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NFOrce Entertainment – Quality, Reliability, Flexibility, And No Nonsense

NFOrce Entertainment – Quality, Reliability, Flexibility, And No Nonsense

Gail Lobel Rand
Dave Bakvis of NFOrce Entertainment rejects the ‘set it and forget it’ approach to their customers. That’s why whether a customer needs a dedicated server, VPS or colocation services, their team of highly skilled, knowledgeable engineers and account managers are on hand 24/7/365 to provide personalized service and bespoke solutions. Ensuring your IT services run smoothly, is as important to them as continuously investing in their network and technical infrastructure.

What are your Hosting plans?

Our core business is focused on dedicated servers and co-location on our top-notch network. We also provide smaller packages with Plesk and Direct admin for shared hosting.

When you need to power a wider range of workload, select the best Servers or VPS’ for the job with the NFOrce Entertainment B.V.’s extensive line of Servers, VPS’ and Software solutions, offering a high flexibility in configurations and unleashing superb computing performance on our top notch network.

Our enterprise-level network, 24/7 support, software and hardware are enough to take you wherever you want to go. Whether it is one small website, or your own network with millions of users, we can make sure you have a hosting solution that keeps you online and your visitors happy.

Our infrastructure ensures you a higher level of quality, reliability and flexibility, where you benefit from the full capacity of our network, no overselling, no port sharing, no hidden fees, no-nonsense.

What is the difference between your Dedicated Server Hosting and Custom Dedicated Server Hosting?

Our Dedicated Servers have fixed configurations which offer customers easy deployment. For customers who want to configure a server to suit their special needs, we offer a Custom Dedicated Server where they can select the services they require.

How does your Server Builder service work?

Users can build their own specific server and hardware using our custom builder. They can also email [email protected] and we will assist and advise them on the appropriate configuration for their needs.

Is co-location available?

Yes, since we have several flexible options for co-location service, we have a large customer base.

What other internet services do you offer?

We can offer a lot on customer request, like BGB sessions, IP transit, Cloud & VPS, re-routing.

How can users get technical support?

We also offer free technical support whenever users need help. This includes remote-hands, technical support by mail/phone/chat. Of course, we also offer SLA’s for customers who demand a little faster and safer support on their service they have with NFOrce.

What are the benefits of NFOrce Internet Services?

  •  15+ year track-record
  • Highly skilled IT professionals
  • Enterprise-level network
  • A-Branded Hardware
  • 3500+ online servers
  • Superior and flexible service
  • Customized IT Infrastructure Solutions
  • Total of 2500 Gbps+ transit and peering capacity.
  •  Over 5 tier 1 transit providers
  •  Over 1000 peering connections
  • High-Tech Datacenters
  • 20-80 Gbps capacity to each rack

What can clients expect from your customer service?

We don’t believe in a ‘set it and forget it’ system, our clients are our top priority. Therefore, we take the time to understand the diversity of our clients and their needs and requirements, so they can achieve more.

Using a consultative approach, our team of highly skilled IT professionals work with clients to understand the needs of the business both now and in the future, listening to requirements before offering advice. Our ethos is built upon providing our clients with a flexible and personal service and we will always go the extra mile to ensure our client’s productivity is maximized no matter what.

Listening to you is crucial, so our customer service conversations are not about us, but rather about your needs. We have been sharing knowledge, listening, and working together since 1995 through our website forum and IRC channel which get up-to a million visitors a day.

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Nforce have been the only reliable hot in 20 years of dealing with terrible hosting providers. Will never regret the day I gave them a go
Guy Brown
1 Reply
I will never look for another host after finding Nforce. Their customer service is really on another level to any other company i have used in any industry. Think of the attention you would get from a fine dining sushi restaurant that maybe seats 5 customers in an entire day. You get that level of attention i think. The network has never let me down in 3 years, not once for a moment. I simply could not ask for a better company to work with for my hosting needs.
1 Reply
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