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Grow your Business through Efficient Cloud Solutions with Stackscale

Grow your Business through Efficient Cloud Solutions with Stackscale

Chené Murphy
Stackscale is an IAAS and Private Cloud service provider that delivers secure, performant, reliable and cost-efficient cloud solutions to customers.  David Carrero Fernández-Baillo, Co-founder & VP Sales at Stackscale shares their story, where they started and how they have evolved and offers advice on choosing the right cloud provider.

Please share the story behind Stackscale: How did it all start and how has the company evolved so far?

We founded Stackscale in 2012 in Amsterdam and started commercial activity in 2013, at the same time we also launched the project in Spain. While building Stackscale we had a clear objective in mind: offering a new hosting solution, adapted to the latest trends and technologies and backed up by a specialized technical support team. To do so, we opted for a worldwide approach and automation to create an IaaS offering that combined the best of the traditional computing world with the most innovative principles of the Cloud.

Since the beginning, we have constantly worked to remain up to date with new developments and technologies, to offer the best quality service to our customers. The IT field is in continuous evolution and our customers’ infrastructure is mission-critical. Therefore, providing solutions that adapt to their needs and guarantee the highest availability, reliability and security is a top priority.

As of 2022, we have 3 data centers in Madrid, Spain, and 2 data centers in Amsterdam, Netherlands and in addition to Private Cloud and Bare-metal servers, we provide a wide variety of additional solutions and services. So that our customers can benefit from state-of-the-art technology and an approachable specialized technical support team.

Could you give us an example of the challenges that businesses are faced with that Stackscale can assist with?

In a context of continuous technological advancements and with cyberattacks becoming more and more frequent, companies need a trustworthy cloud partner. This is one of Stackscale’s main goals: being more than a cloud provider to our customers. When customers outsource their mission-critical applications and data, they must have the peace of mind of relying on a cloud provider that is approachable, cares about their project and provides a transparent service. That is why we provide direct access to technical support to all our customers.

Besides, regulatory compliance, data residency and sovereignty and cloud costs management is also a challenge for most businesses. In addition to great performance and availability, companies need to know the exact resources they have available as well as the real costs. Managing costs can become hard and expensive on big cloud platforms, making the migration to a new environment difficult. On this matter, at Stackscale we opt for an easy and transparent pricing structure to help customers keep control over the cloud expenses and avoid vendor lock-in issues.

What sets Stackscale aside from the rest?

At Stackscale we focus on offering the best quality, features and cost ratio. We combine the robustness and security of traditional IT with the functionality, flexibility and scalability of the public cloud services. So, as opposed to other cloud solutions where resources are shared among several customers, at Stackscale resources are exclusive to each customer, avoiding the noisy neighbor effect. Besides, all our customers benefit from direct access to specialized technical support and from a transparent pricing and billing structure that helps them keep their cloud costs under control.


What advice would you give to customers to look for when choosing a cloud solution provider?

Choosing the right cloud provider is critical to long-term success, so we highly recommend customers to create a checklist of their project’s specific requirements and expectations. This way they can make sure they choose a provider that really meets their needs, because they can compare different cloud solutions against their real needs, instead of comparing providers.

Besides, when defining that checklist of requirements, there are some aspects we consider essential when choosing a cloud provider. For instance, the level of support provided, the level of performance the project requires and regulatory compliance, among other important aspects.

Which trends and technologies do you expect to see more of in the coming years?

We will continue to see improvements in cloud infrastructure computing, such as higher capacities and even the rise of technologies like ARM. However, storage will definitely be the greatest differentiating element because companies need more and more storage for all kinds of data. A trend that is closely related to the growing importance of providing geographical backups and replicas, as we do at Stackscale, to ensure data durability and Disaster Recovery

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