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Ghost Posting Is The New Guest Posting: The Secret of Seene Digital With CEO Emma Williams

Ghost Posting Is The New Guest Posting: The Secret of Seene Digital With CEO Emma Williams

Bethenny Carl
Welcome to another interview by Website Planet. Executives from the best companies on the web reveal how they are solving their clients’ pain points, how they stand out from the competition, and what new trends they will leverage to keep growing.

Our guest today is Emma Williams, Founder & CEO of Seene Digital, who revealed how her link building and content marketing agency generated a 146% increase in sales within a year in the UK market while maintaining a 100% track record of 5-stars reviews.

Introduce your company to our audience

Seene is a link building and content marketing agency founded on the principle that forging meaningful relationships with clients leads to organic and scalable success.

Through years of building strong relationships with journalists, marketers and creatives, we regularly secure link opportunities for our clients that other larger agencies just can’t acquire. We’re also always keeping abreast of Google’s updates – and the content we create for clients is carefully crafted with a specific target audience in mind, sharpened with keyword research and designed to win traffic and new leads/customers.

Relationship building really is the backbone of our organization. Unique strategies for each client come directly from those at the top of our agency, with proven ideas fine-tuned and sculpted into measurable results by a close-knit team of hard-working creatives. We pride ourselves on reliability and always pursuing friendly and approachable communications with clients of all sizes. No complicated jargon or posturing, just straightforward strategies that get results.

While we are a new agency with a long way to go, we’re humbled by the great responses we’ve received from clients. From a 146% increase in sales between our 1st and 2nd year of trading in the UK, to a 100% 5 star review record, every success is a reflection of our clients. No investment, no outside support, no marketing (so far), just word of mouth and a lot of hard work.

Seene Digital

What problems are you solving for your customers and audience?

Our target customers represent a very wide audience, from S&P 500 companies to small brands, start-ups and entrepreneurs from the US, UK and all over the world. This means our strategies must be adaptable and unique to each client. Some want a few pieces of digital PR to use on their social media channels, others are looking to secure the number one spot on Google for lucrative search terms that have the potential to bring in hundreds of thousands in revenue each month.

No matter the goals shared by our clients, similar roadblocks tend to stand out. Given that SEO is constantly changing, brands often struggle to stay relevant while appealing to new algorithmic shifts and ranking factors. While some sites are turning to AI-generated content to save time, thin AI content is rarely viewed as useful or valuable by search engines. To actually improve online visibility, time and resources must be dedicated to creating bespoke on-site content and securing backlinks on credible, relevant and powerful sites.

This is where we really support our clients. Pitching content is incredibly time-consuming, especially as getting a response can take a week or more. Starting from just $150 per link, we connect clients with high-value sites to expose their business to engaged audiences.

We also “ghost post” rather than guest post, a strategy that’s much more natural and more akin to digital PR.
This isn’t just a theory. We’re immensely proud that despite our comparatively small size, all of our clients have seen amazing traffic increases as a result of our work. We’ve created a 395% increase in 2 years for one return client on a relatively low monthly budget spend, increasing traffic from about 20,000 hits a month on their website to over 100,000 currently.

What sets you apart from the competition?

While many agencies win clients with the words of their founders, those same clients are often passed around multiple account managers causing confusion and frustration. We do things differently. We’re a small but mighty agency, where unique strategies for every client come from the top – and we’re always available to hop on any client call.

We also charge considerably less than most agencies as our team is fully remote. Our staff work all around the world, which also means we’re working around the clock, enabling us to set a fair price for our clients while providing a level of service comparable to that of an in-house team. So much so that numerous larger SEO agencies now outsource their projects to us.

Our promise is to improve organic traffic and keyword rankings over time, working tirelessly to improve every client’s website and boost their online visibility. This tenet is yet to fail. Through blog content that’s optimized to attract consistent traffic and securing backlinks on websites that our clients are proud to be associated with, we work on measurable results rather than rigid agreements.

Seene Digital

What are your goals for the future, and how do you plan to accomplish them?

Now that we’ve formed a solid base through ongoing relationships with English-speaking clients, the next step is to create amazing content and link building strategies targeting different languages. We want to help brands rank higher in regional search results to reach a wider range of potential customers, with this being one of our main objectives for 2024.

We’re also investing in continuous training and learning development initiatives to support our own team as our client-base grows. We feel the best way to continue connecting with clients in a meaningful way is to make sure our team is engaged, motivated and happy.

Our team is set to further expand this year, with some exciting contracts in place to keep everyone busy working on projects we can feel passionate about. Towards the end of the year, we’re looking to explore traditional marketing for our own services. Having built the businesses to this point solely on word-of-mouth, we’re looking forward to expanding our potential reach in the near future.

What trends are you most excited about?

AI seems to have dominated most industries recently, and while some aspects of generative AI aren’t good news for SEO, others appear quite promising. Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is a sophisticated AI model intended to enhance the site’s search function by analyzing various contextual nuances alongside keywords when compiling search results.

In short, SGE has the potential to make robotic content obsolete by tanking the visibility of keyword-stuffed articles and promoting content that genuinely provides value to users. We’re excited to see how this changes the SEO landscape, as this should make SEO more accessible to smaller businesses who may not have huge budgets but have the knowledge to produce content that really helps the person reading it.

Beyond this, we’ll be keeping an eye on Google’s updates regarding position zero results and Moz’s fairly new Brand Authority metric.

And what trends are you most worried about?

The less exciting prospects of generative AI, primarily the risk of websites pushing out vast amounts of low-effort content leading to search results becoming oversaturated. The key to overcoming this will likely lie in Google’s prioritization of genuinely helpful content that is written by experts in their field.Finally, we’re hoping our work goes some way to dispelling the myth that SEO and link building is too expensive for small businesses. This has been a common opinion in some circles for many years, but our commitment to running monthly campaigns for clients priced lower than comparable in-house work should prove that any brand can reach the top of SERPs, at least with a little help.

Where can we go to learn more?

Website: https://seene.online/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/seene-digital/mycompany/

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