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Why 8000 SMBs Build Websites With Nikitha: Q/A with CEO Sivakumar Dhanabalan

Why 8000 SMBs Build Websites With Nikitha: Q/A with CEO Sivakumar Dhanabalan

Bethenny Carl
Welcome to another interview by Website Planet. Executives from the best companies on the web reveal how they are solving their clients’ pain points, how they stand out from the competition, and what new trends they will leverage to keep growing.

Our guest today is Sivakumar Dhanabalan, CEO of Nikitha, a web development company established in 1996 with a current client base of over 8000 businesses worldwide.

What problems are you solving for your customers and audience?

At Nikitha, the majority of our clients, about 80% consist of small business owners and startup enthusiasts. . For most of them, creating a website is seen as an expense rather than an investment. They mistakenly believe that having a website is a luxury thing that only corporates and big business owners can afford, while others believe they are not tech-savvy enough to maintain one.

Before delving into website development, our foremost priority is addressing these misconceptions and concerns.This is where our role begins. Our initial focus is on educating our clients and reassuring them that these beliefs are misconceptions.

We firmly believe that every business, regardless of size or technical expertise, can benefit significantly from a website.

Prior to website creation, brands frequently encounter common concerns such as the absence of an online identity, fear regarding brand name misuse, and the difficulty of attracting customers. We address these issues comprehensively by providing online identity establishment, brand name protection, and an effective webpage for attracting customers.We cover these three critical areas, making sure each client gets a personalized solution.

Among the many prevailing issues, one notable concern we encounter involves clients who have already established their websites but are struggling with the challenge of achieving indexing in search engine results pages (SERPs). We emphasize the broader significance of a website beyond simply showcasing products and services—it must also prioritize SEO-friendliness to ensure effective indexing. Our clients reap the benefits of our professional website designs seamlessly integrating SEO best practices, eliminating the necessity for additional recruitment.

By following our guidance, they can enhance their online visibility and attract organic traffic to their platforms effortlessly.

Ultimately, in this dynamic field of web development, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Each business possesses unique challenges requiring personalized approaches. At Nikitha, we prioritize client consultation and thorough business analysis to offer tailored solutions for every niche. By gaining a deep understanding of each venture’s intricacies, we deliver bespoke services that empower our clients to thrive professionally within their respective industries.

What makes people eventually choose you over your competitors?

A key differentiator that sets Nikitha apart from competitors is our status as a comprehensive solution provider for all aspects of our clients’ web-related needs. In fact, from assisting in domain name selection through our specialized tool, names4brands.com, to providing ongoing website maintenance, support and guidance on digital marketing, we offer a complete service package.

Clients appreciate the convenience of having every aspect of their web requirements met under one roof, eliminating the need to engage with multiple providers. Also we go beyond mere execution of client requests by offering valuable insights and suggestions for their continued development and growth.This approach not only sets us apart from our competitors but also fosters a deep and meaningful rapport with our clients as we navigate through this journey.

Furthermore, our appeal extends to the accessibility and affordability of our basic packages, which are delivered promptly without compromising on quality. Simultaneously, we cater to clients with more complex requirements, providing top-notch websites equipped with advanced features such as enquiry, order, payment and appointment management systems.

In India, a common issue arises during domain registration where web development and domain registration agencies often register their clients’ domains under their own email IDs instead of the clients’, potentially leading to complications in the future. The keystone of any online business is its domain. So they should rightfully be registered under the client’s email ID.

At Nikitha, we prioritize the registration of our clients’ domains under their own email IDs, establishing trust right from the start. This unwavering commitment to ethical and lawful practices is just one of the many reasons why Nikitha stands out among its competitors.

What is the current tech-stack you use to run your online business?

