost was exorbitant. They were also developed several years ago and the user experience left a lot to be desired!

WordPress automation plugins were also available but are limited. They have limited integrations and have been known to slow down websites. They can also require extensive technical knowledge to operate, which makes them hard to work with.

When we dug a bit deeper, we found many end-users faced a similar set of problems.

SureTriggers was designed to solve those problems.

It was designed from the ground up to connect with WordPress and other third-party apps. The platform is lightweight and fast and offers a modern user experience that is simple to use.

And, above all, it comes at an affordable price that won’t break the bank!

We performed viability testing within our community where many users tried the product and liked it more than the competition. Also, I and Adam Preiser (WPCrafter), were working closely together to bring SureTriggers to life by building it with our combined experience.

How does your mission differ from the other companies in your niche?

SureTriggers distinguishes itself from the competition with many distinct selling factors, but these are the main ones:

  1. A modern and user-friendly interface, assuring a smooth user experience.
  2. It’s affordable, making it an appealing option for enterprises of all sizes.
  3. A short learning curve, that allows you to immediately understand and utilize the powerful capabilities without requiring lengthy training.
  4. SureTriggers integrates with WordPress and numerous SaaS-based services, allowing you to optimize processes and maximize productivity.
SureTriggers is a popular choice for organizations searching for an easy, cost-effective, and highly adaptable automation solution.

SureTriggers’ purpose is to provide the ability to seamlessly link apps, automate repetitive tasks and discover new opportunities for development. We worked hard to provide a complete automation platform that streamlines operations and boosts productivity.

Indeed, SureTriggers allows you to save critical time and resources, and concentrate on what actually counts – developing and growing your business.

Our mission is to provide you with the tools and skills you need to drive efficiency, and capitalize on expansion prospects. We aspire to be your trusted partner in accomplishing your company objectives by committing to innovation and user satisfaction.

Who are your typical clients and what problems do they have when they come to you?

Our clientele includes a wide spectrum of firms, large and small. They frequently encounter common issues and seek our advice in overcoming them.

These issues often include improving workflow procedures, automating repetitive tasks, connecting apps to exchange data, and generally optimizing operations.

We collaborate extensively with clients and end-users to understand their individual requirements and try to personalize our solutions to their specific pain points. Our mission is to deliver effective solutions that help all users accomplish business objectives, whether you’re a small firm trying to improve efficiency or an enterprise-level organization seeking scalability.

SureTriggers is intended to help a broad variety of companies and sectors. However, owing to their unique demands, certain sectors might benefit the most from SureTriggers features.

Some examples:
  • eCommerce stores leverage SureTriggers to automate order processing, inventory management, and customer communication, resulting in more efficiency and simplified operations.
  • Marketing and sales organizations can use SureTriggers to automate lead generation, email marketing campaigns, and customer engagement, saving time and increasing conversions.
  • Service-based companies can benefit from automated customer onboarding, project management, and billing.
  • Non-profit organizations can use SureTriggers to automate donation monitoring, event registration, and volunteer administration, giving them more time to focus on their primary goal.
Finally, SureTriggers provides a robust and adaptable automation platform that can be tailored to diverse industries. This allows organizations of all sizes to optimize operations and achieve their objectives more efficiently.

When people contact us, they generally have recurring issues that can be resolved through automation. Data input, form submissions, and email alerts are examples of manual repetitive operations that take significant time and resources. Users also deal with obstacles connecting different apps and platforms with one another to exchange data. They are looking for ways to automate complicated processes, trigger actions based on certain circumstances, and seamlessly integrate diverse technologies.

Furthermore, customers frequently express a need for a user-friendly and modern interface that allows them to easily design and manage automation processes.

