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How Narrato AI Content Tools Grew 4x Revenue in 2023: Q/A with Founder Sophia Solanki

How Narrato AI Content Tools Grew 4x Revenue in 2023: Q/A with Founder Sophia Solanki

Bethenny Carl
Website Planet interviewed Sophia Solanki, Founder at Narrato, an AI content creation and marketing platform that helps simplify and speed up the content process through artificial intelligence and automation.

Awarded on G2 Crowd as “Easiest To Do Business With”, “High Performer” and “Momentum Leader”, Narrato also won the TiE Silicon Valley Startups of the Year award and has been widely featured in top publications like Techcrunch, Inc, Fortune, The Australian, and others.

We looked at the ins and outs behind the 4x growth in 2023 of their Content Assistant, which now has over 100+ AI tools and templates for content creation, planning, editing, optimization, and repurposing, and the revolutionary content autopilot – AI Content Genie – which creates content based on your website URL and themes automatically, and became the #1 Product of the Week and Day on Product Hunt, and was also recognized as the #1 Marketing Product of the Month.

What problems do you solve for your customers?

Having worked in content marketing for over 13 years and having founded 3 companies so far, I realized that most businesses and their marketing teams struggle to manage their content projects efficiently. The productivity of content teams is affected by the constant toggling between different apps, scattered communication over multiple channels, and most importantly, a lot of manual effort in areas where they don’t need to go that extra mile.

This is when the idea of an all-in-one AI content workspace struck. Narrato aims to bring all your content and your team to a single intuitive platform. It can help content teams manage everything from content creation to publishing to collaboration in one place. It saves content teams and marketers a lot of time, effort and money by automating a lot of the rule-based tasks in content creation and project management.

Before coming to Narrato, most customers try to streamline their content operations with a complex tool stack that would include Google docs, Drive, Grammarly, plagiarism checkers, email, project management tools, image search tools, and more. These disconnected tools lead to a lot of back and forth, and a lot of information is often lost in this chaos. So despite having a tool for everything, they were not able to scale their content production to the desired levels.

With Narrato, they have all of these capabilities in one place. Narrato is their AI writing assistant, content planning tool, publishing and scheduling tool, messaging, and collaboration tool, all bundled into one. Many of our customers have scaled their content production volumes by creating content 2x faster using the AI Content Assistant and AI Content Genie.


Narrato’s AI Content Assistant with 100+ AI Templates

Narrato’s Content Autopilot – AI Content Genie

They are also cutting down publishing time by nearly 95% by using our publishing automation features.


Narrato’s publishing automation features

Customers have also completely eliminated all back and forth over emails, and can now communicate and collaborate with their team and stakeholders on Narrato itself.


Powerful team management and collaboration on Narrato

Apart from all of that, Narrato offers publishing automation with native integrations to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress and Webflow, and the option to build custom integration with any platform. It also has very powerful team management and project management features, allowing users to manage all their content operations in one place, having a central content repository.

Which types of companies benefit the most from your services?

Narrato is built for anyone and everyone who needs to create and publish content at scale, irrespective of the industry. We have users from various niches, including eCommerce, real estate, edtech, fintech, travel and hospitality, healthcare, and others.

The pain points that all of these businesses are looking to solve are the same. A comprehensive platform that lets them create quality content faster, and streamline their content marketing efforts. Users can customize their experience on Narrato with custom workflows tailored to the way their companies work and automating functions where they can boost maximum efficiency.

They are also able to generate their custom AI templates for the types of content they create most often and apply their custom brand voices to personalize their content as well.

Our customers have acknowledged how Narrato has helped them simplify content creation:

“Narrato’s content creation layout has been a dream. It combines the best aspects of Google Doc, Trello, and a top-tier backend publisher.”

Pearler, a popular Australian long-term investing platform.

What makes them eventually choose you over your competitors?

Customers choose Narrato over our competitors because it offers a TRULY complete solution. What really stands out to our users is the fact that we’re not just another AI content generation platform. We’re a groundbreaking AI content workspace that empowers content creators and marketers to be super productive. Our integrated AI and content workflow tools are incredibly user-friendly, making it a breeze to create content that truly resonates.

There is no learning curve and they love the kind of support they receive from our team as well.

Our customers have saved almost 200+ resource hours using Narrato’s content creation, planning, and optimization tools in one case. By employing AI and automation throughout the content marketing process, our customers are achieving more in less time. They are able to accomplish their goals efficiently, even with very lean content teams, and keep costs under control.

How do you handle customer support?

Our customers love the kind of support Narrato offers. Our pre-sales support team offers detailed demos and product walkthroughs, helping customers understand how the platform can help them achieve their unique content goals or what are the best use cases of the platform, specific to their niche.

The technical support team helps users get onboard, build custom integrations with their favorite apps and CMSes, build custom templates for specific use cases, and is always happy to answer any other technical queries customers may have.

Our support team includes people from product development to ensure that users get answers to all product-related queries. It also includes people from our content marketing team who are using the product day in and day out and can explain how and where the platform is helping them achieve great results.

Apart from this, Narrato offers tons of resources for self-learning. We have a detailed knowledge base with articles on different features and use cases. We have a dedicated YouTube playlist with Narrato user guides as well. Every blog post on the Narrato blog is also a product-led piece that discusses the various applications of Narrato’s AI tools and templates.

How are you doing today and what’s in the roadmap for the future?

Personalized content creation using AI is likely to be a focal point for many marketers. To this end, we have already built tools like Custom AI Templates and Custom Brand Voices, that allow our customers to tailor their content to their brand and audience.

There are a lot many AI tools and features on the radar for Narrato. We are working on building features like bulk content generation with AI for uses cases where you need to create thousands of product pages. We also plan to build many more AI templates for common marketing use cases, and offer a wider range of publishing integrations. Narrato will offer more integrations with popular marketing and content creation platforms soon.

A lot of our effort is also going into building resources to educate marketers and creators on how to use AI for content creation. There will be a lot of focus on marketing, outreach and brand building, as we want to touch the lives of more marketers and introduce them to our amazing AI content workspace.

Are you offering any partnership opportunities at the moment?

We have recently launched Narrato’s Affiliate Program, inviting all marketers and influencers interested in partnering with our dynamic AI platform that’s shaping the future of content marketing.

The Affiliate Program offers very competitive commission rates and incentives to affiliates who can bring in referrals and conversions.

We also provide all the support that our affiliate might need, including product demos, marketing assets, and more.

Apart from this, we collaborate with a lot of other companies and platforms who have a similar audience as ours, with exchanges like guest posts and cross-promotions on social media and through newsletters. This helps both us and our partners reach more people and build brand awareness faster.

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