Our technical foundation has always been rooted in custom-built solutions, predominantly relying on Linux servers for website development since our establishment. We initially employed PHP core, subsequently transitioning to the PHP Laravel framework, and presently, we’re fully engaged in MERN stack for comprehensive full-stack application development. This strategic approach empowers us to remain agile and responsive to the evolving needs of our business, ensuring optimal performance across all aspects of our operations.

We’ve also taken a dynamic approach to streamline our operations by developing an array of custom tools tailored to our specific needs. From office administration and workflow management to work optimization, accounting, order management and customer interaction, each tool is precisely crafted to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.Unlike relying on third-party solutions, which may lack customization options, our in-house tools are designed to adapt seamlessly to our evolving business requirements.

Since you started, what helped you grow and retain your audience?

Nikitha’s journey began in 2003 as a one-person venture, initially specializing in logo and graphic design. As we progressed, our scope broadened into website development, ecommerce solutions, and digital marketing.These three domains now constitute our primary areas of specialization.

Our growth journey is rooted in our steady commitment to delivering genuine quality in every service we provide. Despite encountering challenges, such as balancing profitability with competitive pricing, we remained firm in upholding our commitment to quality, driven by our ethical principles. Our belief lies in prioritizing ‘ethics over technology and ethics above all else’ .This commitment has earned us the trust of our clients, leading to repeat business over the years.

Central to our success is our team, chosen for their skills and passion for continuous learning rather than their formal educational credentials.

Reflecting on our journey, one significant learning has been the recognition of the temporariness of organic traffic. Initially relying solely on organic search engine rankings, we experienced setbacks when fluctuations in rankings led to missed business opportunities. This realization prompted us to adopt a more balanced approach, leveraging both organic and paid traffic to sustain growth. We believe this is one of the reasons for our expanded client base.

Furthermore, we acknowledge a past misstep in attempting to pursue every opportunity and diversify our service offerings. While initially promising, this approach diffused our focus. This experience reinforced the importance of specialization, driving us to refine and master our core skills which currently are web design and development, ecommerce development and digital marketing.

These elements are the driving force behind our company’s growth and audience retention over the past two decades.

What’s in the roadmap for your future?

Our company’s vision for the future centers around our core mission of delivering custom websites tailored to each of our clients’ needs. We aim to enhance our processes to ensure swift development, alike in open-source environments. Our supreme goals include prioritizing user-centric website design, ensuring alignment with both client requirements and search engine standards, and deriving personal satisfaction from our creations.

Looking ahead, we plan to establish a dedicated training division to offer certified courses for individuals passionate about website development, regardless of their educational background or age.

Furthermore, we desire to expand our efforts in creating intellectual websites that serve the greater good of humanity, providing valuable resources at no cost. While we have already initiated projects in this domain, our goal is to scale up these endeavors for a much broader impact and reach.

What do you see in the future of your industry?

The future landscape of web development is likely to witness significant automation, where individuals can input their requirements and artificial intelligence will precisely design websites. However, it’s important to note that AI cannot entirely replace human input, but rather, when utilized in conjunction, they can yield significant results.

Upon visiting a website, we often encounter unnecessary or extraneous content.The desire for better ranking in search engine results is a significant driver behind the creation of lengthy content on websites. But in the future, there will be a shift in SEO standards where lengthy content loses its importance, and factors such as site engagement and conversions become primary considerations.

This could lead to a trend towards bite-sized information websites where there will be no scrolling, no unnecessary images and only concise content.These sites will feature clear buttons for quick access to relevant information making the browsing experience more efficient and enjoyable for users.

Additionally, eliminating lengthy content reduces cognitive load and allows users to quickly find the information they’re looking for without having to sift through extraneous text. This idea has the potential to cater to users who value efficiency and simplicity in their online interactions, making it a promising concept for creating user-friendly websites.

To get in touch with Nikitha

Website: https://www.nikitha.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nikitha

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nikithawebdevelopment/

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One of the best e-commerce website design and development company in chennai. Best web development and website design company in chennai. They improve the quality of our website. Good company for web design and development for our business.
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