SureTriggers provides a variety of unique features and functions to efficiently automate those processes, integrate systems, and optimize workflows, eventually saving time, effort, and resources:
  • A simple visual workflow builder that allows you to develop and manage automations visually. There’s no need for code or any pre-existing technical knowledge.
  • A large number of pre-built triggers and actions. They let you interact with major apps and platforms to automate tasks across different systems.
  • Many customization possibilities, allowing you to build automation workflows to your exact needs.
  • A real-time monitoring and reporting service, giving insights and statistics on automated operations. This helps businesses identify bottlenecks, track performance, and make data-driven decisions.
  • 24×7 dedicated customer support staff is always on hand to help with any queries, difficulties, or modification needs.

What makes SureTriggers a better solution to these problems than its competitors?

SureTriggers distinguishes itself as a superior option in comparison to its competitors in a number of ways.

For starters, our easy-to-use interface and intuitive visual workflow builder makes automation accessible to all skill levels. This removes the need for extensive code knowledge or technical skills. This distinguishes us from key rivals that have steeper learning curves.

SureTriggers also provides a large library of pre-built triggers and actions including WordPress themes and plugins. The vast integration capabilities provide a competitive advantage over rivals with more limited connectivity options.

Our emphasis on price makes SureTriggers an affordable option for enterprises of all sizes. We attempt to provide competitive pricing accessible to all, without sacrificing functionality or quality.

SureTriggers also provides dependable performance, ensuring that automated operations function quickly and effectively. Our real-time monitoring and reporting services give you vital insights into your automated processes, allowing you to quickly detect and handle any issues.

We also have a devoted customer support team that is extremely prompt and experienced. We prioritize user satisfaction and take pride in providing exceptional customer service. This also distinguishes us from rivals who may not provide the same degree of assistance.

Users who moved to SureTriggers after testing rivals have given us extremely good feedback. They like the user-friendly design, straightforward workflow builder, and the large selection of pre-built triggers and actions. SureTriggers users have found it to be more accessible and easier to use than competing platforms, allowing them to efficiently automate tasks without the need for technical expertise.

Many users have also praised SureTriggers for its integration features which allow them to easily connect their favorite apps and platforms. They have applauded our platform’s dependability and performance, noting that automated workflows execute quickly and effectively. Users have also expressed pleasure with the price plans. They provide exceptional value considering the features and efficiency on offer.

Overall, response from SureTriggers users has been consistently positive and we are genuinely humbled by the response so far.

What do you see in the future of your industry, and how do you plan to cope?

As a forward-thinking organization, we envisage a bright future for our sector. Automation and workflow management are becoming increasingly crucial for organizations of all sizes, and we predict an increase in demand for solutions. We have a clear plan in place to deal with the changing situation.

We will continue to prioritize innovation in order to remain ahead of new trends and technologies. Our team is committed to continuously enhancing and growing our platform, ensuring that we deliver cutting-edge features and functions to satisfy the changing demands of our customers.

We prioritize listening to our customers and understanding their problems and needs. We also have a dedicated user group that provides valuable insights into what works and what could be improved.

This customer-centric approach enables us to connect our services with industry trends and develop solutions that really address business challenges.

We are optimistic about our industry’s future and its capacity to adapt and grow. We will continue to create new solutions and preserve our position as a leader in the automation and workflow management market by keeping at the forefront of technology, understanding client needs, and cultivating strategic connections.

Yes, we are looking to integrate new apps every week and are looking to add around 500-600 apps by the end of 2023.

We have a lot of exciting opportunities ahead of us. Our aim is to create over 5000 integrations and we are currently on track to deliver that. People really enjoy being able to integrate and automate tasks without needing to know how to code. As more and more businesses rely on automation, the number of users will continue to increase. In fact, workflow automation has become an essential part of any successful business.

Now, let’s talk about the challenges we face. Well, it’s not really a problem, but there’s one important thing we are always aware of.

Since we’re adding so many integrations, we have to handle a large number of APIs. These APIs help connect different apps within SureTriggers. Sometimes, the applications we integrate with make changes to their APIs, and we have to update our systems accordingly.

The good thing is that most developers announce in advance that they are updating their APIs. So we have to pay attention to their update announcements and plan our activities accordingly.

We quickly learned how to manage these types of updates. We have developed effective procedures to ensure that our systems remain stable and up to date without impacting reliability or quality of service.

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