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RoseHosting Offers Unique, User-Friendly Solutions for Personal and Business Use

RoseHosting Offers Unique, User-Friendly Solutions for Personal and Business Use

Gail Lobel Rand
Bob Ruzinov, Owner & CEO of Rose Web Services, shares his vision of becoming a leading provider of business and personal web hosting solutions. By focusing on quality equipment, stability, and hand-holding customer support, they have set themselves apart from their competitors. They offer unique, user-friendly solutions for personal and business use.

Thanks to their No-overselling Policy, they will never oversell bandwidth, disk space, or any other resource, so you can always rest assured that you are getting exactly what you pay for, a fantastic but at the same time a realistic and sustainable deal.

Can users register, purchase, and transfer domains through Rose Web Services?

Yes, all users can register/purchase new domains as well as transfer any existing domains to their new VPS through our system. We make it very simple and straightforward for users to manage their domains through the client area.

What Web Hosting plans do you offer?

We have Web Hosting plans to suit all needs. Our broad selection of Web Hosting plans range from budget-friendly options suitable for simple websites to more extensive plans that can serve more dynamic content and a greater number of concurrent users. All plans include fully managed support, Enterprise-grade SSD or NVMe storage, as well as our 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Do your hosting plans include SSL?

Yes, upon request, we can install free Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Additionally, we offer a range of premium SSL certificates each intended for a specific use case. All of our SSL certificates are fairly priced and can be installed by our team of admins for any website and its subdomains.

Is hosting for CMS platforms such as WordPress or Joomla available?

Yes, we have a dozen different CMS platforms available to our VPS users – from WordPress and Joomla to Drupal and PyroCMS. Additionally, we can install and set up any of these platforms for our VPS users free of charge. Our fully-managed support covers any install and configuration of any software on the server.

Are any eCommerce options available?

Of course. We have several different eCommerce platforms to help users grow and expand their business. Magento, CS-Cart, and PrestaShop are just a few of the platforms that we offer. Like our CMS platforms, we can install and configure any of these on our servers at no cost, at any time.

What are the features of the bundled apps Softaculous and SitePad Website Builder?

Softaculous lets our Web Hosting users install and set up almost any web application of their choosing with just one click. This takes the guesswork out of installing software and lets our users focus on what’s most important to them.

SitePad Website Builder is similar to Softaculous, only with a focus on building websites instead of installing web applications. SitePad offers hundreds of themes and dozens of widgets allowing users to create beautiful, unique, and responsive websites perfectly suited for their needs.

What is NVMe Hosting, and what are its advantages?

NVMe Hosting is our latest version of VPS hosting, featuring all-new Enterprise-grade NVMe storage. This ensures storage speeds that are several times faster than the fastest SSD-based storage.

What this means is that not only will our users experience the fastest server storage performance for their backend tasks, but their visitors will also get the fastest possible experience available on any server. This is something that almost no other hosting provider in the industry has.

How are your servers secured against hackers and other cyber threats?

Our physical servers have multiple layers of security in place to prevent access from threats in any way. Firewalls, keys, passwords, and security software are also in place, keeping our servers secure. Additionally, customers can request to have security software and a firewall set up for their VPS, and our admins will configure it for them, free of charge.

How can you guarantee a 99.99% uptime?

Our data center in St. Louis, MO, has multiple layers of redundancy covering all aspects of our servers. Between our redundant internet upstream connections, our backup network equipment, and our failover power supplies and cooling systems, our systems ensure that these servers will almost never go offline.

Are migration services available to customers with existing web sites?

Yes, we perform free migrations for all our customers. This service includes not only websites but also any web applications and software that needs to be carried over from their old web hosts to us. Same for emails and any other data. We do this all right away, with minimal downtime to the customer’s websites and content.

What support services are available to users?

We provide comprehensive, fully managed support to all our customers included in the price of the plan. This covers all aspects of setting up and configuring their server, including any installed software and web applications. If issues arise, customers can always reach us through our live-chat or ticketing system, and our team of expert Linux system administrators will get to work on solving the issue. In most cases, our admins respond in five minutes or less. This advanced level of support is included at no extra cost for all customers, no matter the type of plan they have.

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