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Netpeak Software Locates and Analyzes Issues to Boost SEO

Netpeak Software Locates and Analyzes Issues to Boost SEO

Gail Lobel Rand
When taking your business online, there are few things more imperative to success than search engine placement. Alex Wise, CEO of Netpeak Software tells us about the unique and superior features built into their SEO tools Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker and why they have come to be trusted by over 100,000 users in 170 countries, including the large SEO teams at Thomson Reuters, Shopify, Ignite Visibility, Template Monster, iProspect, and others.

This interview was originally published on July 7, 2020.

What products are developed by Netpeak Software?

Netpeak Software focuses on developing Netpeak Spider for SEO audit, fast issue check, comprehensive analysis, and website scraping, and Netpeak Checker for SERP scraping and data aggregation from top SEO services to analyze and compare websites in bulk.

These tools can be used either separately or as a bundle to locate website issues for search engine optimization, aggregate tons of data from top SEO services, scrape SERP and website data and get more prominent positions in search. Netpeak Software tools were developed by a Ukrainian team that paid a lot of attention to user experience, to make working with their tools as hassle-free as possible.

But we also focus on growing our online marketing community. We post interesting and useful articles in our blog, share cases with the best life hacks, and news from the SEO world, etc. Our newsletters and pages in social networks keep you in touch with our niche.

We are trusted by over 100,000 users in 170 countries, including the large SEO teams at Thomson Reuters, Shopify, Ignite Visibility, Template Monster, iProspect, Wargaming, Movavi, and others.

What is Netpeak Spider?

Netpeak Spider is a desktop tool for day-to-day SEO audits, fast issue checks, comprehensive analysis, and website scraping.

Netpeak spider main

What are the features of Netpeak Spider?

Netpeak Spider’s features:
  • Spots 80+ issues of website optimization – our SEO crawler finds broken links and images, checks for duplicate content: pages, texts, duplicate title and meta description tags, H1s.
  • Checks 70+ key on-page SEO parameters – the tool helps to regularly check on-page SEO of websites: check redirects, robots.txt, crawling and indexing instructions, relevant tags. It can also do bulk status code checking for site pages and is integrated with Google Analytics, Search Console, and Yandex.Metrica.
  • Site scraping and web data extraction – with Netpeak Spider’s built-in website scraper, you can use up to 100 conditions and four types of search (contains, Regexp, XPath, CSS).
  • Data segmentation – in the program, you can select and focus on specific data segments while searching for useful insights. This comes in handy when crawling huge websites and allows you to take a more in-depth look at your data segment by segment.
  • SEO audit with white label feature – Spider generates a site audit report in PDF with key aspects of SEO on-page analysis equipped with diagrams and graphics.
  • Internal PageRank calculation – use the built-in PageRank checker to spot internal linking issues and see how the link weight is distributed on your site, what pages ‘burn’ incoming link equity, and which ones don’t get any in the first place.
  • XML Sitemap generator and validator – create both regular and graphic sitemaps with several clicks using built-in HTML, TXT, and XML sitemap generator. And if you already have a site map, make sure to run the sitemap validator tool to check for possible issues.
  • Built-in tool for source code and HTTP headers analysis – if you want to check the page source quickly, there is no need to open it in a browser – use the ‘Source code and HTTP headers analysis’ to check it and get data on HTTP response and request headers, redirects, and GET parameters in URL.
Netpeak 6OHIC7

What is site scraping, and how does it help with SEO?

Website scraping is the process of using tools or bots to extract content and data from a website to work with it further.

Scraping is used for different SEO and digital marketing tasks:
  • Analyze competitors’ content strategy by checking what content pages bring traffic to your competitors. After spotting such pages, you can improve the relevance of yours to boost traffic and get more leads.
  • Extract prices from competitors’ websites to shape your own pricing policy.
  • Find potential customers in any business niche.
  • Extract contact details (email, phone, social media), etc.

What data and analytics are available in Netpeak Spider reports, and how can it be used to help raise search engine ranking?

You can analyze 70+ on-page parameters that serve as ranking factors. Netpeak Spider is also integrated with Google Analytics, Search Console, and Yandex.Metrica. You can get data on traffic, conversions, goals, and even eCommerce parameters for your website pages as well as data on impressions, clicks, CTR, and the average position in Google SERP for pages of your website.

What is Netpeak Checker?

Netpeak Checker is a desktop tool for SERP scraping and data aggregation from the top SEO services to analyze and compare websites in bulk.

Netpeak 1DNWM8

What parameters are checked by Netpeak Checker?

Netpeak Checker checks over 400 parameters, but these are the most sought-after parameters:
  • Checking URL lists by authority, trust, and backlink volume/quality metrics from Serpstat, SimilarWeb, Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMrush, Alexa, LinkPad, Google Page Speed Insights (Core Web Vitals included), Google Safe Browsing, and other well-known web services.
  • Checking On-Page parameters such as load speed, server response codes and time, title, meta description, indexing instructions, and redirects, etc.
But that is not all! You can also use the built-in SE scraper to get search results for any queries, using custom geolocation, country, and language settings, search operators and prefixes, and even limit the scraping to a specific snippet type, such as video, image, news, site link, etc.

You can also use proxies and CAPTCHA solving services, such as 2Captcha, Anti-Captcha, RuCaptcha, CapMonster for better tool working when using bulk URL checker or scraping SERP.

Netpeak 6OLDU7

What is the difference between Netpeak Spider and Netpeak Checker?

Netpeak Spider is built to conduct website audits to find website issues and errors, website scraping, and comprehensive analysis. At the same time, Netpeak Checker is used for SERP scraping and data aggregation from different SEO services to compare URL in bulk – so it’s mainly used for Off-Page SEO and link building. So, in other words, those tools offer different features to automate SEO routine, and they’re used for solving various tasks, though they have some similar features (e.g., some On-Page parameters).

What are some of the features exclusive to your products that set them apart from similar products?

The exclusive features that set Netpeak Spider from our competitors are:
  • Optimal RAM consumption
  • Detecting twice more SEO issues than other tools
  • White label audit of the optimization quality
  • Unique data segmentation
  • Internal PageRank calculation
  • Responsive dashboard
  • XML sitemap validation tool
  • Advanced results table
  • Built-in tool for source code and HTTP headers analysis
  • Custom results filtering
As you can see, there are not many tools like Netpeak Checker. The combination of integrations with well-known services, SE scraper, and checking on-page parameters made the tool unique and set it apart from other SEO products on the market.

Netpeak 6PE2J1

Once SEO issues are identified, do you offer advice on how to fix them?

During crawling, Netpeak Spider displays detected, undetected, and disabled issues on a website. If you click on any issue on the ‘Issues’ tab in a sidebar, a detailed description appears in the ‘Information’ panel at the bottom of the interface – the threat the issue can cause, how to fix it, useful links for a deeper understanding of the problem. This panel is also where we try to answer most of your questions about the issue

Netpeak information panel

For SEO newbies, we have Netpeak Software Academy, where they can dive into website optimization, as well as useful SEO articles on our blog.

What support is available to Netpeak Software users?

There are several types of support available to our users, depending on their subscription.
  • Standard support is available via online chat and email on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Priority support is available via online chat and email with priority in the queue
  • VIP support includes consulting via the most suitable medium – popular messengers, video, phone, online chat, and email with top priority
Our specialists also offer to book a free demo to show all features and to answer all questions users may have.

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