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IpHost Providing the Services Their Customers Deserve – and More!

IpHost Providing the Services Their Customers Deserve – and More!

Gail Lobel Rand
Georgios Kranis, Commercial Director of IpHost talks about their new, innovative and energy efficient data center in Greece that offers services and technologies found only in world-class data centers. There they can provide any service from simple shared hosting to private clouds and web stacks (clusters).

Can users register, purchase and transfer domains through IpHost?

IpHost.Net is one of the top domain names registrar authorized from EETT (National Telecommunications and Post) and EURid and has been a Registrar for more than 17 years. Users can register domains easily and quickly via our user-friendly control panel. In addition, someone with an active .gr or .eu domain who doesn’t remember which Registrar they used, or just interested in a specific domain can search via our WHOIS platform and find all the information they need. Transferring domains to IpHost means direct access to unique benefits, friendly and immediate support, and many free services such as free DNS Zone Services, Free Forward Domain service, Free under construction page and also a FREE Hosting!

What are your hosting plans?

We provide premium hosting plans from a simple Shared Hosting Plan to private clouds and web stacks (clusters). If a user needs more than a shared hosting plan, hosting is available on our Virtual Private Servers with high 99.999% availability, full SSD storage, speeds that will satisfy their needs. Projects that require even more CPU’s or GB’s of RAM, have the option of a hardware/dedicated server equipped with Intel® XEON processors and with top-tier product manufacturers (DELL, Samsung, Supermicro, Intel® etc.).

In addition, we can custom build the infrastructure needed to host any kind of app or project.

What are the differences between your Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers and Cloud VPS options?

Our Shared Hosting Plans are Blue Lite, Purple Standard and Orange Pro (with Standard and WordPress or Joomla optimization). The difference between them are their disk usage allowance (1GB, Unmetered etc.) and processing speed (from 1GB to 4GB ram of form 30 entry processes to 120 etc.).

Our VPS plans are full scalable and the 4 mostly used configurations can be found in the VPS section of our site. For our dedicated servers, we can build whatever you need. So, just go on… and give us a try!

Do you offer hosting for CMS platforms such as WordPress or Joomla?

IpHost believes that web hosting companies should always evolve to support the needs of developers and web design companies. We listen to the market and amend our hosting plans accordingly.  Our experience over the years has given us a complete understanding of how to build an optimized server for WordPress, Joomla and any other popular CMS, so it is available with even our shared hosting.

What apps can be installed and run on your servers?

Our servers are built with the flexibility to host whatever a customer wants. They can install Linux or Windows operating systems and whatever apps they want. They may host anything from the simplest website to complicated applications, their ERP’s or CRM’s, and even large scale infrastructures if needed.

Is SSL available?

Security is our No. 1 priority, so we issue and install SSL certificates from the most accredited vendors throughout the world such as Comodo, Thawte, Symantec, etc.

Do you offer any Server Management Services?

We offer an advanced management service of every server. Our technical department offers full support for technical problems in the event of a malfunction including:
  • OS, system updates, and control panel updates as soon as we support it (cPanel, Virtuadmin, Plesk) as well as system components updates (php, MySQL, etc.) as long as they can be automatically updated.
  • New control panel plugins/modules installation, as long as it can automatically be implemented.
  • Recovery actions in case your server or its services (http, ftp etc.) are not responding.
  • Instructions/advice for common/known problems not related with server’s functionality (e.g. hosting settings, e-mail settings or database connection issues etc.).
Other services include:
  • Technical requests get the highest possible priority compare to the rest of the customers.
  • Consulting services: We provide Pre-Sales services for our customers and their customers. We plan each solution with the highest possible availability and security.
  • Minimum downtime planning: We plan when and how to migrate the customer’s old server to the new one in order to eliminate downtime.
  • Regular OS updates: We regularly update the operating system, control panel and its components (php, MySQL etc.).
  • Check for rootkits, malware, virus, spams etc.: We check for electronic threats such as rootkits, malware, virus and face and solve server spam (spammer detection, mail queue cleaning, password modification if necessary, blacklisting delist IP requests).
  • Managed Security monitoring: If we detect any issue, we act immediately and without any intervention form the customer’s IT dept.
  • OS and Control Panel Security Patches installation: We any urgent security patches apart from those we install during regular maintenance. (cost of licenses for maintenance tools included)
  • Advanced technical support
    • Installation of new plugins/modules on control panels, whether it requires automatic or manual procedure, as long as it is supported from control panel.
    • In case of server downtime or services (http, ftp etc.) malfunction, apart from recovery actions, we maintain further check to find the source of the problem, if possible.
    • Actions to solve problems and malfunctions in server or/and hosting level.
    • Check/solve warnings/alerts received from the server.
    • Modifications in server and/or hosting level for any functionality needed to apply, as long as system installation supports it.
    • Advice and proposals for site optimization in the event a website causes general server problem.

How are your servers protected against hackers and other cyberthreats?

Security is Iphost.Net’s No.1 priority. We have installed systems like Live monitoring of network behavior for immediate detection of any attack attempt and security mechanisms for automatic block in real time to act immediately and defend our infrastructure. Automatic recording of any suspicious activity in a log file and tools that actively scan files uploaded to a customer’s server, helps us block and quarantine suspicious files. We have two networking firewalls that support each other so in the event of a large-scale attack that causes the main firewall to fail, the second firewall is activated.

Where are your servers located?

When we started our company, we researched the best place to host our servers and discovered the Athens-2 datacenter of Lamda Hellix.  Athens 2 is the new, innovative and energy efficient datacenter in Greece that offers services and technologies found in world-class datacenters. It is the only datacenter in Europe and one of the few in the world to be certified by the US Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) v4 BD + C Gold Certification Green Building Council for its design and construction. The LEED certification ( www.usgbc.org/leed) is considered the most important international recognition of best practices and strategies in the design, construction and operation of energy-efficient “green” buildings.

What support is available to your customers?

Our customers benefit from our 24/7/365 support and appreciate getting their issues fixed at any time of day. Phone support is available from 7:00 to 23:00 and via ticketing or email all day, even on holidays. We believe support is the most crucial service we can offer which is why IpHost.Net has invested a lot to create a strong team with really excellent knowledge of our hosting services.

What has made IpHost a top hosting provider in Greece?

People. Our People. From day one, Mr. Toulkaridis, founder of IpHost, made sure to hire people he could trust. Together with co-founder Anty, Tasia, and Lucas from the technical department, and many others, he has built strong foundation focusing on the customer’s need for proper solutions. In 2016, I joined the crew and our commercial department took off. Sales have risen quickly, and our customer service and operations have made us well known in our local hosting market. We plan to continue with our good work and provide the services our customers deserve – and more!

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