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MicroSerum – Offering Custom IT and Hosting Solutions

MicroSerum – Offering Custom IT and Hosting Solutions

Gail Lobel Rand
MicroSerum offers custom solutions to handle all your IT needs including hosting. In this interview, CEO Karl Morin breaks down how their services are structured to help you choose and pay for ONLY the combination of services that works best for you.

What hosting plans do you offer?

MicroSerum has been offering consumer hosting services for more than two years. However, we currently serve mostly businesses of all kinds, caring for their IT needs and providing custom hosting solutions (web hosting, SAAS, engineering, etc.)

What is the difference between your Legacy Dedicated Servers and Custom Dedicated Servers?

Our Legacy Servers are old generation servers that still run well. This provides small businesses or consumers with a reliable dedicated server for smaller needs at an affordable price.

Our Custom Dedicated Servers are our ultimate server which we build, host and support according to our client needs.

Both product lines are hosted from one of two data centers we operate in Montreal under our own network (AS31846).

What is VPS Game?

Our Game VPS range of VPS services are servers that are optimized for game servers. These servers are in France.

How do you secure users against hackers and other cyber threats?

Clients can bring their own firewall solution, or we can provide a tailored protection plan depending on their needs. We have multiple solutions, some in-house, others via industry partners. These solutions range from a very basic firewall, to a guaranteed protection, typically for ecommerce websites.

What are you hosting support options?

Every hosting service includes a basic support. Clients needing a 24/7 instant reply can upgrade to different tiers of support and can also increase their SLA. We find this model fits well within our approach to customizable solutions as a client with a very basic server may need a lot of support while a client with tens of dedicated servers may choose to have their IT teams manage everything on their own.

Please tell us a little about your IT Consultation services.

Companies needing our expertise to design their IT server room, their network, their colocation needs, or server purchase can profit from our experience.

What managed services to you offer?

Our team can manage a client’s infrastructure from the OS through their application. Typically, we manage cPanel web servers, DNS servers, and backup servers so our clients don’t have to think about them.

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