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Revolutionizing Invoicing: A Conversation with Staffan Wensing, Director of SpeedInvoice

Revolutionizing Invoicing: A Conversation with Staffan Wensing, Director of SpeedInvoice

Bethenny Carl
Meet Staffan Wensing, the Director of SpeedInvoice, as he provides insights into the innovative world of invoicing solutions. In this interview, Staffan sheds light on the genesis of SpeedInvoice, its mission to simplify invoicing processes, and the distinct features that set it apart in the competitive landscape. Join Website Planet in exploring the story behind SpeedInvoice and gaining a glimpse into the future of the invoicing industry through Staffan’s perspective.

Please present SpeedInvoice to our audience.

Invoice Maker from SpeedInvoice will give you professional invoices and quotes/estimates quickly. You can align SpeedInvoice with your company’s marketing profile with a choice of +500 background images. Work wherever you are, from a phone, tablet or computer, on your own or together with colleagues. SpeedInvoice will work equally well for companies, contractors or freelancers.

With SpeedInvoice as your invoice maker, your data is securely stored and automatically backed up. If your phone is lost, stolen or breaks, everything will be available when you download SpeedInvoice again.

You can sign your invoices, as well as let your customers sign on your phone or tablet to accept an invoice, a quote or estimate. You can email, print or share any bill or estimate with other apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp or SMS. You have an invoice template with a professional design that can be sent as a PDF or JPG. SpeedInvoice makes your business look good and is simple to work with. You can profile your business with your logo and a flexible design. SpeedInvoice will help you get on top of your paperwork.

Please describe the story behind the company: What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

The company started in 2011 with a focus to build a great invoice and quote app. At the time I was going through a large renovation of our home, and I had tradespeople quote and invoice for work over a couple of years. The number of times I didn’t get a quote, despite someone taking the time to come and look at a job was just staggering. The number of invoices that I received late was in the majority, and many of them were just handwritten notes. It seemed to be a case that when some of the tradespeople were close to running out of money, they were finally motivated to sit down and do the invoicing. Many times, I would get an invoice really late, together with a request to pay it the same day.

What is the mission of SpeedInvoice?

Our mission if to make invoicing easy and quick. We help our customers to present in a professional way, with their company profile reflected in their communications. No more hand scribbled papers!

With SpeedInvoice it is easy to get paperwork done in a couple of minutes. Our mission is to get our users to send a quote/estimate as quickly as possible, as it will improve their win rate enormously. If a site visit is involved, we encourage them to send a quote/estimate before they leave. Many times, they can leave with a handshake on the business.

What separates you from other similar websites/companies?

Invoicing is mission critical to any company or sole trader. If your phone breaks, is lost or stolen, you need to know that when you login again that your invoices will still be there. You also need to be able to access your invoicing system, so there will be limited acceptance of downtime because the user doesn’t have an internet connection or our systems are offline. These are basic requirements of an invoicing system and a majority of our competitors don’t meet them.

As a company you also want your quotes and invoices to represent your company professionally, so they need to look good and allow for you to profile your business. SpeedInvoice will allow you to use one of 500 background images for your quotes and invoices, and you can upload your own image to profile your business as well as add your logo.

The area where we stand apart from our competition is how our customers rate SpeedInvoice. We have 4.9 from more than 30.000 review in both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. We make a commitment to all of our customers to always respond to them within 24 hours if they need our help. For 90% of our support issues, we respond within 6 hours or less.

How do you envision the future of your industry?

We see more complexities and local legislation disrupting the market. There are initiatives in many markets to stamp out untaxed revenue, and sometimes this results in new requirements for us. We are confident that we can continue to provide a great app and service to our users. The future looks exciting!

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