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How Jooble Lowers Job Ads CPAs by 20% For 400 Companies: Q/A with Marketing Manager Marharyta Lazarieva

How Jooble Lowers Job Ads CPAs by 20% For 400 Companies: Q/A with Marketing Manager Marharyta Lazarieva

Roberto Popolizio
Welcome to another interview by Website Planet. Learn how the best companies on the web are solving their clients’ pain points, how they stand out from the competition, and what new trends they will leverage to keep growing.

Our guest today is Marharyta Lazarieva, Marketing Manager at Jooble, one of the leading job boards on the planet with over 18 million users per month who are able to lower their job ads CPAs by up to 20%.

Jooble is a Ukrainian product IT company that ranks in the top 10 most visited websites in the world in the Jobs and Employment segment.

Please tell us briefly about you

My name is Marharyta Lazarieva, I am Marketing Manager at Jooble. After over 10 years of experience in the field with physical and digital products throughout my career, I’m passionate to contribute in helping people find better jobs across the world. I leverage research, analytics, and market insights to identify key challenges and opportunities for growth. I previously held the positions of a Marketing team lead and a Head of marketing & e-commerce.

My daily work involves crafting data-driven product marketing solutions, analyzing job seekers’ behavior, and building effective communication with the audiences to raise awareness about Jooble.

Our core product Jooble.org – a job search engine and aggregator was launched in 2006 for local to the company Ukrainian employment market. Today, the product is available in 67 countries.

Jooble keeps its position among the top 10 sites in the Job and Employment category according to SimilarWeb.
Jooble originates from Ukraine, born as a startup founded by two students. And now the company successfully operates worldwide, providing excellent service to about 1 million users daily in 29 languages across various countries. In addition to the fact that Jooble entered the top 10 Job Search Sites, according to the opinion of “Find my Profession”, the company also received the nomination for “Best Global Online Vacancy Search Platform 2022” in the “Hospitality Awards 2022” by LUXlife Magazine.


What problems are you solving for your customers and audience?

Our clients are job marketers from more than 400 job publishing companies, job boards and big employers – companies with a constant demand for relevant candidates. Their need is to make the job posts seen by as many qualified candidates as possible, and that’s where Jooble comes in handy. Around 18 million users visit the site monthly looking for job opportunities.

Making the right people see jobs that match their talents and ambitions is the win-win goal for the aggregator.

So it takes two to make a job search work. Job publishers and marketers use the full set of digital tools like Ads by Meta, Jooble, Google Ads and others to attract relevant traffic to the jobs on the employer’s site or job board with the post. With constant changes in active job openings list and targeted job seeker profiles, it takes a lot of manual control over multiple job post promotions, and the CPA (Cost Per Action) or CPC (Cost Per Click) is hard to keep within the target and the quality of traffic may vary heavily.

Here’s what Jooble’s clients observe once the job is posted and the target CPC or CPA is set up:

  1. Jooble’s Machine Learning algorithms start to learn. Jooble knows exactly which user applies better to specific jobs based on historical and live session data.
  2. The client gets more quality traffic. The job is shown to relevant candidates for jobs at the top of the search results and in newsletters.
  3. Lower CPA/CPC compared to other traffic sources. For example, the Easy Apply on Jooble option showed CPA decreases at 15-20%.
What sets you apart from the competition?

Job publishers pay attention to the balance of traffic acquisition costs and the quality (relevance) of candidates.

Job seekers focus on the number of job opportunities according to their criteria.

So, there are several components we constantly improve to meet their expectations:
  • Our expertise in traffic acquisition across different channels: direct and organic traffic, advertising with Google, Meta, and affiliate partners network.
  • User-friendly product (web and mobile app) for a better job search experience. We are constantly working on improving IU/UX to provide the user with intuitive site navigation; helping job seekers find jobs they really match by producing AI-based tools.
  • Clear and reliable analytics for job publishers in clicks, budget spent, cost per click per day/week/month and traffic to the publisher’s site with basic tracking and more info with advanced tracking (Postback URL, tracking pixel, HTML).
  • Proprietary job recommendation solutions based on internal data analysis.
  • Content safety and moderation with possible fraud/phishing posts detection by our data analytics algorithms, manual feed checking by the Moderation team and a 1-click possibility to signal any suspicious job available for any site user.
According to our latest survey, in 2023, clients named traffic quality as the most mentioned aspect they like about Jooble, closely followed by the timely service of our Customer Success managers. “Jooble’s customer service is very high quality and proactive,” stated one of the partners, referring to constant suggestions and ideas on traffic quality improvement and being attentive to partner’s goals and updates.


What are your goals for the future, and how do you plan to accomplish them?

Our primary company-wide objective is to establish Jooble as the top choice for job seekers, positioning it as the initial destination for job searches in each of our core market regions. This goal is fundamental to our overarching strategy. Job seeker’s journey is often stressful, and we continue exploring options to make it simple.

This year, another important focus lies in further developing our presence in the markets of Germany, France, the UK, and Poland, which are pivotal for us. Additionally, we recognize the significance of European and North American countries in our operations.

Our strategy includes enhancing partnerships with key clients, aiming to boost collaboration opportunities with Jooble for various types of clients.

Simultaneously, we are actively working on creating internal tools designed for in-depth analysis and optimization of client campaign performances. This strategic move will enable us to better align with our clients’ objectives.

To improve relevance and provide clients with the most suitable candidates, we constantly work on our suggestion algorithms and content search logic. These measures are part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing our services and meeting the evolving needs of our clients.

What trends are you most excited/most worried about?

There are 2 big factors expected to influence employment globally: AI and recession.

As for AI, it may change how and which jobs people will search for. Tools for improving the CV or creating cover letters are just some to mention. Daily people write and send thousands of applications, and answer the same interview questions over and over. The potential to save time is huge as we’re far from getting hired to the perfect job in 1-2 clicks yet.

We are experimenting with some initiatives to make jobseeker’s flow easier too and look with enthusiasm at new services in this sector. Talent-scanning, calculating your match for a specific job, summarizing reviews about the employer. AI is a tool to make it simple, not a competitor for all the jobs in the world.

Recession and layoffs on the other hand may have a negative impact: fewer new job openings, and lower budgets for recruiting. But as the market self-regulates (and it usually does), new sectors will grow and candidates will be back on the job hunt. For Jooble as a company with an almost 20-year history, this means one more cycle with more concentration and more work to do. Sure, it may be far more turbulent for smaller companies.

If people need to find new jobs, we’ll suggest as many matching opportunities as we can, no matter if it is a lay-off or the next career step that pushes the candidates moving forward.

To learn more about Jooble

Website: https://jooble.org/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jooble/

X: https://twitter.com/jooble_jobs

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